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HicMo (Hic manebimus optime) Learning Way

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HicMo (Hic manebimus optime) Learning Way

  1. 1. Progetto “Casa intelligente per una longevità attiva ed indipendente dell’anziano” Bando per la selezione di proposte progettuali finalizzate allo sviluppo di piattaforme di integrazione dedicate all’active aging e all’ambient assisted living (DGR 1464 del 7/11/2011) Hic Manebimus Optime HicMO’s learning way Alessandra Millevolte - Massimo Mustica Laboratorio delle Idee
  2. 2. The context
  3. 3. Everybody says learning is fundamental in this context … but ….. How can an enterprise do that in an economic and customized way?
  4. 4. HicMO learning sub system
  5. 5. On which information must we base our learning?
  6. 6. adaptive behaviour
  7. 7. adaptive behaviour Powered by HicMO
  8. 8. Training Model