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WordPress Demystified - part III


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Third installment of the WordPress Demystified series. Installation.

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WordPress Demystified - part III

  1. 1. WORDPRESS DEMYSTIFIED Build a new site and/or blog in 90 minutes
  2. 2. JUST COMPLETED  Install WP  Login to WP  Install a theme NEXT: THESIS AND WIDGETS  Thesis configuration  Widgets
  3. 3. To add menu THESIS items in WP you need to first create a page, then configure the system to show the page. Switch back to the Dashboard. On the WP menu select the Thesis “Site Options”
  4. 4. Click on the plus THESIS to the right of pages. Check the box next to “About.” Save the changes
  5. 5. You now have two CHECK YOUR WORK menu items. Part of a good site is architecture and SEO. Thesis allows you all the flexibility you need to properly apply both a good architecture that works for your prospects and your friendly search engine robot. These items are not part of the workshop today.
  6. 6. Click on the THESIS dashboard tab. Click on “Design Options” in the Thesis area Click on the “plus” next to “Body (and content area)
  7. 7. NOTE: THESIS These changes apply to all the site ensuring consistency. Change the font of the site. Use a font with an star. e.g.: Arial * Change the site background to grey. Type: EEEEEE Change the link color to Google blue. Type: 2200CC Save your changes
  8. 8. The font is Arial, CHECK YOUR WORK the background is grey. Next let’s change the number of columns and the width of the site, remove the image Text is Arial Links are Google blue Site background is grey
  9. 9. Back to the dashboard. THESIS Open the Columns in the Thesis Design section. Change the columns to 2 Change the width of the content column (first one) to 600 Save your changes
  10. 10. Click on the “Site THESIS Options” in the Thesis section Click to open the Comments section Add a checkmark to “Disable comments on all pages” Remove the checkmark from “If comments are closed, display a message” Open the Sidebars section Remove the check from “Show default sidebar widgets” Save your changes
  11. 11. The design now CHECK YOUR WORK has only two columns with a new width The comments are turned off on pages. The default widgets are also off. Next we are going to add a search to the site through widgets. New site width Two columns
  12. 12. Widgets are WIDGETS powerful tools that can enhance your site with a variety of functionality Drag the search onto the sidebar 1 area Type a title for the search Click the save on the search widget
  13. 13. Switch over to the WIDGETS site tab and check your work We’ll come back to Widgets later
  14. 14. JUST COMPLETED  Thesis configuration  Widgets NEXT: PLUGINS  Plugins  Install  Activation  Upgrade