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PROFCON 2013 program


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17th PROFessional students national CONference

Published in: Spiritual
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PROFCON 2013 program

  1. 1. CAMPUS LEADERS MEET FIQH FORUM9th March Saturday 7.00 PM -10.00 PM Venue 3 10 March Sunday th 8.30 AM -10.30 AM Venue 3 Habits of a successful leader P.K.Sajjad Tirurangadi Fundamental principles Evolution of Fiqh Abdul Jabbar Madeeni What motivates us? Jouhar Munavver Da’wa in a plural society, M.K.Irfan Swalahi MUHEMMAD (PBUH) –THE MOST EMULABLE Salafi Da’wa : Global hurdles Abdul Rahman Abdullatheef .P.N 10 March Sunday th 9 AM-10 AM Venue-1 (Faculty Shariah college, Kuwait University ) Obligations-Effective execution K.Munaver (NIT Calicut) Prophets & reformers OUR IDEOLOGY - OUR PATH – A historical & factual analysis Dr.K.V.Meena Mercy to mankind, Liberator of humanity Thajudheen Ahmed Swalahi9th March Saturday 8.30 PM -10.00 PM Venue - 1OPEN FORUM FOCUS SESSION Key to success - Here and Hereafter Spirituality : A deep insight 10th March Sunday 10 AM -11 AM Venue-1 Manhaj - Alien or Divine? Terrorism - Fanaticism - Theocracy Shariah - Modernising or outdated? Understanding shirk: A-Z The Purpose of life Br.Arshad Muhammed Ilyas (UAE) Disputes - Safe stance Correcting mistakes -Prophet’s methodology GIRLS GATHERING T0WARDS THE LIGHT 10th March Sunday 10.00 AM -12.30 AM Venue 29th March Saturday 6.30 AM -7.30 AM Venue - 1 In search of Ultimate Truth.... Louis Ismail Bullock (UK)FACE - FACE (Live Video conferencing) Woman In Islam:Subjugated or Liberated? Safety - Faith - Society Why Islam? Omar Shareef Balancing family & profession Complemantarity of Genders Prophet Muhemmad (pbuh)–The Perfect Model Salahudheen Abdul KhaderR The precious pearls SCIENCE OF NARRATIONS SERVE THE NATION, SERVE THE HUMANITY 10 March Sunday th 10.30 AM -12.30 AM Venue 310th March Sunday 7 AM -8.30 AM Venue 2 The basic course Upliftment of Indian Muslims Prof. Deewan Ghufran Ahmad Khan (Proctor,BHU) ENVIRONMENT SEMINAR Renaissance - Contribution of Muslim leaders Er. Abdul Khaliq 10 March Sunday th 11 AM-12 AM Venue-1 Caring the deprived- Professional perspective Dr. Mohamed Kutty Green earth- From declarations to practice A.P. Anil Kumar Multi tasking Dr.K.Mohammed Iqbal (Hon: Minister-Tourism & Welfare) Environment protection- What Islam says? K.M.Shaji MLA THE MEMORIES Extravagance will be questioned! C.Muhammed RafiMarch 10 Sunday 7.00 AM -8.30 AM Venue 3 THE FAREWELL Through the historical lands of Qur’an Dr.P.K.Abdurazak Sullami 10 March Sunday th 12 PM-1.30 PM Venue-1 Thrilling moments from the life of Sahaba Hassan Ansari Excerpts from the biography of Hadees scholars Syed Sahfar Sadik Madeeni P.K. Abdu Rabb (Hon: Minister-Education) Down the memory lane of Islahi scholars U.Mohammed Madani Ubaidulla MLA P.K. Kunhu (Vice. Pres. MPM Dist. Panchayath) PURE MIND –REFINED LIFE Last breath & beyond Hussain Salafi10 March Sunday th 7.30 AM -9.00 AM Venue 1 Hell- The terrible torment Zakir Hussain (MES) Sincere repentance, serene soul Shihab Edakkara The Abode of Eternal Peace N. Abdul Rasheed Salaah – Vigour & sweetness Hamza Madeeni Need for sublime sacrifice Dr Muhammed Shaheer Parents – Respect & Compassion T.K.Ashraf Purify, Unify K.Sajjad Excellent culture, Exalted character The Message of Liberation Naseef P.P CAREER CONSULT10th March Sunday 8.30 AM -10.00 AM Venue 2 Gateway to civil service- New exam pattern P.K.Nimshid Preparing for competitive exams Prof.C.Ahamed Saleel, (P.A.College of Engineering,Mangalore) Reception Committee Office, Global research opportunities DR. O.P.Salahudheen 17th PROFCON, Malappuram, Kerala, Ph: 919745208323 (Aligarh Muslim University)
  2. 2. THE FUNDAMENTAL REALITIES PURIFY OURSELVES Dear, Assalamu Alaikum. 9th March Saturday 7.00 AM - 10.30 AM Venue - 1 9 March Saturday th 1.30 PM -4.30PM Venue 3 Beware- Life is melting! Shafi Parambil MLA Beware of tongue Abdul Wahab Swalahi The 17th PROFCON is round the corner. The mixing up Haris ibn Saleem Essence of Existence Zuhair Chungathara This season, there is all the more spirit and vigour Creationism Vs Neo evolutionism NM. Hussain Be in touch with Qur’an Hamzakkutty Salafi in all the events and activities. Jesus (PBUH) -Golden advices The pseudo enjoyments Unais Swalahi Monotheism - A journey through Scriptures Mujahid Balussery Combating the chief enemy Abdul Khader Paravanna If your search in life is The signs of Last Day Shabeeb Swalahi Allah - His Unique Attributes C.P. Saleem to Discover the right path; Worship-In the right perspective Faisal Musliyar Runaway from bad habits Noorudheen Swalahi to Know more about it, Ephemeral life vs Eternal Life Thwalhath Swalahi to Learn its tenets ; CAMPUS - SOUL AND SOIL And pass it on to others around you, TO THE RIGHT GOAL..... 9th March Saturday 2.00 PM - 5.00 PM Venue - 1 Just the way our pious predecessors did, 9th March Saturday 7.00 AM - 9.00 AM Venue 2 X - PLORE X- PRESS X - PERIENCE Then PROFCON is the right place to be, this weekend. P.K. Kunhalikutty (Hon:Minister IT & Industry) Flowering heart, Fruitful deeds Moulana Aneesurahman Ahzami Poverty eradication-Role of students Adv. T. Siddique (Gen.Sec.KPCC) Do join us with your friends at Malappuram on 8th, 9th, and 10th of March. Know the One & Only, The Supreme Nabeel Randathani Creativity - Routing the instincts P.M.Sadiq Ali (President MYL) Pure faith, True Path Dr.T.K.Fadhalurahman May Almighty bless us all Intellectual ability - Outlook & horizons Abhilash Vijayan (EFLU Hyderabad) Womb to tomb & beyond Dr.P.P.Abdul Malik Pain, Empathy, Protection Dr. Suresh FOUNDATIONS OF FAITH Time, Time ! Time !! Dr. Shehdad Social service- Living experiences Dr. Idrees 9th March Saturday 7.00 AM -10.30. AM Venue 3 Fashion,love,addiction.....politics,culturals..... Adv. Habeeb Rahman PRE CONFERENCE MEET Faith in Allah Abdullatheef Sullami Maaranjeri Campus- Mission & fulfillment Er Favas T K8th March Friday 9.00 AM - 11.00 A M Venue - 2 Faith in Angels Abdul Rahuf Nadwi National Professional Excellency Award Dr. Baby Manoj Faith in Prophets Aboobaker Salafi Preserving faith in postmodern era Rasheed Kodakkad Faith in Scriptures Yasir Madani DA’WA WORKSHOP Propagating truth - The prerequisites Munaver Swalahi Faith in Life Hereafter Muhsin Ideed 9th March Saturday 2.00 PM - 6.00 PM Venue 2 Patience, Proactiveness, Professionalism Shamseer Swalahi Faith In Destiny & Predestination Fadalul Haq Umari Sincere submission, Unlimited rewards Shereef Kara Basics of interpersonal da’wa Zaid Patel (President, IIC Mumbai) THROUGH THE RIGHT PATH.... Breaking the ice Sheikh Abdul Haseeb Madani INAUGURAL CONFERENCE 9th March Saturday 9.00 AM -1.00 PM Venue 2 Psychological aspects (Kulliyathul Hadeeth, Banglore)8 March Friday th 5.00 PM - 6.30 P M Venue - 1 Inspiring experiences Regret Repentance Paradise Sheikh Arshad Muhammed Ilyas(UAE) Inaugration and Key note address on: Sheikh Arshad Muhammad Illyas IT –Newer dimensions & resources Dr.P.P.Abdul Haleem Woman- In Scriptures & Ideologies Br.Omar Shareef (Bengaluru) Towards terror free society (Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of Dubai) MARRIAGE - FAMILY-SOCIETY Life of Sahaba – Lessons to practice Br.Mahtab Amjad (Bengaluru) Education - Ethics - Enlightenment K P A Majeed(Gen.Sec. IUML) Hadeeth & Science : 9 March Saturday th 4.30 pm -6.30pm Venue 3 Social integrity, Nation building P. Sree Ramakrishnan MLA Contradicting or complementing? - Role of Professionals K N A Kader MLA A day with the Prophet (PBUH) Prof.K.P.Sahad Pre marital concerns U.Kunjali madani E.Muhammed Kunhi(President, DCC Malappuram) Manners & mannerisms Dr.T.C.Muhammed Mubashir Marriage- Islamic teachings Campus - From conflict to dialogue K P Musthafa(Chairman, Malappuram Muncipality) Garments to Each Other C.K.Mohammed Basheer Swalahi Prize Distribution( Online contests) P. Abdul Hameed Master (IUML) EVIDENCE BASED FAITH FAITH BY CHOICE P. Unneen (MSS) 9th March Saturday 10.30 AM - 1.00 PM Venue - 1 9th March Saturday 5.00 PM - 6.30 PM Venue - 1 SOCIAL DEBATE - RELIGION IS REFUGE Knowledge - Depth & dedication Aryadan Muhammed(Hon.Minister- Power) Communal harmony, Constructive debates Manjalamkuzhi Ali Guidance through the ages DR K K Zakariyya Swalahi (Hon.Minister- Urban affairs)8 March Friday th 7.00 PM -10.00 P M Venue - 1 Explore, Discover, Dedicate for Truth Salahudheen Abdul Khadar The Amazing science of Hadeeth Abul Jabbar Abdulla Al Madeeni Life @ cross -roads Abdurahiman Chungathara (Editor, True vision, Mangalore) Deviations-Roots & routes Abdul Malik Salafi Devoted to Almighty Haris Ibnu Saleem Discover Islam, Discover Life Br. Omar Shareef Sectism - Havocs & solutions Shameer Madeeni (Director- DIET, Bengaluru) NOBLE QUR’AN - THE LIGHT & PATH CONSOLIDATION OF CONCEPTS Religion of Peace or terror? Gabriel Keresztes (Canada) 9th March Saturday 7.00 PM - 8.30 PM Venue - 1 9th March Saturday 10.30 AM -12.30PM Venue 3 (Live Video Conferencing) Is the Qur’an God’s Word ? Br. Zaid Patel (President, IIC Mumbai) Mutual rivalry - Reckless reckonings Sirajul Islam Balussery Prayer and Devotion : Deep understanding Shuraih Salafi Al Qur’an - The Beacon to Humanity Sabir Nawas Madani(EFLU, Hyderabad) Dua and Ibadath No more doubts! Basheer Salafi Poolapoyil The testimony of deeds P K Amjad Madani Indepth relationship with Allah Jabir Pannikode Sunnah- Adorable or abhorable Moosa Swalahi E- Learning - Tips & Guides Er. M. Hafsal