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Mas dashboard 01 jan2015


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Mohammad Ali Shalan summary dashboard

Published in: Self Improvement
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Mas dashboard 01 jan2015

  1. 1. MOHAMMAD ALI SHALAN BEng., MSc., PMP®, PMI-RMP®, ITILF®, CISA®,CGEIT®, CRISC®, CRMATM P.O.Box 183542 - Amman, 11118 - Jordan Saudi Mobile (966) 569 188 680 E-Mail: OBJECTIVE To predict my and employer’s future; Shift both paradigms utilizing joint experience to own, manage and enhance on the way to reach new elevations internally and nationwide. IDENTITY CAREER FOCUS The target will be to spread certified Information Technology risk and governance methodologies to achieve business objectives, enterprise architecting and stakeholders’ interests while enhancing compliance, productivity and business strategy alignment. Audit and project management techniques will be utilized along with strategic thinking, directed research, service management and certified knowledge. KEY WORDS  University of Jordan, Master Degree, Telecommunication Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Jordan, Saudi Arabia  Change Management, Business Process, Governance, Audit, Risk, Project Management, Service Management, Training  IEEE, JEA, ISACA, PMI, IIA, MSc, PMP, RMP, ITIL, CISA, CGEIT, CRISC, CRMA, COBIT, TOGAF, ERP, itSM, COSO,IT,IS PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP ‫عربي‬ English 3 p l u s 7 Professional Certificates Currently Working in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 3Languages 20 Professional Positions 8 Years of experience Companies/Business Groups 43 Years old 3 kids Nationality
  2. 2. EDUCATION UNIVERSITY OF JORDAN, FACULTY OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY, AMMAN, JORDAN Master of Science in Telecommunication Engineering JAN 2005 Bachelor of Electrical Engineering JUN 1995 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE CERTIFICATIONS TIMELINE Network Operations Engineer Desktop Support Center (DSC) Supervisor Desktop Support Center (DSC) Manager Projects Manager Systems Manager Technology and Governance Manager Project Engineer Desktop Projects Rollout Co-coordinator 0 50 100 150 200 Months University Graduation and CERTIFICATION Timeline BACHELOR OF SCIENCE, ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING MASTER OF SCIENCE, COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING PROJECT MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONAL, PMP®, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY INFRASTRUCTURE LIBRARY, ITIL(F) CERTIFIED INFORMATION SYSTEMS AUDITOR, CISA®, CERTIFIED IN THE GOVERNANCE OF ENTERPRISE IT, CGEIT RISK MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONAL, PMI-RMP CERTIFIED IN RISK AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS CONTROL, CRISC CERTIFICATION IN RISK MANAGEMENT ASSURANCE,CRMA CONTROL OBJECTIVES FOR INFORMATION AND RELATED TECHNOLOGY (COBIT) J-95 S-95 D-95 M-96 J-96 S-96 D-96 M-97 J-97 S-97 D-97 M-98 J-98 S-98 D-98 M-99 J-99 S-99 D-99 M-00 J-00 S-00 D-00 M-01 J-01 S-01 D-01 M-02 J-02 S-02 D-02 M-03 J-03 S-03 D-03 M-04 J-04 S-04 D-04 M-05 J-05 S-05 D-05 M-06 J-06 S-06 D-06 M-07 J-07 S-07 D-07 M-08 J-08 S-08 D-08 M-09 J-09 S-09 D-09 M-10 J-10 S-10 D-10 M-11 J-11 S-11 D-11 M-12 J-12 S-12 D-12 M-13 J-13 S-13 D-13 M-14 J-14 S-14 D-14 M-15 Targeted 2015
  3. 3. Featured Projects' summary and KPIs After After After 85% 20M 97% Category IT Governance Category IT service Management Category Service-Desk deployment Owner Global Operations Owner Service Centers (SSCs) Owner Desktop Support Key Words ITIL, COBIT Key Words CA Unicenter, itSM Key Words ITIL, itSM Duration 6 months Duration 10 months Duration 4 months Involved partners 4 Supported Countries 109 Supported Countries 50 Geographies 5 Locations 170 Locations 78 Team members >25 Team members >18 Team members >9 Major Stakeholders >100 Major Stakeholders >1000 Major Stakeholders >20 KPI Enhancement level (%) 10 14 40 Business strategy alignment 13 34 Elevators New Algorithm After 35 42% 65% Category Electromechanical Category Network Optimization Category Troubleshooting Automation Owner KONE Elevators Owner University of Jordan Owner Samsung factory in Amman Key Words Escalator, Elevator Key Words TCP, ATM, Simulation Key Words Expert systems Duration 24 months Duration 18 months Duration 6 months Process enhancement Summary: Leading a team of technicians and skilled/unskilled workers, to complete technical tasks. Summary: Study, Analyze and Perform necessary simulations to suggest new TCP over ATM Transmission algorithm Summary: Plan to collect and analyze requirements to allow computerized troubleshooting, while optimizing support functions. Projects Normal Before 7 34% 100% Main Measure: Successful completion Main Measure: Reduce TCP Packet Loss Main Driver: Shortened the troubleshooting time Elevators and Escalators Installations and maintenance Packet Drop policies for Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Building an Expert System based on Artificial Intelligence Standard Projects' Implementations IT Governance and service Management Plan and Setup a 24/7 End-End Service-Desk Before 85% Main Driver: Increase Customer satisfaction Developing a Governance Framework Building a Transition team and a Change Management Frame Main Driver: Reduce Lost Support Revenues Main Driver: Enhance COBIT Compliance 70% Before Before 100M Customer Satisfaction Employee satisfaction Controlling un-wide activities OUTPUT: Governance framework base on ITIL and COBIT OUTPUT: Established an itSM team running the suggested delivered Framework 22 12 12 4 20 5 38 27 OUTPUT: establishing a dedicated service desk and building necessary infrastructure 5 36 TIP: This summary is including featured projects only, further details are available upon request
  4. 4. Major Risks After After 85 88% 74% Category Risk based Audit Category IT innovation Category process re-engineering Owner Top Management Owner Technology Management Owner Technology Management Key Words Risk, Audit, IT Key Words Service Optimization Key Words TOGAF, COSO Duration 8 months Duration 24 months Duration 18 months Involved Subsidiaries 4 Involved partners 8 Involved partners 2 Locations 3 Locations 12 Systems 7 Team members 2 Team members 9 Team members 4 Major Stakeholders >30 Major Stakeholders >100 Major Stakeholders >100 KPI Enhancement level (%) 30 Defining clear responsibilities 40 Business strategy alignment 20 30 50 Interfaces Servers/desktops After 11 80/140 9% Category Airport systems Category Desktop Operations Category Airport Automation Owner Royal Jordanian Owner Czech Airways Owner Asmara Airport Key Words Airports, Integration Key Words Thin clients, servers Key Words Airports, Automation Duration 12 months Duration 18 months Duration 12 moths Involved authorities 33 Locations 200 Involved partners 2 countries 35 Countries 90 Systems 5 KPI Enhancement level (%) 12 Business strategy alignment 50 30 20 SLA compliance 4 34 30 5 3 Service Risk optimization 23 60Process enhancement 30 25 Main Measure: Successful Implementation Main Measure: Successful Rollout Main Driver: Reduce Manual Operations OUTPUT: implementation of DCS for all RJ destinations including integration, connectivity and training OUTPUT: Desktop and thin clients’ solution rollout and customization comprising hardware, services, and training OUTPUT: Setup of Boarding Terminals with required infrastructure, interfacing and processes to allow full automation 12 16Customer Satisfaction Various Customers' Projects and Rollouts Departure Control System (DCS) rollout Desktop solution setup Boarding Terminals Automation Airports Thin clients Before 50 1000 100% IT Audit, Risk and Process Reengineering Risk Based Auditing for Technology Platforms Complete IT Innovation for systems and infrastructure Main Driver: Enhance service availability Main Driver: Increase employee productivity OUTPUT: Complete a prioritized Technology innovation plan OUTPUT: Establishing new IT infrastructure including servers, firewalls, switches and software upgrade OUTPUT: Designing various business processes with focus on best practice and integration Perform process re-engineering and basic system integration Before Before 60% 50% Main Measure: Number of identified risks 18 Platforms 12 50 20 30Stakeholders satisfaction 12 50 30 20 Process enhancement 50 40Service Risk optimization
  5. 5. TRAINING CLASSES: World Class trainings by several institutions in the States, Europe, Asia and Middle East, including: BOOKS AND RESEARCH PAPERS  Books: Managing Risk in Virtual Enterprise Networks; Chapter 6: Risks associated with the IT aspects of Virtual Enterprise Networks, Shared published book edited by Dr. Starvos Panios, published by IGI Global, March, 2010.  Thesis: Packet Drop Policies for TCP over Unspecified Bit Rate ATM Networks, Master degree thesis, supervised by Professor Jameel Ayoub, published by University of Jordan.  Scientific Papers: Packet Drop Policies for TCP over ATM, published through the Proceedings of the IASTED International Conference on Networks & Communication Systems, (NCS 2006), Chiang Mai, Thailand, March 29-31, 2006, PP: 358-363  Other Shared Presentations, Research and Study Papers: Upon request REFERENCES AND FURTHER INFORMATION Further information is available upon request, including; Detailed curriculum vitae (CV), with detailed work experience and skills, Business references and copy of certifications.