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Istiaque Al Mahmood (073742556)


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Istiaque Al Mahmood (073742556)

  1. 1. Submitted by : Istiaque Al Mahmood ID : 073742556 Course Code : ETE-605 Course Title : IP TELEPHONY Date of submission : 15th April,2008.
  3. 3. Introduction To utilize the IP Telephony system in Stock Exchange one of the best way is to build up a call center. Call center is a modern concept to provide customer support. Now a days worldwide call center service is widely used by national and international business organizations. Share market is the key part for a business organization. All reputed business organizations all over the world exchange their company share through stock exchange. So it should be a great idea to adopt call center facility for Stock exchange. I just tried to develop some ideas to implement the call center facility for stock exchange. I do believe that Call center support will play a great supporting role to run the share markets business. And it will enhance the transaction performance in share market. In our country we have two stock market(DSE and CSE).A lot of national and multinational company is running their share business through DSE and CSE. The transaction system in our stock market is not fully Web based. DSE and CSE has their own Website where they show the current market update. But I think our stock exchanges should adopt the modern facility such like call center to increase overall performance of share market. DSE and CSE can adopt the call center facility for shareholders support. Providing IP telephony service with the call center in share market is really a new idea.And it’s not really available yet.
  4. 4. Description Now I am discussing about, why and how the call center can assist the stock market to enhance the overall business performance. At first I will go to find out the answer of ‘why’ then ‘how’. WHY? • To adopt a modern technology • To enhance the market performance • Flexible • Save money • Reliable • Faster information flow • Employment • Easier • Overall information center • The Best shareholder service and support • Ensure smart support for shareholder • To grab the effect of modern and flexible technology • Up to date information • Good flow of vast amount of information • Revenue will increase • Good prospect • The best information provider • It will create new investors • New Business organization will show interest to enter market
  5. 5. How? It’s very easy for a shareholder to collect information from the call center about the current condition of share market. A shareholder can collects all the information about the rate and also about the rate fluctuation. A call center must be provided some contact numbers to knock them. A customer just dial to one of those numbers and collect necessary informations.The call center will be linked with the website of stock exchange. They will monitor the overall current market condition and provide the informations according to share holders’ query. A lot of broker firm is working currently for share market. They should be developed a relation with the call center. Thus the circulation of information will more reliable. International share market is currently using various software to monitor and handle the share market activities, for example: Sharemonkey. Similarly if call center activity will start in our country for share market purpose then a call center can use such software to make the provided information more reliable.
  6. 6. Who are related? • Shareholders • Business Organizations • Broker firms • Regulatory body(DSE and CSE) • New investors
  7. 7. This figure was designed and provided by our course instructor Dr. Mashiur Rahman.It can be implemented easily for installation of call center. Above figure is an excellent technical infrastructure of a IP based Call center.
  8. 8. Conclusion Now a days Worldwide call center is well known as BPO(Business Process Outsourcing). Developed countries of the world earning a lot of revenue from BPO.The call center is affected the national economy of developed countries. Developing countries like Bangladesh should adopt this modern facility to improve the national economic condition. Call center will keep a great impact for our country, it’s certain.