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Media Evalutaion 4


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Media Evalutaion 4

  1. 1. Media Evaluation<br />Question 4<br />Mason Atkinson<br />
  2. 2. Audience<br /> The type of audience for my magazine would be Explorer on the psychographic scale and a C2 on the scale. This meaning young people exploring different club scenes and experiencing new things. Also my audience would be for DJ's, music and club lovers my demographic scale for these would be aspirers and individualists. My target age for my magazine would be from around 16- 30 as that is the age that most people are who go abroad to party and go to crazy clubs, also most Dj's are around 18 - 30 who play in young clubs like amnesia and cream in Ibiza. Mainly men would be more interested in my magazine as most topics in the magazine are towards men and spoken like a male. My target audience would be for young people who are learning to DJ and aspire to play in big clubs also people who go out very regularly, who love house music and just want to have a good time and get drunk. <br />
  3. 3. Media Evaluation<br />Question 5<br />Mason Atkinson<br />
  4. 4. Audience<br /> Looking at the questionnaire it shows how I have attracted the audience. They think the font styles go with the theme. They think the colours match the magazine, as its summer they think the colours match it well. The pictures were seen appropriate but one person disagreed with the cigarette as they thought it was encouraging people to smoke. Also they all found the mode of address easy to understand and they commented on that saying that the target audience will understand. Another criticism was that the picture on the front cover could have been cut out better which I agree on. Over all I think the magazine was a success it came off well on the target audience and they seemed to enjoy it.<br />