17 Rules To Make Ad Agencies Actually Awesome Places To Work


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As told through the heroes of stock images. Because these people GET IT.

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17 Rules To Make Ad Agencies Actually Awesome Places To Work

  1. 17 Rules To Make Ad Agencies ActuallyAwesome Places To Work As told through the heroes of stock images. Because these people get it.
  2. 1. Keep every meeting size, project team and approval process as small as possible. Layers of people are the enemy of good work. Just look how happy and efficient this guy is in his two-person meeting.
  3. 2. Neversquash an idea during brainstorming. If you don’t like it, make it better. Or at least keep your mouth shut like this fella here.
  4. 3. Always assume there’s a wayto make it happen. Your job is finding creative ways to solve problems. So get on with it. And then celebrate with hands raised over your head in an alternating fist-pump situation.
  5. 4. If you’re ready to make a decision, do it. As long as it falls under a domain of expertise someone hired you for or trusted you with, don’t wait for approvals, coworkers or other extraneous puzzle pieces. Just give it the toothy-grinned thumbs up and keep shit moving.
  6. 5. If you don’t know, sayso. No one’s going to be mad at you for genuinely looking for help, but faking understanding or preparedness could seriously hurt a project and damage your coworkers’ trust in you. JUST LOOK AT THIS FACE OF BETRAYAL.
  7. 6. Come in when you feel like it. (But by10am.) If you work better at 6am, by all means go for it. We’ll see you at 9:30ish, with our IV drip of coffee and cream attached beneath our rolled up suit sleeves while we work on 2004 Acer laptops.
  8. 7. Leave when you’re done. Butts in chairs don’t create great work. Happy people motivated by trust and freedom do. This rib- tattooed woman is clearly enjoying her flexibility. Shouldn’t you?
  9. 8. Schedule all meetings between 10am-5pm. Anything else and you might become the only reason someone has to be at the office. Which will result in your coworkers feeling like this toward you. Which is unadvisable.
  10. 9. Neverbrag about working more than 40 hours a week. Late-night and weekend work isn’t something to celebrate. It’s something to fix. Look how cute this lady’s house is. That’s where life happens. Not the office.
  11. 10. Protect your coworker’s inbox like it’s your own. Keep emails as short, functional and real- persony as possible. And for the love of god, question every cc before hitting send. Either that, or you might as well be punching your coworker in the face with novelty-sized boxing gloves.
  12. 11. Fight against phone calls. They’re disruptive by nature and generally accomplish nothing that a solid email couldn’t. This woman’s reaction? It’s not because she just got a GIF-filled work email. It’s because her phone is actually ringing. RINGING. The audacity.
  13. 12. Neverleave a voicemail. Ever. Foranyone. This lady is only smiling while checking her voicemail because she’s about to find out who she will permanently cut out of her professional and social life.
  14. 13. Become friends with clients. You’ll make better work if you love them, and they’ll trust you more if they love you. You could even say it’s a circle of trust. GET IT?
  15. 14. Neverdress up. Not even for clients. Come out from behind that facade of client clothes, friend. After all, you’re not performing surgery or going before a judge. You’re pitching an idea about a pop- up petting zoo. You can wear jeans for that.
  16. 15. Checkyourbad mood at the door. You think this lady is ready to create great work and have fun doing it? Attitudes are contagious and life is short. Chin up, kiddo.
  17. 16. Always have music playing. Music is the easiest and most powerful way to foster a positive, energetic environment. It may create a few challenges at times, but everything will be A-OK in the end.
  18. 17. Have fun. Like this photo, the creative industry is hilarious and crazy and full of amazing people who (also) never thought they’d never be in advertising. The projects you’ll work on together, the situations you’ll find yourselves in, the number of times you’ll believe you’re the only sane ones on the planet...embrace it all. And when you can’t anymore, you’ll know it’s time to move on. Simple as that.
  19. Help others run with their hands over theirheads. Share this presentation. It’s good for your soul. XOXO,