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Al ahram

  1. 1. Al-Ahram founded in 1875, by two Lebanesebrothers, Beshara Takla andSaleem Takla, who were living at that time inAlexandria. It began as a weekly newspaperpublished every Saturday, but two months after thenewspaper was founded, the Takla brothers turned itinto a daily newspaper. The newspaper wasdistributed in Egypt and the Levant. In November ,1899
  2. 2. Given the large dialectal variety of the Arabiclanguage, Al-Ahram is widely considered aninfluential source of writing style in Arabic. In1950 described Al-Ahram as being to the Arabic-reading public within its area of distribution,In addition to the main edition published inEgypt, the paper publishes two other Arabic-language editions, one geared to the Arab Worldand the other aimed at an internationalaudience, as well as editions in English and. French
  3. 3. Al-Ahram daily is the flagship of what is nowthe Al-Ahram publishing house, the largest inEgypt Al-Ahrams headquarters is in Boulaq,.Cairo
  4. 4. Al-Ahram is owned by the Al-AhramFoundation and is one of the largest circulatingnewspapers in the world.The Egyptian government owns a controllingshare of the stocks of the paper and appointsthe editors. As appointees of the state, littlecensorship is exercised over themAl-Ahram has largely ignored and trivializedthe opposition parties