05 web-analytics table-filters


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Web analytics in small bites. This one minute presentation explains how to filter the data on a table.

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05 web-analytics table-filters

  1. 1. Google Analytics Intro - Reports Table Filters
  2. 2. Google Analytics Intro - Reports Having a long list of Source Medium in your table and trying to browse through each table row can be time consuming and less than an optimal approach. Even using different Table Views  doesn't facilitate drilling down to targeted data. To simplify the process &  display specific / desired data you can use: TABLE FILTERS
  3. 3. Google Analytics Intro - Reports There are two approaches of filtering your table data: The first is a Simple Format : Setting the Filter Source to containing or excluding and entering keyword(s) or pattern match in the field. This applies just to the Source Medium column. In this example we: 1. Selected containing 2.  Entered "google" and the number of source medium entries went from   39 to just 5.
  4. 4. Google Analytics Intro - Reports The second filtering approach is the Advance Filter. This allows for Filtering on multiple criteria such as visits, time on site, etc. In this example we: 1. Selected "containing" for Source Medium and kept "google" 2.  We added a new condition of visits equal to "2" and our results are reduced from 5 to 2.
  5. 5. Google Analytics Intro - Reports Pattern Matching The Simple Format & Advanced Filter use   Regular Expressions for pattern matching. Very straight forward:   Containing or Excluding &    Equality selection They even allow partial matching by entering a portion of a word and are not case sensative.
  6. 6. Google Analytics Intro - Reports Today we covered: Table Filters Contact me for more information on any item in the series . [email_address]   Web Analytics Consultants