Cf Slayer Facility Proposal


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This is my proposal that I am going to present to the Mayor's Cell here at Camp Slayer to try and get a new, permanent, safe place for CF Slayer to call home. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know.

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Cf Slayer Facility Proposal

  1. 1. Proposal for New Facility CrossFit Slayer SSG Michael Snyder CJ2 CM&D CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer
  2. 2. What is CrossFit  CrossFit is the principal strength  Increased Functional and conditioning program for Capacity many police academies and tactical operations teams, military  Ability to meet any special operations units, physical demand champion martial artists, and  Injury prevention hundreds of other elite and through preparation professional athletes worldwide.  Scalability to all ability and skill levels  Utilizes as the PT program of USMC SOI, US Navy BUD/S  Evidence based fitness School- Phase II, numerous  Group/ team/ community military affiliates across the world. training environment
  3. 3. How CrossFit Achieves Elite Fitness  Constantly Varied, Functional Movements, Performed at High Intensity  Not set routine, constantly varying the time and modal domains of the programmed workouts  Maintaining high standards, pushing your body to adapt across the full range of motion  Coached environment where form and safety are paramount and intensity brings results
  4. 4. CrossFit Slayer- Forging a Stronger Community • CrossFit by its nature promotes teamwork, perseverance, motivation, and family • Strong bonds are formed amongst athletes that are seldom seen in a traditional gym • Stresses of work can be worked off and teamwork, support and strength are built amongst members • Group environment promotes some competitiveness and guarantees effort- no one wants to be last!
  5. 5. Long-term Goal  CrossFit Slayer was started to increase the overall fitness levels of all Service Members, Civilians and Contractors serving on Camp Slayer and the VBC.  CrossFit programming necessitates an open floor plan to effectively carry out the training sessions.  Current facilities do not promote our training goals or those who wish to follow their own fitness program.  We would like to establish a facility which promotes safety, community, and fitness.
  6. 6. Characteristics of a CrossFit  Open floor space Facility  Room for groups of 10+ personnel  Minimal equipment (no machines) − Pull up bars, barbells and rubber safety/ bumper plates CF Tuscon  Any open space can be adapted- empty garage, building, military tent CF Al Asad Al Asad, Iraq CF Old Town (Alexandria, VA)
  7. 7. Why our own facility is necessary  Inadequate pull up systems  Gymnastics rings and climbing ropes are utilized  Currently out in the open Desert Climate- dust, heat, insects  Current facilities limit the exercises we can incorporate into our programming safely  Storage of our equipment − Large truck/ tractor tires − Sandbag/ Duffel bags − Plyometric Boxes
  8. 8. Risk Assessment of Current Options  Conflicting with other gym patrons  We are currently training outdoors in an unhealthy and uncontrollable environment  Due to the intensity of CrossFit training sessions, soldiers taking part are at severe risk in uncontrolled environmental situations  Prevention of heat related injuries  Current barbells in Fishbowl are falling apart and risk breaking under load putting patrons at risk
  9. 9. Cost Analysis  Two necessary purchases/ construction: − Olympic Lifting bars and plates that will not break − Pull Up Bars  Building Floor space or Military tent  Less cost than maintaining expensive Cardio equipment and cable machines  Some equipment can be acquired from DRMO  CrossFit HQ has an equipment donation program in place providing equipment to USMC units worldwide, and it was just opened up to all branches of Service and duty stations called Operation Phoenix.
  10. 10. Location Options  Old PSYOP Command area near the VOI Palace − A/C, open rooms, − Outdoor area with lights and overhead coverage for night time training, − Room for storage and workouts in a controlled environment  Old TMC facility − Air Conditioned with water refrigeration and running facilities − Electricity − Storage and construction space outside − Close to main Camp Slayer  Pool Grounds Near Uday's House − Storage and construction space − Room for overhead canopy − Can put lights up
  11. 11. Old PSYOP HQ's
  12. 12. Slayer TMC
  13. 13. Camp Slayer Pool Grounds
  14. 14. Why Support CF Slayer?  Numerous Service Members are already taking part in the training, and word is spreading  Program promotes lifelong fitness and healthy lifestyle for all members of the CF Slayer Community  A new facility will actually lower our footprint at the current facilities in that we will not conflict with any other operations  Soldier led, non-profit initiative to promote elite functional fitness  CrossFit is fun, challenging, worthwhile, and it produces results no other fitness plan can.