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Agenda+for+11 9-11+amcoa+mtg


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Agenda+for+11 9-11+amcoa+mtg

  1. 1. AGENDASIXTH AMCOA MEETINGNOVEMBER 9, 2011, 10:00 A.M.-12:30 P.M.HOSTED BY: BRISTOL COMMUNITY COLLEGE/FALL RIVER CAMPUSI. Welcome, John Sbrega, President, Bristol Community CollegeII. November 17, 2011 Assessment Conference Update, “AssessingStudent Learning Outcomes Within and Across The Disciplines,” JudithTurcotte and Ellen WentlandIII. Presentation on Bridgewater State’s Assessment Practices, MichaelYoungIV. Foci for Future AMCOA Meetings in 2012V. Campus Communication – General Discussion Guided by MemberResponses to Questions Posted on Yammer, Maureen SowaQuestions to guide November 9th Discussion on CommunicationPlease post your responses in advance via Yammera. What information do AMCOA team members believe needs to bebrought back to campus?b. How might that information be best disseminated on campus?
  2. 2. c. How, as AMCOA team members, do we receive information fromcampus and state agencies?VI. Further discussion of a Proposed Assessment Methods Database:Possible Clearinghouse for GE Assessment MethodsMARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR THE FOLLOWING EVENTS:AMCOA Meetings through 2012:o January 12, 2012o February 29, 2012o March 26, 2012o May 1, 2012November 17, 2012: Western regional assessment conference:“Assessing Student Learning Outcomes Within and Across TheDisciplines,” at Greenfield Community College, 8:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m.February 9, 2012: Eastern regional assessment conference at UMass-LowellApril 23, 2012: Statewide assessment conference at UMass-Boston