MassTalk Fall 2011 (Part 1)


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MassTalk Fall 2011 (Part 1)

  1. 1. FALL 2011 EDITION MASSTALK NEWS & IDEAS FROM MASSACCESS/ACM MASS CHAPTER MEMBERS & FRIENDSVISIT US ON THE WEB: The “New” MyMassTV Network By Jeff Hansell www. MassAccess,org In 2009, several of us on the Info Services Committee (Terry Duenas, Bill Nay & myself) developed MyMassTV as a “statewide government access TV network”, with the goal of connecting the FACEBOOK.COM/GROUPS/ Commonwealth to communities. MASSACCESS On one hand we saw that state agencies & non-profits, including Governor Patrick’s office, were asking for an efficient way toINSIDE THIS ISSUE: distribute timely programs and vital public service information to the over 140PAGE 6 community TV channels in Massachusetts.FLASH FILM FEST On the other hand, we heard that manyPAGE 9 smaller community media centers wereEXPO WRAP UP looking for programming that would be relevant and informative to residents in their communities. Keeping it Local!UPCOMING EVENTS: We felt that MassAccess could play an By  Robert  S.  Kelly,  Chairman indispensable role in providing a network toANNUAL MEETING host and distribute programming to serve the Alternative Revenues! How manyJANUARY 27, 2011 Commonwealth and its citizens. So in Community Media Center’s out January 2009, MassAccess introduced there are completely dependent onMassAccess Mini Conference MyMassTV, at a very well attended event, at cable revenues? Have you looked atApril 19. 2012 the Statehouse with help from Governor what percentage of your annual Patrick and the Department of Elder Affairs. revenues is strictly from cable? Is itNational ACM Conference Though the first version of MyMassTV 100%? 98%? Or is it 90%? ChancesJuly 31-August 2nd proved to be a bit too clunky and time are it is in the 90’s for sure. It isChicago, IL consuming to keep updated, our committee time to introduce other revenue kept working on it, until technologyHyatt Regency McCormick Place streams to your annual budget. If advanced so that we could put together a we are to survive and thrive as a more direct way for access TV channels to true Community Media Center, weCongratula*ons  to  all  of   preview and download programs. must recognize that cable revenuesthe  ACM  Northeast  Regional  Video  Fes*val   may not be adequate enough towinners! Continued on Page 3 sustain us. So what do we do? Try these on for size…To  see  a  complete  list  of  winners  go  to: Continued on Page 4h"p://www.acm-­‐­‐list-­‐video-­‐fes9val-­‐winners
  2. 2. FALL 2011 EDITION NEWS & IDEAS FROM MASSACCESS/ACM MASS CHAPTER MEMBERS & FRIENDSContinued From Page 1:Earlier this year we rolled out MyMassTVNetwork 2.0 ( withmuch less fanfare, and instead we haveconcentrated in making sure it works, that it isupdated, and that individual media centersknow how to use it efficiently and easily.Today, I’m pleased to report that 75 communitymedia centers have registered on theMyMassTV Network, so far; and the numberkeeps growing. We’ve also seen more statedepartments & elected officials, federalagencies and non-profits seek out MassAccess& MyMassTV to distribute video contentacross the state.Though still a work in progress, MyMassTVNetwork is working and is available to allMassAccess members. For more information,just go to and click on theMyMassTV link.
  3. 3. FALL 2011 EDITION NEWS & IDEAS FROM MASSACCESS/ACM MASS CHAPTER MEMBERS & FRIENDSContinued From Page 1:If you have a active website, consider selling the following: Home page banner or tower ads VOD/Streaming Video page underwriter Health tips section sponsored by local hospital or medical group Equipment tips section sponsored by vendor “Our Partners” section with logo click through capabilityIf you have a Newsletter (preferably printed AND Email version), consider selling: Primary sponsor Full, half, ¼ page and business card size ads Sponsors of contributed articles from various related NPO’s Health tips, nutrition, insurance articles underwritten by local businessesIf you have a weekly News program or a flagship show, consider selling: Primary sponsor Sponsors of contributed pieces from such as health tips, nutrition, insurance and more - all underwritten by local businessesIf you have a widely watched Local Origination program, consider selling: Primary sponsor Sponsors of contributed pieces from such as health tips, nutrition, insurance and more - all underwritten by local businessesIf you have a contract that allows you to lease your equipment and/or facility, consider selling: Conference Room use Off hour studio use Equipment rental Training class opportunities for colleges and othersHave you tried the following?Annual Auction – live with cable and internet viewers bidding for donated itemsVan Sponsors – add logo to section of van under the header “Thank you to our community partners”Community Bulletin Board sponsorsLobby Bulletin Board – flat screen TV with video loop and lower thirds sponsor crawlMany local businesses (Banks, Hospitals, Insurance Companies, large scale employers and taxpayers) should beapproached as:Community Partners – Platinum, Gold,Silver and Bronze level (3 yearcommitment) – assign $$ value to eachlevel and combine any number of theabove opportunities to lock them in to thislong-term commitment.These are just a few suggestions for youto consider as you lower your dependencyon cable revenues moving forward. A fewof you have already instituted some ofthese revenues streams into you annualbudget. But if have not, maybe now is thetime to consider it.Watch the MassAccess newsletter formore alternative revenue opportunities. Ifyou have any questions, please contact meat Remember folks -Keep it Local!
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