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Concept pitch

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Concept pitch

  1. 1. Concept Pitch - PROPOSAL Laurence Hisee Mason Halliday Ben Davis
  2. 2. Our Ident Idea. The ident opens with a purple bird in a cage, looking all upset. A man comes to the cage and a says to the bird “Be free!” The bird flies away and a birds eye view of where he is going appears, then a voice over of the birds thought process states that he is looking for somewhere to excrete. A target finder comes on and locks on to a television through a window, the bird excretes and the feces lands on the T.V displaying our E4 Logo.
  3. 3. Why our Ident Fits in With the Corporate Identity Theory The main point is the humour that is achieved from the ident, because E4 is a mainly comedy based channel the fact that the ident is funny, fits in with the theory well. Also the colours we use in the ident, such as the bird being purple, matches E4’s colour scheme. The target audience for E4 is 16 to 45 year olds, which means they will be mature enough to understand the more adult humor and will make them laugh and continue watching their programmes.