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MI full capabilities presentation


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Mason Interactive full capabilities

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MI full capabilities presentation

  1. 1. Ask Mason SEO…...How our Search Engine Optimization service not onlyincreases your current organic presence via the majorsearch engines but also focuses on a specific set ofkeywords for your business along with you current socialmeida standing. Whether your goal is to increase youtubevideo views or page rank on Google ask Mason… SEO | PPC | Social Email Remarketing
  2. 2. Tactics & Strategy• We deploy a full suite of tools and strategies, including but not limited to extensive keyword development, geo-targeting, multi-variant ad copy tests, landing page analysis, video and radio ads, day parting, audience segmenting and more.• We use a blended practice of PPC for immediate results and SEO for site stability over time.• These tactics are deployed and then measured in real time, with hourly adjustment made based on the performance of the campaign. – How was your previous account set up? – Is Aqua Dive using all of the major engines or just Google? – What was your previous Cost Per lead/ Cost Per Sale – Where you tracking calls as well as emails? – What was the ratio of call to email? – What was your conversion rate? SEO | PPC | Social Email Remarketing
  3. 3. METHOD | SEO Our SEO videos in 4th & 5th position in organic search resultsOverview | Opportunity | Recommendations
  4. 4. Google+Overview | Opportunity | Recommendations
  5. 5. SEO Strategies & Tactics for Q1•Regularly Update Google +1 business page •Create a natural following, with +1’s to increase visibility •Publish all content for maximum backlinks and brand exposure•Further optimize Facebook page and create new, SEO friendly landing pages onFacebook•Img Alt Tag updates – Help each individual product become indexed in Google & Bingimages•External blog for generating new content and backlinks•Grow the YouTube channel with more videos for a wider audience Overview | Opportunity | Recommendations
  6. 6. URL Structure Optimizations• Optimize URL structure – Many pages online today are not correctly structured an example of this is below- • – Proper URL Structure Optimization would look like this • • Same goes for every single page of any site – A full suite and site audit of each • H1 • H2 • Meta Tag • Meta Description • Anchor Text • Interlinking SEO | PPC | Social Email Remarketing
  7. 7. SEO XML Site-Map• This is a key process for the ranking of any site – Having these pages will clearly define what pages have the most power and relevancy. (What pages you want viewed more than others) – Applying a robots.txt file to specify which pages the search engines are allowed to crawl. • Right now, with out the proper SEO XML Site map Google will index – pages that are dead – Deleted – not functioning SEO | PPC | Social Email Remarketing
  8. 8. Key-Word Rank ResearchMason Interactive will work in selecting aspecific set of targeted keywords for each siteexecute the following in the selection process – Current Keyword Volume – Current Competition on Keyword – Conversion relevance on Keyword conversionThen our team will rank the final list to have abase line for the campaign start SEO | PPC | Social Email Remarketing
  9. 9. Ask Mason Geo Targeted PPC…...How our proprietary Geo Targeting Software process andtechnology can combine to increase online response rates by morethan 30% with no additional media cost. Whether you sell autotransmissions in thousands of locations nation-wide (AAMCO), Dr.Phil’s favorite meal plan (BISTRO MD), Doctorate Degrees (TheChicago School), our proprietary process will work for you. SEO | PPC | Social Email Remarketing
  11. 11. What Does The Product Do? It gives the user what they are looking for. Someone searching in Brooklyn sees a Brooklyn landing page; someone in Long Island sees a Long Island Landing page. SEO | PPC | Social Email Remarketing
  12. 12. Someone in Brooklyn Looks forAAMCO, and sees an advertisement about Brooklyn. SEO | PPC | Social Email Remarketing
  13. 13. …And They Land on a BrooklynPage – giving them exactly what they wanted. SEO | PPC | Social Email Remarketing
  14. 14. Someone in Long Island Looks for AAMCO, and he sees anadvertisement about Long Island. SEO | PPC | Social Email Remarketing
  15. 15. …And In this case, the user lands on a Long-Island-Specific Page. SEO | PPC | Social Email Remarketing
  16. 16. But if someone looks for a specific location – say, “Valley Stream AAMCO”… SEO | PPC | Social Email Remarketing
  17. 17. …They go directly to that locations page. SEO | PPC | Social Email Remarketing
  18. 18. Variance From Average Cost Per Lead 5% 0% Results Implementation---- ----Post Q3 10 Q4 10 Q1 11 Q2 11-5% Without revealing confidential-10% information, we can say that Costs-15% Per Lead have decreased by more-20% than 30%.-25%-30%-35% SEO | PPC | Social Email Remarketing
  19. 19. Minimum ImplementationWith several options when it comes to local onlineadvertising there are many programs that sound like awinner but take months or longer to implement, withMason the process is streamlined with a full time projectmanager assigned to the opportunity.List of Business Locations or Campuses• Address• Main Service or School of• Phone numberCreative Assets• High Resolution Logo’s• Approved Content SEO | PPC | Social Email Remarketing
  20. 20. Ask Mason Nationally Targeted PPCHow our proprietary Pay Per Click process, technology, strategyand team can combine to increase conversions on each level.• Qualified Phone Call• Qualified Leads• Direct Sales• Email Capture SEO | PPC | Social Email Remarketing
  21. 21. 2011 Google AdWords and Search Alliance Pay Per Click Optimizations• 29 New Campaigns created• 30,000+ Keyword bid changes• 18,000+ New keywords added• 10,000+ Text ad changes Overview | Opportunity | Recommendations
  22. 22. Marchex Phone Tracking• Marchex phone tracking allows us to tracking phone orders for Nashua Nutrition. Nashua Nutrition Online Sales & Calls Online Sales Calls Overview | Opportunity | Recommendations
  23. 23. Site Link Extensions• Site Link Extensions enables the text ad to have additional links below when the ad is in top position. Overview | Opportunity | Recommendations
  24. 24. Remarketing• Remarketing allows you to show ads to users who have previously visited one of the Nashua Nutrition landing pages.• We created generic remarketing banners, popular protein bars, and holiday banners. Overview | Opportunity | Recommendations
  25. 25. Communications Extension Beta: Newsletter Overview | Opportunity | Recommendations
  26. 26. Ask Mason Social EmailMarketing & Remarketing… ...How our proprietary Social ReMarketing process and technology combine to grow online sales by 400%. Whether you sell $3,000 beds (Natural Form), auto transmissions in thousands of locations nation-wide (AAMCO), Dr. Phil’s favorite meal plan (BISTRO MD), Doctorate Degrees (The Chicago School), or Soy Meal Replacements, ( Social ReMarketing will work for you. SEO | PPC | Social Email Remarketing
  27. 27. Database Growth with EmailMarketing and Remarketing✔ Email Registration- Increase the size of your active database through newsletter registration tools and strategies✔ Email Strategy- Convey the right message to your audience through proper segmentation techniques✔ Revenue Stream Create a new revenue stream by messaging users directly through Newsletters, Powersales, and Cascade Emails SEO | PPC | Social Email Remarketing
  28. 28. ApproachSEO | PPC | Social Email Remarketing
  29. 29. ApproachSEO | PPC | Social Email Remarketing
  30. 30. METHOD | Database GrowthEach Page on the website has a “Stay Tapped In” Newsletter Sign Up that is currentlybeing used to collect new user info. SEO | PPC | Social Email Remarketing
  31. 31. METHOD | Database GrowthAbove you will see a Social Contest on Facebook, our team has created a flow togenerate a “like” and then collecting an “email address” to register for the contest SEO | PPC | Social Email Remarketing
  32. 32. METHOD | Database GrowthAbove you will see another example of a Social Contest on Facebook, for this specificcontest you can see we have implemented video. SEO | PPC | Social Email Remarketing
  33. 33. METHOD | NewslettersSEO | PPC | Social Email Remarketing
  34. 34. METHOD | PowersalesSEO | PPC | Social Email Remarketing
  35. 35. METHOD | Cascade Initiation A Typical campaign development schedule calls for 1 “cascade” per month. A “cascade” can be anywhere from 2-6 MESSAGES based on customer interaction, strategy and segmentation. The Welcome cascade introduces you to your audience in a friendly and specific way. “WELCOME” 3rd Email Sent: Promotes the most Email Cascade 2nd Email Sent: current Social stops Why do we write Contest 1st Email about Food, Travel, &Welcome To Draft Beer? Magazine. Our No open movesteam was founded by X to next email No open moves to next email SEO | PPC | Social Email Remarketing
  36. 36. METHOD | Cascades Re-subscribeSEO | PPC | Social Email Remarketing
  37. 37. METHOD | CascadesAbandon Cart or Subscription Page SEO | PPC | Social Email Remarketing
  38. 38. METHOD | CascadesWelcome CascadeSEO | PPC | Social Email Remarketing
  39. 39. Production ScheduleWith all of the deliverables and action items that need to take placeit all starts with the development of a calendar. The calendar willoutline all aspect of the campaign. From Creative development to Data Gatheringapproval and send dates. and ESP Evaluation Production Evaluate and Schedule and Optimize Strategy Lay Out Reporting Content Requirements Development and “KPI” (Articles, Images Defined , Press Releases) Campaign Initiation SEO | PPC | Social Email Remarketing