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A presentation about Digital assets Optimization (or DAO, or Social Media Optimization - SMO) that I put together for the recent SEMstandard 2010 Conference in Warsaw, Poland

After a introduction on Social Media and Social Media Optimization, and the analysis of the Google SERP with Google Universal, the special focus of this presentation is on "HOW TO OPTIMIZE" Videos, RSS feeds and Google Maps for a better performance on both search engine results and social media networks. Featuring also the now classic SEO Detox Clinic, the 12-step program to get out of SEO and into SMO!!!

For more presentations, news and agency services for Social Media Marketing, visit the Global Search Interactive website and blog at

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Digital Assets Optimization Massimo Burgio SEMstandard 2010 Warsaw Poland

  1. 1. digital assets optimization optimizing digital media for a better marketing performance on search engines and social networks massimo burgio global search interactive SEMPO board of directors warszawa april 26-27, 2010
  2. 2. SEMPO Poland rocks!
  3. 3. digital assets what? DAO MAO Digital Media Assets Assets Optimization Optimization ROC SCO Relevant Social Optimized Content Content Optimization SMO DMO Social Digital Media Media Optimization Optimization multimedia optimization
  4. 4. social media optimization SMO Social Media on-page tactics / Optimization process of trying to get one's content more widely distributed across multiple social media networks
  5. 5. what is social media? Online practices and technologies that users adopt to share content, opinions, insights, experiences, perspectives, and the same media Content in social media can take the form of text, graphics, audio, or video. Several formats can be mixed Social media sites typically provide users with communication-enabling technologies and tools such as message boards, forums, podcasts, bookmarks, communities, wikis, blogs etc.
  6. 6. online media assets: universal search web pages images maps videos news real time meteo books advertising search: restaurant in warsaw mountain bike
  7. 7. online media assets: optimized universal search
  8. 8. universal search: go for the full tail
  9. 9. universal search: eye tracking eye-tracking on google serp BEFORE eye-tracking on google serp AFTER universal search universal search
  10. 10. universal search study (germany)
  11. 11. universal search study (germany)
  12. 12. blended results powered by... people!
  13. 13. social search / wisdom of crowd people helping people finding stuff online collaborative tools voting & ranking directory building sharing & tagging commenting & bookmarking uploading and posting top SERP for blogs, social networks and real time content context, freshness, relevancy
  14. 14. after all, social is better than porn
  15. 15. social media networks: facebook what? •  Social networking sites •  Online collaborative tools •  Photo / video sharing sites •  News aggregators •  Blogs / bloggers’ communities •  Forums / Message boards •  Social bookmarking •  Podcasting / videocasting
  16. 16. social media networks: it’s about conversations
  17. 17. social media strategies: it’s about goals Branding Marketing +Promotions Brand Reputation Management Lead Generation Direct Sales Customer Retention Customer Support Business Intelligence Product Innovation Public Relations …
  18. 18. social media marketing: it’s about resources
  19. 19. social media optimization: focus text copywriting on pages real time copy on comments copy on ratings/opinions news anchor text / links images vanity URLs RSS feeds video maps
  20. 20. social media optimization: focus text keyword-rich tweets real time status updates blog / forum comments news images vanity URLs RSS feeds video maps
  21. 21. social media optimization: focus text real time news optimized press releases images tweets (hashtags) status updates vanity URLs RSS feeds video maps
  22. 22. social media optimization: focus text real time news same as SEO images include everywhere create albums and pools vanity URLs good tags and descriptions RSS feeds video maps
  23. 23. social media optimization: focus text real time news name your social profile images using branded and non branded keywords – some vanity URLs will turn into vanity URLs RSS feeds video maps
  24. 24. social media optimization: focus text real time news images vanity URLs RSS feeds video lots of good tips coming up! maps
  25. 25. social media optimization: 22 tips for blog SEO choose the right blogging platform a keyword-rich blog name / URL title of a post before the name of site in title tag always use permalinks adopt heading tags (h1 , h2, h3) for post headings keywords in title, body, anchor text add relevant keywords and descriptions to metatags keep in mind keyword density, proximity, ratio focus on content relevancy use both tags and categories link to authority sites - don’t exceed with outbound links remove dead links link to other posts on your site alt / title attributes on images optimize your RSS feeds avoid duplicate content use a clean code generate a sitemap use a robots.txt file implement Google Analytics claim your blog in Technorati submit both blog and feeds to directories
  26. 26. social media optimization: RSS feeds
  27. 27. social media optimization: RSS feeds CREATE AN OPTIMIZED RSS FEED proprietary feed simple coding validate it ( subscribe to your own feeds don’t forget to ping Channel info: <Title> name of your feed channel <Link> URL of your channel's main page <Description> a description of the channel's purpose and content News (article) info: <Title> headline you want to display <Link> URL to full news <Description> description of the news item (teaser)
  28. 28. social media optimization: RSS feeds CREATE AN OPTIMIZED RSS FEED well, it’s not really not so simple… <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <?xml-stylesheet href="" type="text/xsl" media="screen"?><?xml- stylesheet href="" type="text/css" media="screen"?><rss xmlns:feedburner="" version="2.0"> <channel> <title>Search Engine Strategies</title> <link></link> <description>News and information about the Search Engine Strategies shows produced by Incisive Media and Search Engine Watch. Keep up on SES!</description> <copyright>Copyright 2008</copyright> <lastBuildDate>Wed, 13 Feb 2008 12:44:46 -0500</lastBuildDate> <generator></generator> <docs></docs> <atom10:link xmlns:atom10="" rel="self" href="" type="application/rss+xml" /> <feedburner:browserFriendly>A message from the feed publisher: You can also learn more about other ways to subscribe to our feed and all the feeds we have on our Search Engine Watch Newsletters &amp; Web Feeds page. Just copy and paste this URL into your browser: </feedburner:browserFriendly><item> <title>SES Updates: London, New York and Hamburg!</title> <description>******************description******************</description> <link></link> <guid isPermaLink="false"></guid> <category>Search Engine Strategies</category> <pubDate>Tue, 05 Feb 2008 17:25:59 -0500</pubDate> <feedburner:awareness>;itemurl=http%3A%2F</feedburner:awareness><feedburner:origLink>http://</feedburner:origLink></item>
  29. 29. social media optimization: RSS feeds SUBMIT BOTH BLOG AND FEEDS TO DIRECTORIES AND ENGINES Google Google BlogSearch Ping Service Yahoo! MSN LiveSearch / MyYahoo! / MyMSN Technorati (Yahoo!) (Eatonweb) Best Of The Blogs Guardian Newsblog
  30. 30. let’s review the universal search results
  31. 31. e-shelf strategy / SERP real estate
  32. 32. social media optimization: video search MAJOR PLAYERS VIDEO SEARCH ENGINES •  YouTube •  YouTube •  MySpace Videos •  Google Video •  Yahoo! Video •  Google Universal Search •  AOL Video (SingingFish) •  Yahoo! Video Search •  Alice Video (DailyMotion) • •  Metacafe • •  Veoh • • • •  Imeen • •  ... • • •  ...
  33. 33. social media optimization: video optimization TO HOST OR NOT TO HOST? ON SITE VIDEO HOSTING 3RD PARTIES VIDEO HOSTING •  complete control on video content •  automatic encoding •  meta tags and encoded video meta •  marketing to a larger “captive information under control audience” •  search engine targeting through SEO •  simplified search algorithm techniques •  bandwidth + disk space costs •  time/material investment to encode videos, create web pages and optimize assets •  video encoding software cost + complexity
  34. 34. social media optimization: video optimization TO HOST OR NOT TO HOST? VIDEO HOSTED ON SITE •  Encode videos in several formats and for high-bandwidth, but always give a low bandwidth option •  Popular formats: MPEG, QuickTime, Real, Windows Media, Divx •  Use relevant keywords and “rich names” for both video files and directories •  Encode video with rich metadata. Use Keyword research tools such as Wordtracker, Google Adwords etc. •  Optimize the web page hosting the video (including text content and, if possible, transcriptione) for better performance in organic and universal results •  Simplify URLs and directory tree. Put the video directory off root if possible. Include a link to video page in footer and sitemap •  Create video RSS feeds (MRSS) •  Submit as much videos ad possible and relative sitemaps/rss to search engines
  35. 35. social media optimization: video TO HOST OR NOT TO HOST? THIRD PARTIES VIDEO HOSTING •  Encode videos with the best possible quality accepted by video sharing sites •  Use watermarks and opening/closing titles to protect your assets and to create branding effect – choose Creative Commons to maximize distribution •  Optimize video submission using good (keyword-rich) titles, descriptions, tags, geo-targeting, links and, if possible, a full text transcription of the video •  Develop a solid link building strategy. Anchor texts are (still) important to Google •  Allow download, share, embed, comments, replies… all social features to maximize distribution
  36. 36. social media optimization: time to market •  Create buzz, this is what social media is about •  Be creative and sexy – like advertising is supposed to be •  Take advantage of multiple uploading tools like TubeMogul •  Talk about your videos in forums, blogs and social networks •  Take in consideration Social Bookmarking (, Digg, StumbleUpon) •  Include well defined calls to action, and a tracking analysis •  Tell your friends (a lot of them) •  Be interesting: social networking is about linking – and linking is about relevance!
  37. 37. viral video redistribution: RSS at work
  38. 38. video optimization tips from SEOmoz
  39. 39. online media assets: universal search web pages images maps videos news real time meteo books advertising search: restaurant in warsaw mountain bike
  40. 40. social media optimization: google maps Google grabs data from different sources, usually the most relevant result for a local search Get your address right – consistency of address across all sites Phone numbers – don’t forget about it Register with Google's Local Business Center – Yahoo's Local Search – Live/BING Search Local Listing Center Service and/or product name in business name & description City name in the business name & description – location close to city center – reviews, especially good ones Add photos and videos – coupons are also a good move on local search
  41. 41. from SEO to SMO in 12 steps SEO detox + clinic
  42. 42. + SEO DETOX clinic + a 12-step program 1 - forget your website 2 - forget PageRank 3 - tags are more important than metatags 4 - an image is worth more than 100 words 5 - a video is worth more than 100 images 6 - flash is good (if optimized) 7 - share what you own (RSS) 8 - share what you know (social search) 9 - share what you like (social bookmarking) 10 - other people’s content is good too (embed) 11 - do not buy links, generate them 12 - ranking on Technorati is good as ranking on Google
  43. 43. thank you! dziekuje! massimo burgio global search interactive / sempo