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Nielsen's maximizing digital roi bootcamp presentation


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Nielsen's maximizing digital roi bootcamp presentation

  1. 1. 2AMERICAN APPETITE FOR VIDEO ISEXPANDINGSource: Nielsen, Free To Move Between Screens: The Cross Platform ReportTraditional TV Time Shifted Tv DVD/Blue RayGame Console Internet on Computer Video on InternetVideo on Mobile Phone+2%+8%(10%)(1%)+2%+44% +15%The average American consumes nearly224 hours of content each monthon the TV set, on the computerand on mobileThat is a 7 hour increase comparedto the same quarter last yearMobile and digital experiencedthe highest growth
  2. 2. MULTI-TASKING IS A KEY DRIVER OF VIDEOGROWTH88%of tablet ownersuse their devicewhile watchingTV at some time87%of smartphoneowners use theirdevice whilewatching TV atsome time
  5. 5. ADVERTISERS AREN’T WAITING ON“PERFECT”INVESTING IN MOBILE AT A STAGGERINGRATESource: IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report, 2012 Full Year ResultsTotalDigitalDigitalVideoMobile15%29%111%
  6. 6. STILL THERE IS A $1.5 BILLION MOBILEADVERTISING OPPORTUNITYSource: Internet Trends Year-End Update, KPCB, 2012
  7. 7. MOBILE IS A MARKETER’S DREAMA CONSTANT COMPANION ALLOWING YOU TO REACH THERIGHT CONSUMER, WITH THE RIGHT MESSAGE, AT THERIGHT TIMEReach the right consumer, with the right message, at the right timeDistribution of Adult Time Spent/Platform by Hour in the U.S.51% of online usage occurs during theworking hours of 9am to 5pm53% of TV usage occursduring prime timeMobile usage is constant throughout waking hoursSource: Nielsen People Meter, Nielsen Netview, Nielsen Mobile Mediaview, July 2012
  8. 8. REALITY: BRANDS AREN’T INVESTINGMORE BECAUSE THEY DON’T HAVERELEVANT PROOF POINTS ON ROIWhich of the following would lead you to increase spending in new media?2013 Brand Advertising Outlook & Best Practices, Vizu, a Nielsen company, 201342%68%69%0% 20% 40% 60% 80%Ability to verify my online brand advertisign was actuallydelivered to my intended audienceAbility to verify my brand advertising created the desiredresult (e.g. increased awareness of my product)Improved clarity around the actual return on my brandadvertising investment
  9. 9. “For our brands, the challenge is prioritizing mobile overother well-understood, well-measured results drivers. Forthe organization, the challenge is learning about mobile —what works, what doesn’t and how to do it well.”Director, Interactive Marketing, Leading CPG Company2012 Brand Advertising Outlook & Best Practices, Vizu, a Nielsen company, 2012
  10. 10. DIFFERENT METRICS MAKE LIFECHALLENGINGStill left asking“Who saw my ad?”ServerLogCountsPageViewsClickThroughRatesDigital measurement today14,561178,5090.015%Abovethe Fold20%Other measurement todayDemo: Female 18-22
  11. 11. AS A NEW MEDIA, MOBILE IS EVENMORE CHALLENGEDWILD WEST ON MEASUREMENTWhat are the right measures for mobile?Should they be unique or look likedigital?How about other media?Default reliance on click-thru rates
  12. 12. ADVERTISING EFFECTIVENESSSIMPLIFIEDEFFECTIVENESS PRINCIPLES ARE CONSISTENT ACROSSSCREENSReach the right peopleReachInfluence their opinionResonanceImpact their behaviorReactionMobile NetViewNielsen Campaign RatingsMobile BrandEffectTwitter iAdLocation EffectNielsen Catalina SolutionsNielsen Buyer Insights
  13. 13. TWO ASPECTS OF UNDERSTANDINGREACHPLANNING CAMPAIGN MGT/POST• What is the overall size andcomposition of the sites andapps?• Do they deliver a uniqueaudience?• Can they more efficientlydeliver the desired consumer?• What else are visitors to thesites/apps doing?• Are they engaged with othermedia at the same time?• Who was exposed to my ad?• How many of those exposedwhere my intended consumer?• How many times were theyexposed to my ad?• Were they exposed acrossplatforms?
  14. 14. REACH MEASUREMENT CHALLENGES3 major barriersAccuracyFrequencyComparabilityPlanning• Tracking mobile usage was based onsurveys• Fragmentation in digital makes it difficult forparticipants to account for all their usageCampaign Management/Post• Reliant on panel approaches or publisherdata• Panels break down for tracking exposures todigital advertising – too many permutationsto capture and project• Measures delivered by publishers don’t tellyou about people
  15. 15. PLANNING: SHIFT TO ELECTRONICMEASUREMENT OF DIGITAL BEHAVIORBefore: self-reporting/tagsNow: passivemeasurementMobile Meter ProcessNielsen’s mobile technology passively measures smartphone usage andreveals how users actually interact with their device:Benefits:• Accurate and Detailed• Fast Syndicated Reporting• Custom Analytics Reportspanel acquisition meter install/proxy setupserver/report DBconsolidated reporting
  16. 16. 17Directly measures age and gender demographics fromFacebook’s 180mm+ person registry, surpassing othermethods of reporting campaign audienceProvides Online Gross Rating Points (GRPs)consistent with Nielsen TV RatingsFirst Internet measurement system with demographicratings for campaigns accredited by the MRC*Delivers unique reach, frequency, viewability, andverification across campaigns, by publisher, byplacementDelivers results overnight WITH demographicsCAMPAIN MANAGEMENT/POSTNIELSEN ONLINE CAMPAIGN RATINGS TAPS USERREGISTRATION DATA30-50%Impressionsassigned actualdemos for averagecampaign180m+RegisteredUsers (US)MeasuresWork &Home*Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings is accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC). Featured elements includingDMA, verification and viewability are not currently accredited, but are undergoing review by MRC.
  17. 17. 18WHAT WE’VE LEARNED SO FAR FROMONLINEA LOOK AT COMPOSITE LEARNINGS OF 3,000+ CAMPAIGNSOn average, 52% of impressions on-targeto 31% on-target for narrowly-defined targetso 83% on-target for broadly-defined targetsWide variation of performance against objectives across campaigns – a few in the high90%, others in single digit percentagesSites with better user registration information and more focused content tend toachieve the best on-target delivery
  18. 18. 19AOL HAS USED OCR TO OPTIMIZE PERFORMANCE ONADVERTISER INITIATED CAMPAIGNSCampaign 1 Campaign 2Campaign 3 Campaign 4AGENCY AND AOL ARE WORKING TOGETHER TOIMPROVE THE PERFORMANCEAOL saw value in using OCR tooptimize their audience delivery forthe agencyAOL bought OCR campaigns togauge how they would performAgency required Publishers toguarantee audiences based on OCR
  19. 19. 20More than 66% exposed tothe digital campaign alsoviewed it on televisionCombined digital and televisioncampaign reached nearly90% of the US populationwithin the target demographic34.8%Cross-Platformreach89.2% Unduplicated Reach*72.1%TV reach51.9%Digital reachTarget Demo: F18-34Key insights37.3%TV-onlyreach17.1%Digital-onlyreachUNILEVER IDENTIFIED TOTAL UNDUPLICATEDREACH
  21. 21. UNDERSTANDING RESONANCEUse brand lift to answer the keyquestionIs my online brand advertisingworking?Use real-time brand metrics toensure it’s working. Determine:• What ads to run• Where to run them• How often to run them
  22. 22. RESONANCE MEASUREMENTCHALLENGESBarriers –Scalability andData QualityFinancial andinventory costsImplementationData qualityActionability- High costs in terms of lead time,inventory, implementation time andmoney – leads to special occasion useonly- Manual coordination and implementationincreases chance of tagging errors- Multiple questions drive down responserates- Non-equivalency of test/control groupsintroduce bias- Post campaign reporting limitsactionability
  23. 23. NIELSEN ONLINE BRAND EFFECTSIMPLIFIES THE PROCESSStreamlined implementation, test/control votes from the exact same populationWith Nielsen SmartTag: Single question ensures high response rates, single tagstreamlines implementation and ensures equivalency of test/controlResponse rates 50-100x higher
  24. 24. Mobile measurement faces unique technological challengesAd exposureCreativeexposureAd exposurefrequencyTargeting orsiteX ???How did mymobile campaigndo?METHODOLOGY: CONCURRENT TEST AND CONTROL – Best PracticeMETHODOLOGY: PRE / POST – More limitedCHALLENGES TO MEASURING ADVERTISINGEFFECTIVENESS ON MOBILEcookiecookie
  25. 25. iOS, 34.3%RimBlackberry,8.1%Android,51.8%Others, 5.9%Smart Phone Operating System ShareEVOLVING TECHNOLOGY LANDSCAPE WILLIMPROVE MOBILE MEASUREMENTNielsen Mobile Insights, June 2012iOS6 Sept 2012UDID IFAUnique Device Identifier(UDID)Identifier for Advertisers(IFA)GOOGLE APPLE
  26. 26. NIELSEN MOBILE BRAND EFFECTCAMPAIGN RESULTSRESTAURANT BRANDWere able to use one consistent metricto evaluate both online and mobileperformanceDrive an overall 26% brand lift amongstusers who were exposed to thecampaign onlineDrive an overall 45% brand lift amongstusers who were exposed to thecampaign on mobileInform future online and mobile budgetallocationSource:Nielsen Mobile Brand Effect, blinded case studyControl ExposedOnline Intent Brand Lift26%LiftControl ExposedMobile Intent Brand Lift45%Lift
  27. 27. 28REALIZING THE MOBILE OPPORTUNITY –REACH AT THE RIGHT TIMELOCATION EFFECT: AD IMPACT ON RETAIL STORE VISITATIONPanelists exposed toad on mobile viaJumptap (exceptControl group)Panelists visits retailstore; Panel companyleverages backgroundmobile app to recognizeLat/Long coordinates asbeing within pre-setradius of store locationNielsen works withJumptap to establisha Control group tohold out fromcampaignNielsen measures liftin store visitationbetween Exposedand Control due to adexposure12345(Optional) Store visitorpinged real time ontheir phone with shortsurvey, i.e. “Whatmovie are you at thetheater to see?”
  28. 28. KEY LEARNINGS••••
  29. 29. NIELSEN CROSS-PLATFORM VISIONBy addressing fundamental questions… … in a comprehensiveand integrated wayWHO DID MYAD REACH?HOW DID ITIMPACTATTITUDES?WHAT DID ITMOTIVATETHEM TO DO?All screens / devicesCommercial and programPaid, owned, earnedGlobalEnabling the best decision-making aroundmarketing mix, media spend allocation, and optimization