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Personal Broadcasting Citizen Journalism Massimo Burgio Mediacamp Perugia 2009

  1. Personal Broadcasting and Citizen Journalism Massimo Burgio Global Search Interactive / SEMPO / MediaCamp Roma
  2. who the **** is massimo burgio? Global Search Interactive – -- the agency SEMPO Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization --- the industry MediaCamp Italia – -- the network Asturias Paraiso Cultural – -- latest venture
  3. define: personal broadcasting Personal broadcasting and Personal mobile broadcasting are terms for participatory journalism that focus on television webcasting over the internet and mobile internet. Personal broadcasting is akin to personal publishing which is synonymous with blogging . However, personal broadcasting is not the same as "vlog"ging (video web logging), as vlogging does not stream live material . (wikipedia)
  4. how about a tag cloud? personal broadcasting personal publishing blogging citizen /collaborative journalism webcasting lifecasting low power FM podcasts videocasts internet radio open source journalism content syndication news aggregators participatory reporting indie media user generated news
  5. how about a time magazine cover? Everybody in this room is Time Magazine Person of the Year (2006) - Yes, you. You control the Information Age. Welcome to your world.
  6. the show must go on… on its own! --- note: several examples of personal broadcasting, citizen journalism and collective journalism has been presented on slideshow during the presentation, now removed to reduce the file size on sharing sites ---
  7. shall i talk about search marketing? Maximize your reach through search engine optimization. Optimize your media across all channels to be relevant. Leverage all social media tools to viralize content and engage the audience. Share knowledge, distribute media, syndicate content.
  8. asturias paraiso cultural (.org)
  9. asturias citizen journalism paradise Asturias Paraiso Cultural, with the support of the local asturian newspapers , will invite the public to participate to cultural events (art exhibitions, concerts, movies screenings and more), and to share their experience through reviews published on collaborative blogs/wikis. A selection of the most interesting reviews, operated by our local media partners, will get published in the Sunday papers !
  10. people formerly known as audience The active participation modifies the classic roles of the information industry: readers go from passive consumers to active participants in the collaborative information process. (Rebecca McKinnon) “ People formerly known as audience” are the new information sources and authorities , and analysts of trends and evolutions of the new digital ecosystem . Where journalists remains at the center .
  11. people formerly known as press Journalists get a new role in this working model [ collaborative citizen journalism] . They stay pivotal in putting together all aspects, verifing facts, writing articles in a clear way, and moderating point of views. What radically changes is the awareness of the new dimensions of the arena where the process taks place, and the journalist’s ability to adapt to the new scenario (...) The needed paradygm shift is the opening to the possibility of a real interaction , that can influence both who writes and who reads. - Ugo Vallauri , about the impact of blogs on information
  12. ecosystem formerly known as media New dynamics are needed between the professional journalists and the ecosystem of social communication ------- More openness of mainstream communication media to an active participation from general public Possibility for readers to express their comments and syndicate content (creative commons?) Authoritative filter of online buzz, veryfing accuracy of information and sources Possibility for readers to enrich journalists’ articles through additional readers’ input , suggestions and integrations (wiki-style)
  13. wassup with the open discussion format? I’d like to hear your opinions --- Experiences? Plans? Dreams? Realities? The microphone to MediaCamp Perugia’s participants!
  14. grazie! thanks! massimo burgio GLOBAL SEARCH INTERACTIVE SEMPO MEDIACAMP ROMA massimo @ global search interactive .net massimoburgio massimoburgio