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Target 1


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Target 1

  1. 1. GenreMy chosen genre 80s music.My ideal target audience member would be between the age of 16-32 years old who like a widerange of popular music new and old. Open to listen to new music and willing to try something new.TitleThe title on the front cover is going to be on top of the page in the centre so it is one of the firstthings you see when you look at the magazine. My title is either going to be in bold, colourful or in aunusual text so that it stand out on the page.ImagesOn the front cover of my magazine I am going to have a big image of either a artist of a band. Theimage is going to be in the centre of the page to show dominance. I am also going to have a fewsmaller images around the page of maybe concerts or other artists or maybe even musicalinstruments.Contents pageI will have a list with everything what is included in the magazine. I will also have images on mycontents page maybe a big one with the list of everything on top of the image and smaller onesdotted around the page.