MASHER - viral video creation solutions for brands


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Brands would like to engage with their fans across platforms but in a content safe manner. MASHER, the video creation application, lets users create user generated video and spread the brand message virally across the web.

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MASHER - viral video creation solutions for brands

  1. 1. The Video Creation Application for consumers, for storyboarding, for brands Overview 2012
  2. 2. MASHER MASHER is a viral video application that makes it simple to create videos online. MASHER enables users to create emotive brand stories that they can broadcast to their friends or clients MASHER delivers deep brand engagement and high earned media virality MASHER is a web based app that can live in any website or social network
  3. 3. Proven & Award Winning MASHER has partnered with some of the largest brands, agencies and media owners in the world, to create branded versions of the MASHER app for campaigns MASHER has won numerous awards along the way including Digital Ad Campaign of the Year 2009 by Campaign Magazine
  4. 4. Premium Content Archive MASHER has unparalleled access to premium video content BBC Content: • 10 year agreement • BBC Archive marketed by BBC Motion Gallery • Exclusivity in online video editing / mashup space • 5,500 clips per annum selected at our discretion • Incredible meta data for each clip • Content agreements with Getty and Audio Networks
  5. 5. MASHER can be used… for Brands within Facebook
  6. 6. Facebook Brands are increasing their digital focus & spend in Facebook e.g. • • Facebook ad spend to reach $3 billion in 2011 (emarketer 2011) Barcardi will shift 90% of its digital spend to Facebook over the next 2 years Brands need ways to engage their fans and promote their brand virally within Facebook MASHER is a proven highly viral & engaging video app in Facebook
  7. 7. Facebook The MASHER app is tightly integrated into Facebook’s Open Graph API, which includes the following benefits: • Leverages brand fan pages • One click to install app • Automatic importing users photos • One click to share videos • Viral effects of Facebook including Newsfeed, Likes, Comments and Ticker
  8. 8. Facebook MASHER is a great digital solution for brands who are focusing on Facebook as it does 3 important things: 1. Fan Engagement Engages existing fans through the power of multimedia & video Immerses them in the brand with dwell times 5 mins plus Creates a sense of hype on fan page, especially if run as a contest 2. Viral Outreach 3. Fan Acquisition Turns your fans into brand advocates Friends of fans watch video and click back to the brand fan page Fan videos on average seen by 100 friends Earned media multiplier effect x 100 Increases Likes / Fans Viral loop as new fans create and share videos with their friends
  9. 9. Facebook Case Study: Arsenal FC The Project • Arsenal wanted a way to engage their Facebook fans when the 2010/2011 Premier League ended • A co-branded version of the Masher application was used by Arsenal to allow fans to create a ‘Goal of the Season’ video which they can then share with their friends • The Masher app was promoted for 3 weeks from June 15th 2011
  10. 10. Facebook Case Study: Arsenal FC The Results • 1000+ videos made by fans in 3 weeks • 110,000+ people driven to app meaning a the app generated a viral reach of x 100 • Dwell time 4.5 mins generating high brand engagement ‘The Masher app performed amazingly well for Arsenal. To have over 1000 viral videos generated by fans which then attracted over 100k people to engage with the Arsenal brand is an incredible earned media ROI‘ Michael Leavey, MD Arsenal Broadband
  11. 11. MASHER can be used… as a digital solution in any website
  12. 12. MASHER as a Digital Solution • The MASHER app can be focused on user generated content or branded content, or a combination of the two, making it very versatile • MASHER is suitable across a number of brands and genres including sport, lifestyle, FMCG, entertainment • The MASHER app could be used as a digital solution across a range of clients in the UK and Globally • For example, some of our past work includes…..
  13. 13. Outside Facebook • MASHER app was deployed into YouTube for Nike Football Campaign • MASHER app was deployed into Channel 4 campaign site for Amex My Live Story Campaign MASHER can live in any website so the MASHER app can be deployed into a brand campaign site or media partner site as appropriate
  14. 14. MASHER can be used… As a web-based story-boarding tools for clients to develop video campaigns
  15. 15. Masher For Storyboarding… MASHER can be integrated into an online campaign management and asset management system to help manage the execution of clients’ advertising campaigns. Clients sometimes have the need to combine video clips for a presentation or briefing, quickly and easily. MASHER represents the ideal online solution for such a need. Deployment as part of an integrated multi-media asset system, a customized version of MASHER could allow users to: • Trim video clips • Combine video clips • Add images • Add sound • Add image transformations Video creations can then be shared quickly and easily with colleagues and client in order to gain feedback and stimulate discussion.
  16. 16. MASHER For Storyboarding… Using MASHER, digital agencies are able to charge clients for additional services related to the Masher app e.g. – – – Creative development of graphical assets to skin the Masher app Creation of branded content & branded assets for Masher app Account Management & Planning The MASHER app would generate low resource intensive, high margin projects – Based on current traction with the MASHER app from brands, it would be reasonable to assume that an agency could generate approx £100k margin from reselling the MASHER app to its clients in one year – This would be the equivalent of £750k services revenue assuming a 15% margin
  17. 17. Hot Property! Best Website for Teaching & Learning July 2010 (American Association of School Librarians) Digital Ad Campaign of the Year 2009 (Campaign Magazine)
  18. 18. For more information about MASHER and partnership opportunities please contact: