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Human interaction and emotion


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problems that our emotions can create and possible ways to deal with these problems.

For more information on this topic, see the Human interaction and emotion book chapter in the link below

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Human interaction and emotion

  1. 1. What social problems can arise from our emotions and how can we work through them?
  2. 2.  Emotions can range from dangerous highs to dangerous lows.  Negative outcomes usually occur immediately after emotion has been triggered  Can lead to negative outcomes and interactions  As well as dangerous lows, emotions can lean into dangerous highs  Too much of any emotion can lead to negative outcomes  Balance between them is the key
  3. 3. o Possible outcomes of negative emotions include: physical violence and destructive behaviour that can destroy relationships o Loss of friends and family o Constant tension and hostility when interacting with others
  4. 4. o Six step coping method by clinical Psychologist, Dr. Carmen Harra 1. Don’t react right away 2. Ask for guidance 3. Find a healthy outlet 4. See the bigger picture 5. Replace your thoughts 6. Forgive your emotional triggers
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