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Manipalmart (1)

  1. 1. A case study
  2. 2. About manipalmart This was started in the year 2009 by Mr Shivananda Pai with minimal investment of 6k. His craze and passion about computers has given rise to
  3. 3. Business Performance It has got 5 lakh clicks in a year. The no of visitors has reached 6,88,905 which is due to the admissions in 2010. Customized adwords from Google Substantial amount of revenue generated
  4. 4. Contd.. The website has customers who work in well known companies and gets calls from many parts of the world The primary target segment is the student community of Manipal
  5. 5. Business strategies to retaincustomers The site also uses referral marketing with the concept “write blogs and win prizes.” Integration of many services under one website.
  6. 6. Features of the site Services :Buy/rent/sell, cell phone recharge, online print etc Student center: lodges, print files etc Online shop: cinema hall, railway & bus tickets etc. Places to visit Gallery
  8. 8. Value proposition Integration of services Quality of its services & customer service Functionality is simple and hence user user friendly
  9. 9. Revenue model of manipalmart Based on transaction- Brokerage model The website uses transaction based revenue model and sellers paid commission on the transactions facilitated by the site.
  10. 10. Contd..- Affiliate model – Advertising model - Rs 100 for advertising on the website Business model on the type of participant-B2C
  11. 11. Contd..Target Segment:The primary target segment is the student community of ManipalCompetitive Environment:Local vendors go from brick & mortar to click & mortar
  12. 12. Services provided by the site Free services Paid services
  13. 13. Free services There are various services by the site where the user can find the source list for services like:- Beauty parlor- Tracking railways and flight- Cooking gas
  14. 14. Contd..- Courier service- Gym- Departmental store- Marriage hall- Police station- Waste management
  15. 15. Contd..- Travel agents- VIP phone numbers- News updates- Coaching for entrance- Gift shop- Cloth shop- Cinema hall
  16. 16. Paid services The website takes certain percentage as transaction fee which is the commission paid by the service renderer.- Buy/sell/rent- Ticket booking- Hotel reservation- Mangalore store
  17. 17. Contd..- Print photo- Recharge DTH & mobile- *PG Accommodation- Rent a vehicle- *Rose to a friend
  18. 18. Contd..- *Call an auto- *Medical tourism- *Packers and movers- *Pay my bill- *Money exchange* - Some of the opportunities identified by manipalmart and which are in the process of implementation
  19. 19. Other services Places to visit List of places, distance from here, best time to visit, how to get there and other details are given. Gallery
  20. 20. 7 C’S
  21. 21. Applied one’s Context: the website has a drop down menu of services at the home page only from which the user can choose his required services Commerce: the website uses paypal as a payment gateway
  22. 22. Contd.. Connection: have connection with many of the sites. There is an association with many sites in every page. Communication: - two way communication through blogs - Website strive to reply individually to users emails within one business day. - Users can also find the answers to commonly asked questions in Help centre at
  24. 24. Strengths The website is a first mover Listed in major SE’s Integration of services
  25. 25. Contd.. Information regarding the local offline stores have been made available onlline. More emphasis on customer service and building up customer loyalty.
  26. 26. Contd.. Has established associations with many enterprises in a short span. No competition Niche marketing
  27. 27. Weakness Problems in transaction because of non- payment of taxes. As the website is managed solely there are lots of pending jobs. Too many banners
  28. 28. Contd.. Mistakes in spelling which could lead to miscommunication. Few of the listed services are not activated. No privacy policy maintained.
  29. 29. Contd.. Advertisement program needs to more specific.
  30. 30. Opportunities Offline store Tours for places around Manipal Event management Blood bank Movie ticket booking
  31. 31. Contd.. Dabbawala services Source for notes Focus on local ads Job classifieds
  32. 32. Contd.. Focus on the distribution channel Games Order for cake Social networking
  33. 33. Threats Generally - Advancement in technologies Presence of brokers Presence of other sites with similar features Matching cultural differences
  34. 34. Contd.. Competition by new entrants or offline competitors Change in the demand of students due to the change in the trends, styles, tastes and preference.
  35. 35. Contd.. Transaction base may reduce due to increased infrastructure of the university – hostels
  36. 36.  Can the whole show be managed by a single person?? Should they go for alliances??