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MassTalk Summer 2012


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MassTalk Summer 2012

  1. 1. SUMMER 2012 EDITION MASSTALK NEWS & IDEAS FROM MASSACCESSVISIT US ON THE WEB: Spring Conference is an Archival Hit! www. MassAccess,org by Amy Brough Palmerino MassAccess held its Spring Mini Conference on Thursday, April 5, 2012 at The NationalFACEBOOK.COM/GROUPS/ MASSACCESS Archives, Northeast Region, Frederick C. Murphy Federal Center in Waltham. The event was our biggest yet with overINSIDE THIS ISSUE: seventy-five members inPAGE 6 attendance, three sessions, aPROGRAMMERS MEET tour of the National ArchivesPAGE 12 and eight vendorACM NORTHEAST NEWS demonstrations. Session One focused on “Digital Archiving and howUPCOMING EVENTS: centers can start transitioning their media archiving from tape to a digitalNational ACM Conference format. Presenters included Diane LeBlanc, Regional Administrator, of theJuly 31-August 2nd National Archives and Records Administration for the Northeast Region andChicago, IL Frank Vincentelli, Chief Technology Officer at Integrated IT Solutions.Hyatt Regency McCormick Place Continued on page 9MassAccess Conference Summ..., Summ...,Early October, TBA Summertime Message from the Chairman,Media Ed. of America Bob KellyFall Conference Remember the days when the end of theOctober 16 school year meant we could catch ourProvidence, RI collective breaths and take vacations, do inventory, fix tired equipment and gearNE Region ACM up for the other side of Labor Day? Yah,Conference & Trade Show that ain’t happening anymore is it?! ThereNovember 1 & 2 is no rest for the weary in our community media world. The business of community media is a twelve-month operation and who knows that better than us? So put your punch list together and see how many things you can get accomplished while half your crew is layering on sun block in some place that sounds much more exciting than wherever we are. Continued on Page 3
  2. 2. SUMMER 2012 EDITION NEWS & IDEAS FROM MASSACCESSMessage from the ChairContinued From Page 1But make every effort to get away and rechargeyour batteries. September will be here all tooquickly and we will inevitably be askingourselves “where the heck did the summer go?”Take the family away to Disney. Visit yourcollege buddies. Rent a place on the water. Gotour some of the ball parks of America. DOSOMETHING!Our daily grind is hectic and seemingly gettingworse if that is possible. So take my advice andmake some room for a vacation. You will notregret it I promise. By the way, if you want toshare your plans with me to give me and myfamily some ideas this summer – please emailme at Have a blast!
  3. 3. SUMMER 2012 EDITION NEWS & IDEAS FROM MASSACCESS Access Programmers Gather In Somerville By Wendy BlomBecause of all the recent changes that have developed in video distribution, access stationprogrammers have a lot to discuss. A group of 29 programmers and executive directors fromEastern and Central Massachusetts gathered for a lunch meeting on April 11 in the studio ofSomerville Community Access Television. The goal was to share what works and what isproblematic for programmers in the digital age. The free wheeling discussion, led by SCATV Programming Coordinator Vaughn Simkins, covered many topics, including how the channels are scheduled. Some program their channels by producer request, others in blocks of content types. They discussed the use of file sharing through PEG Media, CMDN, and My Mass TV, as well as methods of scheduling to make the channel more interesting for viewers. It was clear that each community has a different culture and thus a different way of doing things. There is no one size fits all for programming policies. The issue of censorship came up, with a lively discussion of community standards for content, safe harbor hours, and production quality standards for cablecast. Some programmers act as gatekeepers to maintain a high quality look for their channels. Others, on principle, do not watch the shows that come in. Some communities allow members to upload program files directly into their servers through FTP, while others require DVD’s and even cablecast from tape. One thing everyone agreed on was thatmeetings like this are valuable and should happen regularly, but with a planned agenda thatfocuses more on sharing technical expertise. Sean Snyder from Arlington set up a Google list forall the participants, and plans are underway for the next meeting in Newton. For more informationand to join the group, contact Sean at Another programmers meeting is beingplanned at NewTV. Stay tuned for more on this.
  4. 4. SUMMER 2012 EDITION NEWS & IDEAS FROM MASSACCESSContinued From Page 1:Jim Lescault, Executive Director of Amherst Media and a MassAccess Board Membermoderated the session.Session Two was a “Community Media Issues Panel” which discussed the important issues andupdates facing community media centers throughout Massachusetts. Presenters included JosephWender, Legislative Director, Congressman Edward Markeys office, Michael Mael, SeniorFinancial Analyst, Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications & Cable and WilliamAugust, Esq., Epstein & August, LLP with moderator Bob Kelly, Executive Director, NewTV &MassAccess Board Chair.Session Three was a lively discussion on “Producing a News Program” that gave insight tomembers on how to bring the events and top stories of your city or town to the communitythrough a newscast format. Presenters included Chris Wangler, News Director, The WalthamChannel, Florence DelSanto, Executive Director, Lexmedia and Jenn Adams, News Director,NewTV with moderator Maria Sheehan, Executive Director, The Waltham Channel.The vendors who attended the Spring mini conference were Access AV, Barbizon, CameraCompany, HB Communications, High Output, LiveU, Telvue, and Unique Media Systems.The members in attendance enjoyed a behind the scenes tour of the National Archives led byDiane LeBlanc and her staff and greatly appreciated the hospitality that LeBlanc showed toMassAccess by hosting the event in their beautiful facility, as well as presenting the participantswith a great continental breakfast.Special thanks to Joe Nocera and his family of the Chateau Restaurants for donating lunch forthe event that included many of their Italian specialties.For those of you who could not make it to the conference, or for members who would love to seeit again, please look for the sessions on MyMassTV produced by Maria Sheehan and her staff ofThe Waltham Channel.Thank you to all who attended this very successful conference and look for information on theFall 2012 Mini Conference on our website, facebook page and in your email inbox very soon Mini Conference Fall 2012 coming early October
  5. 5. MassAccess wishes to thank Joe Nocera and his family for their generous donation to the Spring Mini-Conference. Find the Chateau Restaurant near you at:
  6. 6. SUMMER 2012 EDITION NEWS & IDEAS FROM MASSACCESS ACM NORTHEAST REGION NEWS By Keith Thibault The Northeast Region of the ACM (ACMNE) is in the middle of its Board of Directors’election. There are four at-large seats available on the board this year. ACM members should bereceiving a ballot soon. In March the Board of Directors held a retreat in Ogunquit, ME. It was an opportunity for theboard to look at the organization’s strategic plan and provide much needed face-to-face interaction,something the board does not do often very due to the distance of its members. The ACMNE will be holding its Annual Meeting at the ACM National Conference this summerin Chicago. If you are headed to the Windy City, look for the date and time in the conference schedule. The organization is not holding any events this spring. It is continuing with its plans for the FallConference and Trade Show. The conference will be held on November 1st and 2nd at the RadissonPlymouth Harbor Hotel in Plymouth, MA. Registration for the conference will be available soon.There will not be a Video Festival in 2012. The next Video Festival will take place in the spring of2013. Check out for more information.