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Rumana Taher.(071506556)

  1. 1. IP telephony solution for hospitals Rumana Taher ID : 071506556 Section-1 , ETE- 605
  2. 2. IP Telephony is the technology for transmitting voice communications over a network using open-standards-based IP. IP telephony the implementation of voice over an IP- based network—is fast becoming an attractive and viable opportunity for businesses. Today the market for IP telephony is rapidly maturing. These IP telephony solutions will provide secure and reliable networks that will help both Trusts to drive reduced operating costs by converging voice and data traffic onto a single network and by simplifying network maintenance and support. The combination of voice and data onto a single network also enables a wide range of advanced new communications and networking services. IP telephony allows organizations to simplify and streamline their communication systems. It is commonly used to support business environments where employees and customers are demanding access to advanced applications and new ways of collaborating across their business. IP telephony presents exciting opportunities for adding more value- added services and applications throughout the organization. There has been widespread deployment and acceptance of IP telephony solutions in a broad range of market sectors, such as government, education, healthcare, finance, and manufacturing where competitive advantages depend on the ability to enhance productivity and increase mobility. Even companies that had not been favorably disposed toward IP telephony now realize the advantages of introducing this technology into their own enterprises. IP telephony solution can be more update by IVR. IVR means interactive voice response, a telephony technology in which someone uses a touch-tone telephone to interact with a database to acquire information from or enter data into the database. IVR technology does not require human interaction over the telephone as the user's interaction with the database is predetermined by what the IVR system will allow the user access to. IVR technology is also used to gather information, as in the case of telephone surveys in which the user is prompted to answer questions by pushing the numbers on a touch-tone telephone.
  3. 3. The healthcare industry depends on innovation to provide the best possible service to its ultimate customer, the patient. Many different IP telephony service provider ( for example- HP ProCurve IP Telephony solutions) has helped create tools that give doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and medical staff access to scheduling, medical records, and lab results through IP phones or other mobile devices, such as PDAs or tablet PCs. A converged data and voice network allows healthcare providers to access, manipulate, and archive voice, text, and displayed information in ways that help cut costs and enhance productivity. For example, after a patient visit, doctors can link verbal dictation to patient records for immediate updates. Invoices can be submitted using voice technology, saving doctors and other hospital staff time and reducing administration expenses. The benefits of IP Telephony in Hospitals: Obviously there are many benefits and facilities if a Hospital set up IP Telephony services. Day by day the Hospitals of development country are much more relying on IP telephony services and after seeing them other Hospitals also willing to promote IP services. The benefits of IP Telephony services, which should be notable, are - Far-reaching flexibility: In the healthcare environment, where analog is still preferred in applications such as patient rooms and emergency rooms, business agility and being able to choose the right solution are critical. Many hospitals have protected its investment by using IP phones and avoided retraining of busy doctors and nurses. IP system created all analog and digital requirement on one architecture and a single dialing plan, which creates a huge advantage to Hospitals. Faster disaster recovery:
  4. 4. It is very easy to give home care services to the patients by using IP phones at the time of disaster. For example - When Hurricane Charley hit Florida Hospital were able to quickly relocate home care service nurses to a dry facility eight miles away by simply put in 60 Nortel IP Phones off the main switch. Higher productivity and lower costs: It is easy to lowering its Total Cost of Ownership, with improved employee productivity and cost savings in many areas by using IP phones. For example - at one small location, IP Telephony eliminated the need to expand the fiber remote to add phones. Now the callers are finding shorter wait times and faster resolution of calls, while center managers are monitoring agent activity remotely using a IP based phone. IP telephony makes it possible to reduce administrative and management complexity and expense, lower overall network infrastructure costs, and cut the price of application integration. Intelligence is no longer tied into the PBX but to the client-server architecture — an end-user phone becomes plug-and-play. Future proofing: By exploiting the flexibility of an IP network it is easy to growth or expansion and to meet the needs of a distributed workforce well into the future. IP telephony serves as a strategic enabler for cost savings and other factors that allow businesses to gain a competitive edge. One area in which IP telephony offers significant savings is network management and maintenance. Some Hospitals and IP service provider: By upgrading its main site to a Nortel Communication Server 1000, extending IPfunctionality to branches with the Nortel Survivable Remote Gateway and deploying Nortel IP Phones at its own pace, Florida Hospital can meet business needs quickly and effectively as they arise. Florida Hospital, USA has a 100-year history of excellence and
  5. 5. innovation in healthcare. Already the healthcare provider is planning to expand with an additional 500 beds over the next two years. Being able to choose the Nortel communications solutions that best meet its needs and financial requirements at any given time will continue to support that growth in a flexible, reliable fashion. With IP Telephony, Florida Hospital has the ability to deliver a solution cost-effectively to internal users. At The Indiana Heart Hospital, part of the Community Health Network, physicians and clinical staff use wireless networking from Cisco and laptops to enter and retrieve patient information, often at the point of care, giving everyone access to completely legible data in an instant. A Cisco IP telephony and wireless networking solution has enabled the facility to go completely film-less, promoting delivery of the highest possible level of cardiovascular care. Cisco IP Solution Center is a family of intelligent network management applications that help reduce administration, management, and network operational costs by: Providing automated resource management and rapid profile-based provisioning capabilities that speed deployment and time to market of Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) and Metro Ethernet technologies Leicester Hospitals, UK , one of the top teaching hospitals look to Avaya IP Telephony to Help Deliver High Quality Health Care to Patients. More than 3.6 Million People Worldwide Connect on Avaya IP Telephony Solution Designed for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses. The move to IP will enable the 11,500 hospitals staff to have much greater mobility and enhanced access to patient information regardless of their location. Once the system has been installed, more clinicians will use wireless handsets, making it possible to locate and contact them within minutes. With the Avaya communication system, hospital staff will be able to 'hot desk', moving their personal phone capabilities around the buildings and between sites. Upon logging in, the phone will upload the user's profile and speed dial contacts as if they are at their usual desk. When responding to a page, a doctor will be able to refer to the IP phone directory, instead of having to call the switchboard to check the caller's identity. Avaya's
  6. 6. Communication Manager Software will automatically log how long calls take to be connected and performance will be monitored regularly. Mitel, a leading provider of IP communications solutions, announced that Banfield, The Pet Hospital, with over 450 locations in the U.S., one in Mexico and two in the U.K., has selected Mitel as its strategic communications partner. The Mitel networked solution will be deployed in the United States, Mexico and Europe over the next five years, enabling Banfield to improve customer service. It has admitted by authority of the Pet Hospital with Mitel IP solution the Hospital authority can improve their responsiveness to pet owner inquiries by routing them directly to the most qualified professional at any time or location. The hospitals are focused on constantly improving our services and this solution complements their goals of caring for pets with the same level of care that people expect for themselves. Some Proposals: Though IP telephony solutions improve the medical technology still some better idea can be identified. Basically there are no limitations of IP telephony solutions in Hospitals. These solutions can touch every area where it is necessary for the better service of the clients by the Hospitals. For example- • By using IP telephony service it will have immediate access to information regarding the whereabouts of a doctor and can put calls through to them more quickly and easily, improving response times and efficiency. • This technology can use for giving alarm to the each nurse of the hospitals when it is time to give medicines to patients. • Doctors can also become aware by this IP telephony service when it is time to visit patient or where there is a serious patient in emergency Unit. • Children and newborn babies who did not take the fundamental vaccinations this IP telephony system can alert their parents.
  7. 7. • Well-organized sit reservation service for the patients in the hospitals will be available by using this IP telephony solution. • This solution will remind the pregnant woman of their each month’s appointments. Conclusion: By reducing complexity, improving security, ensuring reliability, and providing future flexibility, IP telephonic solution offers a superior infrastructure with a maximum return on your IT investment. The past few years have seen only modest investment in telecommunications infrastructure, but companies have shown an increasing desire to invest in IP telephony solutions. It’s been estimated that seven million voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) phones will be in circulation by 2007. Even today, more than 10 percent of all voice traffic is transmitted with VoIP technology. IP telephony solutions nearly eliminate the cost of additions/moves/changes. With IP telephony, it’s no longer necessary to support separate data (IP) and voice PBX environments. This can significantly reduce staffing and management costs. It should be pointed that a high-quality IP telephony solution must be properly designed, configured, and managed with QoS (Quality of service) as a critical building block. Hospital authority should review the reliability of local area network (LAN)-based solutions versus traditional telephony systems while making the transition to IP telephony and ensure that there is adequate network redundancy, with no single point of failure.
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