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Russian society reviews
December 2009                              Issue 1. Emerging Honesty
Russian society reviews                                                                                                   ...
Moscow, Russia
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Future Perfect Russian Society Reviews Issue1


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Future Perfect starts new project – Russian Society Reviews. Our reports will navigate you through major social trends and provide inspiration to accelerate your business growth.
The theme of the first issue Honesty. For some foreign readers it may be strange to hear that honesty is a trend given that in many countries it is a common belief that honesty is everywhere but it is no secret that here in Russia there are still significant problems with transparency, open dialogue and misinterpretation.
With insight into how social dialogue has changed and how the government and corporations have started to react, we can better understand the way we should resonate with Russians in brand communication.

Published in: Business, News & Politics
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Future Perfect Russian Society Reviews Issue1

  1. 1. Russian society reviews December 2009 Issue 1. Emerging Honesty by Future Perfect communications agency in Russia Let’s start with what Russians say these days about honesty in their own country This review will inspire you to: ―The crisis increased the level of hon- Now they gather us, go into detail about esty in social discussion. People have the various problems and motivate all Support Russian police in more freedom to talk openly about employees to take part in the overall their honest dialogue with their problems. The government has project planning and management‖ the government begun to appreciate that this acts as a ―Every year Russian business becomes Find Mr. Freeman on You- release of social tension‖ more organized and legally controlled. tube and find out the truth Anna, Project manager, 24 years At the same time the crisis simply killed about your personality off all more disorganised and weaker ―In our office, the crisis made our Make your brand communi- businesses. This has resulted in an management more honest. If previ- cation as honest as possi- overall increase in honesty among ously we did not know the whole pic- ble to gain the respect of companies and brands than in previous ture and tasks were just handed down. consumers years‖ A Russian Major becomes a national celebrity by telling Putin the whole truth about the Russian police force This was the hottest topic one month causing huge frus- vious weeks. Other police officers have started to post their ago. Major Dymovsky filmed himself tration among own videos revealing how unprofessional and ineffective the speaking about the truth behind Rus- those charged with Russian police force is. sian police force. everyday police This all happened not because Dymovsky was telling people work. Key facts he announced: something they did not know. Majors are ordered Fake statistics— police officers are Everything that he said was well known. People were by higher ranking forced to stick to projections what Dymovsky official speech on shocked not by the awful situation in the police force but officers to imprison ever it takes. People go to prison for by the fact that someone official started an open dialogue people without little or no reason. with the government about current problems, speaking HONESTLY and with- reason or explanation. out hiding his face . Low official salary— 14000 rubles His videos have more than 1,5 million (400 Euro) per month views and he became one of the most High ranking police officers humiliate discussed personalities over the pre- and undermine their subordinates
  2. 2. Russian society reviews Page 2 Mr. Freeman—The crazy cartoon that rants about the true motivation behind our actions Mr. Freeman appeared on Youtube a Mr. Freeman asks if you have ever could wipe the hard disk on your month ago and now he has more than done something completely extraordi- laptop or personal computer right 1,5 million views. People hate him but nary and before you find any exam- now. listen carefully . This is the effect of ple—he explains that it is impossible No? Do you live a real life or do live TRUTH—even if it is unpleasant you because whatever we do is always in a game? How can you prove that want to know it anyway. inside or at the edge of our comfort your personality is free? Have you zone—never over that line. Mr. Freeman reveals that no one is ever been HONEST with yourself? free because we are completely de- You may think that an eloquent car- Mr. freeman first video on No one knows who makes these pendent on social stereotypes, per- toon that rants about the existential highly-professionally animated Mr. Freeman movies. The creators have not sonal complexes and fears created by matters does not concern you but he revealed themselves but act like the guilty conscience of Russian society the government in order to manage does pose some interesting questions. that has reared its head in reaction to the ‗Glamour society‘ that followed our reactions and keep us docile. Mr. Freeman asks you personally from capitalism into the country. his video frame—if you could give your Our life consists of porn, fake dreams, phone to a stranger in the street HONEST DUALOGUE AND OPEN CRITICISM have made this creature ex- mobile-phone addiction and Internet within 5 minutes forever or if you tremely popular. slavery. ALFA Bank launches national TTL campaign “Honesty gets you places” ―Our clients complain but we listen to over the holidays and is pleasantly bank‖. Being honest suggests that them and try hard to improve. Honesty surprised to find out that the work is a you deserve sympathy or even gives you an advantage‖ - from an business trip to Paris. Then there was respect. People are not yet ready outdoor placard from the new Alfa- the man in the lift who honestly an- to accept that a service that Bank national advertising campaign. swered that he did not like a woman‘s makes profit from other people‘s dress and saw her take it off on the hard earned cash is completely TV commercials from Alfa-Bank show spot. honest. different situations where people tell All alfa-bank tv ads on the truth and get immediate benefits The campaign idea is HONESTY but as a result. There is the employee who people do not find it 100% honest. It is admitted that he was free to work a hard thing to swallow…‘The honest Implications for your brand For Branding For Communication 3. Honesty should not be the message but the tonality. Simple, not over- complicated with extra drama and clear communication of a real 1. Make the brand structure sim- 1. Honesty is the hottest topic– use product benefit. ple and honest. Down-to-Earth, it to raise your brand awareness honest brands where value is and social significance 4. Create a direct line of communication with your customers and pro- evident and not over- mote it—give people the opportunity to have a dialogue and express 2. Respect is especially due for a complicated are always themselves and you will be rewarded with their loyalty well-known truth that no one has stronger. For Russia today this previously dared to claim. Re- 5. When speaking about honesty—be HONEST. Do not be half honest in a theory seems to be as relevant veal truth about your category chosen topic. No one asks that you tell all your secrets but if you as ever and its silent rules and you will raise any theme—do not reveal only part of the truth. Consumers will be persuasive as a leader or a see through it. new-found hero
  3. 3. Moscow, Russia Contact John Mark Fitzpatrick Phone: +7-903-003-53-71 E-mail: Future Perfect News Future Perfect launches Russian Society Reviews Indeed this issue is news in itself— it is our first issue. Our aim is to provide you with most relevant, useful and inspiring information about consum- ers in Russia. If you have any theme you want us to cover or any idea how we can improve what we do please share them with Masha Filonova