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Jubayda Bilkis (072832056)

  1. 1. Individual Report On Reminder Solutions Of IP Telephony Prepared for Dr. Mashiur Rahman Assistant Professor Department of Computer Science & Engineering, North South University. Proposed by: Jubayda Bilkis ID: 072-832-056 Course: ETE-605 IP Telephony Submit on 15th April, 2008 Spring 2008 North South University
  2. 2. IP Telephony This is a rapidly emerging technology for voice communication that uses the ubiquity of IP-based networks to deploy IP Technology enabled devices in enterprise and home environments. IP Technology enabled devices, such as desktop and mobile IP phones and gateways, decrease the cost of voice and data communication, enhance existing features, and add compelling new telephony features and services. The challenges in front of IP telephony is the delivery of voice, fax, or video packets in a dependable flow to the user, at a level comparable to that of the PSTN. Much of IP telephony focuses on that challenge. It can also be used in bigger companies to deploy powerful, integrated voice, video and data applications delivering: low cost video conferencing true integration of databases and legacy systems multi-channel call centers unified messaging real time collaboration Reminder : Reminder specially designed for medical practice and office professionals to keep customer's appointment on time and reduce no-shows . Customers can confirm, reschedule appointment or even transfer to the office receptionist by pressing a touch tone key.Use it to remind about important meetings,upcoming events, appointments, deadlines, or emergency alerts.Friends’ birthdays, or even get a wake up call. In short, people’s reminder between picking up the kids at practice, grocery shopping, and doctor’s appointments, life can call will make sure ones don’t miss a thing.
  3. 3. Reminder Call Application: The Wake-up / Reminder Call application enables a user to create wake- up/reminder calls. The calls can be made to the user’s IP telephone or to any external extension. When the wake-up call is made, the user is given the option to “snooze” for a pre-defined amount of time and receive another wake-up call. There are three ways to create a wake-up / reminder call. The call can be created using the web-based screen, using the IP Telephone screen, or by calling a pre- defined extension from any phone. Creat ing a Wake-up Call using the IP Telephone Screen: We have to press the Services button on IP telephone and select the Reminder/WakeUpapplication.If we do not have any reminder calls, the following screen will be displayed. We have to press the “Add” softkey to add a New Reminder. If we do have a reminder call setup, the Reminder call details will be displayed and we will have the option of Updating or Canceling the Reminder. Then we have to press the Update softkey to update/edit the reminder details.Press the Cancel soft-key to cancel the reminder.
  4. 4. To add/update a reminder call enter the call details for the Name, Number to Call, Month, Day, and Year (described above) on the screen and press the “Submit” softkey. Next, enter the Hour and Minute and AM/PM selection and press the “Submit” softkey. The Reminder call details will be displayed, press the “Exit” soft-key to quit.
  5. 5. Field of IP Telephony Reminder: Reminder specially designed for medical practice and office professionals to keep customer's appointment on time and reduce no-shows . Customers can confirm, reschedule appointment or even transfer to the office receptionist by pressing a touch tone key. Medication Reminder: Reminding senior citizens and individuals with medical conditions to take their medications is an easier task with call reminders from Database Systems Corp. (DSC). Personalized information from our medical and patient database (such as name, medication, prescription level, time, etc.) can be included in each phone reminder. An individual could be given a message with selection options using an interactive voice response system. Patient Appointment Reminder: Professional medical practices such as doctor's offices rely on appointment scheduling to keep an ongoing business. Patient appointments may be scheduled weeks or even months in advance. Appointment reminder service can help one’s practice by reducing missed appointments, thus increasing revenue. With patient appointment phone reminder service, contact patients or clients in a professional manner reminding them of their upcoming appointments and doctor's visits. Pill Reminder: Pill Reminder can deliver "Take Your Pills" phone reminders to take their prescription medication. Past Due Reminder: Collections department can become more efficient and cost effective using technology from Database Systems Corp(DSC). Automatic call reminder system can contact delinquent accounts and play a pre-recorded message, reminding them that their payments are past due.
  6. 6. This pre-recorded message can be a simply reminder or can contain information unique to each call recipient. Notices can contain information about what action the individual needs to perform. Payment Reminder: An automatic late payment reminder is a recorded message sent by phone (without an operator or collections person) that reminds an individual that a payment is overdue. Late payment reminders simply notify the call recipient of the delinquent status on an account. This pre-recorded message can also contain information unique to each call recipient. Notices can contain information about what action the individual needs to perform. Automatic late payment reminder system can contact delinquent accounts and play a pre- recorded message, reminding them that their payments are past due. Service Reminder: Database Systems Corp. (DSC) is a recognized leader in call center software and system development. DSC provides state-of-the-art phone systems and outsourcing services. These include message broadcasting services that are ideally suited for delivering service call reminders. Pre-recorded messages can be delivered to either answering machines or to individuals reminding them of different service notices________ Service Call Reminder - Contact customers when periodic service is required on their car. Oil Change Reminder - Contact clients whenever their vehicles require an oil change. Warranty Reminders - Notifiy customers when a vehicle warranty repair is required. Manufacturer Recall Notice - Notifiy clients when their vehicle needs a recall item fixed. Service Completion Call - Let clients know when their vehicle is ready for pickup. Trade-in Specials - Contact customers when their vehicle qualifies for a trade in program. Personalized information from custom database (such as name, type of service, warranty dates, etc.) can be included in these automatic service reminders. In some reminder campaigns, different messages can be played based upon contact with an answering machine or a person and based upon the time of day. Delivery Reminder: Database Systems Corp. (DSC) provides call center phone systems and software solutions. These include voice broadcasting systems and services that are ideally suited for delivering call notifications and phone reminders. Delivery notification messages can be delivered to individuals or to answering machines with a requested call back if the household did not receive the delivered item.
  7. 7. This service saves time and money by automatically contacting our delivered base of households, simultaneously contacting hundreds to thousands of residents. Order Status Reminder: This is ideally suited for businesses and organizations that need to communicate with its customers, particularly providing order status updates and notifications. Messages can be delivered to remind them of order pickups, order product substitutions, order cancellations, etc. Event Reminder: Event reminders can be launched announcing a new concert or upcoming event. Personalized information from custom database (such as name, event date and time) can be included in reminder phone calls. Marketing Reminder Service: Marketing Reminder messages can be delivered to remind people of sales promotions, seasonal services, warranty reminders or landscaping work, etc. Advantages: By using reminder we can do something on particular time. Reminder will help us to change our life, and make us a caring person in other's eyes. Everyone around us will notice this change, and will be glad to learn that we don't forget things they care about. We can point out some advantages of ip telephony reminder _________ • Appointment reminder can help one’s practice by reducing missed appointments,thus increasing revenue. • Ip telephony reminder uses IVR(Interactive Voice Response) technology that answers calls without an operator which reduces operator cost. • Low cost service. • Help us to remind any upcoming event, appointment, warranty and to remind people of sales promotion, seasonal services etc. Disadvantages: Here disadvantages is not the disadvantage of ip telephony reminder infact this is the disadvantages of over all ip telephony . • First of all, VoIP is dependant on wall power. With VoIP, no power means no phone. A stable power source must be created for VoIP. • Because VoIP uses an Internet connection, it's susceptible to all the hiccups normally associated with home broadband services. All of these factors affect call quality: Latency ,Jitter, Packet loss.
  8. 8. • VoIP is susceptible to worms, viruses and hacking, although this is very rare and VoIP developers are working on VoIP encryption to counter this. • Another issue associated with VoIP is having a phone system dependant on individual PCs of varying specifications and power. A reminder can be affected by processor drain. Quality loss will become immediately evident. In a worst case scenario,system could crash in the middle of an important call or reminder. IVR: Interactive Voice Response(IVR) technology is used by ip telephony. IVR automates the personal interaction of telephone callers with the computerized phone system. Automated phone systems have used voice recorded prompts and menus to present information to callers. Touch-tone telephone keypad entries are gathered from the caller to collect information and navigational data. An IVR application functions in a client/server environment. The IVR program can run on the IVR phone system or on a different server that is processing application programs. The IVR program now has complete access to all of the same information as our application programs. It can actually perform call center functions such as dealer lookup, account information access and update, etc. and simply transfer the result information to the phone system to be relayed to the caller. This technology is also using in call reminder solutions of ip telephony. Conclusion: The aim of this project was to analyze the existing ip telephony reminder service. IP Telephony is a new concept in Bangladesh but it is widely used in USA and many other countries. IP Telephony reminder is not available in Bangladesh but we are very much optimistic about this. References: [1] Call Center Systems And Software Resources Center , http://www.call-center-tech.com. [2] Database System Corp., http://www.databasesystemscorp.com. [3] Voip Telephone, http://www.voip-telephony.com. [4] Automatic Phone Software, http://www.voicent.com.