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Massachusetts Early College Designation


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Presented by Pat Marshall, Deputy Commissioner for Academic Affairs & Student Success, and Christine Williams, Director of Strategic Initiatives for Academic Affairs & Student Success, at the June 20, 2017 meeting of the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education.

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Massachusetts Early College Designation

  1. 1. Board of Higher Education Meeting — June 20, 2017
  2. 2. 2 January 2016 Launch of Parthenon Study of Early College in Massachusetts December 2016 Parthenon Report released January 24, 2017 Joint BHE/BESE Motion, creation of ECJC February 2017 DHE and DESE staff form working committee in partnership with EOE, to develop criteria and process for Early College Designation March 23, 2017 Launch of the MA Early College Initiative Event at UMass Club April 12, 2017 First ECJC meeting, review of draft Designation Criteria May 2, 2017 Presentation and feedback from BHE Academic Affairs committee April/May 2017 First round of stakeholder outreach to policy leaders, early college and dual enrollment experts and stakeholders May 31, 2017 Second ECJC meeting, review and feedback on updated draft criteria Early June 2017 Final stakeholder outreach, with refinements based on ECJC feedback and final outreach June 20, 2017 ECJC recommends Early College Designation Criteria to BHE for Board approval, will be recommended to BESE on June 27, 2017 Massachusetts Early College Designation Designation Design Process
  3. 3. 3  Key Design Principles of Early College  Equitable Access ▪ Prioritizing students underrepresented in higher education ▪ Eliminating barriers to student participation  Guided Academic Pathways ▪ Experiences beyond the classroom, exposure to career opportunities ▪ Credits toward postsecondary credential (12) ▪ College-level rigor and experience  Enhanced Student Support ▪ Wraparound services to promote success and completion Massachusetts Early College Designation Design Principles
  4. 4. 4  Key Design Principles of an Early College School  Connection to Career ▪ Exposure to targeted pathway opportunities intended to lead to careers  Effective Partnerships ▪ At least one institution of higher education and one secondary school and/or district Massachusetts Early College Designation Design Principles (cont’d)
  5. 5. 5 Massachusetts Early College Designation Early College Designation  Framed around Guiding Principles  Joint application/partnership between institution of higher ed & K-12 district  First Preliminary Designation process to be complete in Fall 2017  First Final Designation process complete in early 2018 for Fall 2018 enrollments  Next steps:  First Preliminary Designation application to be released mid-July  DHE and DESE to design structure, process, rubric for designation review and approval  Technical assistance to be provided by both agencies for applicants and designated Early College programs moving forward  ECJC continued role:  Final Designation determination based on recommendation of staff  Ongoing review of the designation process, criteria and implementation  Support and promotion of Early College in Massachusetts
  6. 6. Discussion