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Introduction to Wimba (2010)


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This presentation was prepared and delivered by Massimo Gentili, Vice President of Channel Sales @ Wimba, 2010, to introduce Wimba to new clients worldwide.

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Introduction to Wimba (2010)

  1. 1. Meet (in) Wimba Massimo Gentili Vice-President of Channel Organization South Europe/Middle-East/Asia/Australia Update: March
  2. 2. What’s happening in this picture? James Estrin/The New York
  3. 3. Wimba: Learn and Work
  4. 4. Why a Comprehensive Collaboration Platform?Student engagement For better outcomes and competitive offeringsCritical business initiatives Pandemic, Green, Disaster Prep, Scattered Student Population…Cost savings, convenience and efficiency From reduced travel and less wasted
  5. 5. Collaboration in ActionInstruction Blended and distance instruction, Lecture Capture, Language labs, Guest lecturesHelp Instructional support, Helpdesk, TAs, Office Hours, Study Groups, Special NeedsMeetings Faculty and staff meetings, Professional development, IT
  6. 6. “Let’s meet in Wimba”
  7. 7. Example:
  8. 8. Example: Office
  9. 9. Why Wimba? Comprehensive Easy
  11. 11. Easy (rollout and support)Easy to use Simple to learn Seamless Course Management integrationEasy to implement Up and running quickly No infrastructure to setup (80% client using Wimba ASP) End user support 24x7
  12. 12. Over 1,000 Clients all over the world… …in 33 countries including: • 9 of the top 18 U.S. public universities • 8 of the top 12 community colleges • Some of the top universities and Business Schools in Europe and Middle-East. • 40% of universities and colleges in the UK • 7 the top 8 educational
  13. 13. … and the largest Collaborative Technology Users community in Australia & South-East Asia University Australian TAFE e-Works Victoria of Monash Deakin Catholic Swinburne University Ballarat University University University of Technology University of University of the Anglican University of Queensland Southern Queensland Sunshine Coast Grammar School University of University of Australian University of Macquarie University of New South Australian National New England Defence Sydney University Western Sydney Wales University Force Academy University of Adelaide Charles Darwin Murdoch University University Massey University Southern Institute Manukau Institute Otago Polytechnic Auckland University of Technology of Technology of Technology National University Of Singapore Ngee Ann Singapore American Polytechnic
  14. 14. Additional Slides Product Overview & Case
  16. 16. Wimba CREATE Create course content • A familiar authoring environment • Promote interoperable content • Leverage existing technologies • Produce easily-accessible course content Key features • Flashcards • Table of contents • Intuitive editing • Hyperlinks • Self-test study questions • Streaming audio and video • Export to standards based Formats (e.g. )
  17. 17. Wimba VOICE Give students a voice • Appeal to different learning styles • Energize online discussions • Empower teachers • Enable language learning Key features • Voice Podcaster: Create or upload podcasts for user subscription • Voice Presentation: Add web content alongside vocal messages • Voice Discussion Board: Post and listen to voice messages within discussion boards • Voice Authoring: Record and listen to voice on a web page • Voice E-mail • Integrated Gradebook: Automatically update CMS gradebooks with voice board
  18. 18. Wimba CLASSROOM Bring class to life • Communicate naturally • Extend the classroom • Capture and reuse class forever • Bring teachers together Key features • Follow-the-speaker video • Public and private chat • Emoticons • Break-out rooms • Application sharing • Electronic whiteboard • Polling, quizzes, and surveys • Content upload and storage • Presenter
  19. 19. Wimba PRONTO Expand communication • Student-to-student learning • Promote academic networking • Cultivate campus community • Strengthen tutoring Key features • Classmates auto-populated • Video and application sharing • Chat / VoIP • group chat/voice/video/app share • Helpdesks and queuing • Emoticons • Configurable contacts tab • Profiles / Avatars • Blocking for
  20. 20. Support Learning in Your “Real” World Wimba COLLABORATION
  21. 21. UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA Challenge: • Increase accessibility to rural Georgia and internationally, enable the ability to teach anytime/where, and promote overall student engagement and learning. Wimba Solution: • Wimba ClassroomTM, Wimba VoiceTM, Wimba ProntoTM : Implemented a comprehensive learning environment, which included a synchronous and archived classroom sessions, as well as interactive voice discussion boards and podcasting. Impact: • Increased accessibility to rural Georgia, enabled faculty compliance training, and overall enhanced student learning and engagement. • Reduced drop-out rates up to 20% in online courses. “There’s virtually no difference between my online classes that are done in Wimba versus the classes I teach face-to-face.” - Michael Orey, Associate
  22. 22. UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL Challenge: • To improve content creation and empower students to create this content and enhance the VLE – Blackboard. Wimba Solution: • Collaboration SUITE (Wimba Create, Wimba Voice, Wimba Classroom, Wimba Pronto) Impact: • Students gained confidence and leadership skills • Online courses are more engaging, students consider Wimba to be indispensable • 51% students agreed that the ability to access recordings of lectures has helped learning • 77% added archives are a safety net and a valuable revision aid “Blackboard’s ability to support innovative teaching and learning has received a major boost by the release of a suite of tools developed by Wimba.” - Andy Ramsden, Learning Technology Adviser & VLE 22
  23. 23. Q &AThanks!