WordPress Demystified - part I


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First installment of the WordPress Demystified series. Installation.

Read the full post at http://www.mpaolini.com/wordpress-3-0-demystified-part-1

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WordPress Demystified - part I

  1. 1. WORDPRESS DEMYSTIFIED Build a new site and/or blog in 90 minutes
  2. 2. WHAT WE WILL COVER IN THE SERIES  Installing WordPress  Selecting and adding a Theme  Configuring WordPress  Selecting the right plugins  Adding your first content  What’s next
  3. 3. CONFIGURATION & INSTALLATION Most hosting sites offer an automatic installation, therefore these steps are performed automatically. A manual preparation is recommended because it offers better control, however it’s not necessary Enjoy your lunch and just watch.
  4. 4. INITIAL STEPS These steps are not included:  Choosing a domain name and purchasing it  Creating an account with a hosting vendor The following are necessary only if you don’t use an automatic install:  Creating a database (steps outlined next)  Uploading WordPress  Configuring wp-config
  5. 5. Through the INSTALLATION presentation today this area will contain the instructions. -------------------------- Domain Control Panel After choosing a domain name and host you get a cPanel. NOTE: The look and feel of the system can change while the functionality will be the same.
  6. 6. The RED boxes INSTALLATION were added to the presentation to emphasize the content and are not part of your regular screens ________________ WordPress runs on a database. Therefore we need to create one.
  7. 7. Simply pick a name INSTALLATION and create the database. A few seconds later the system will tell you it’s done. NOTE: Make sure to note the exact name you chose, for example: wpuser06_wpuser06 Create a user for the database. NOTE: Make sure to note the exact name and password you chose, for example: wpuser06_wpuser WPpwd06
  8. 8. Add the new user to INSTALLATION the database. Make sure you select: “ALL PRIVILEGES” You now have a database, a user, and access for the user to the database, this stage is complete.
  9. 9. Use the WP-CONFIG.PHP information from the installation to complete the information. /** The name of the database for WordPress */ Check with your define('DB_NAME', 'wpuser05_wpuser05'); host to see what you need for /** MySQL database username */ DB_HOST. define('DB_USER', 'wpuser05_wpuser'); Very important: Change the /** MySQL database password */ $table_prefix to something other define('DB_PASSWORD', 'WPpwd05'); than the default of “wp_” /** MySQL hostname */ define('DB_HOST', 'localhost'); * WordPress Database Table prefix. $table_prefix = 'wpwork_wp_';
  10. 10. UPLOAD WORDPRESS Use an FTP program to upload the software OR Hire a friendly consultant OR Use an automatic install
  11. 11. JUST COMPLETED  Create a database  Upload WordPress  Configure wp-config NEXT: INSTALL, LOGIN AND THEMES  Install WordPress  Login to WP  Install a theme