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Vegan information


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oulline of diet plan

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Vegan information

  1. 1. Not-Your-Mommas Boring Vegan Salad RecipesVegan Salad recipes dont have to be just limp lettuce with tomatoes and cucumbers withranch dressing. Theres a whole world of dressings, as well as different lettuces, greens, andvegetables and fruits that you can put together to make a great salad. Spinach Salad with Mango and Almonds I adapted this vegan salad recipe from a few I saw on the internet. Spinach is super healthy and goes great with a tart vinaigrette and sweet fruit. It is completely delicious and absolutely a cinch to put together. You can substitute any nuts, and any other fruit with the same sweet-tart quality of mangoes for this vegan salad recipe.Ingredients:1/2 cup almonds3.5 tbsp. balsamic vinegar1 tbsp. maple syrup2 tsp. dry mustard1/4 tsp. dried tarragon2-3 tbsp. olive oilsalt and pepper1/4 cup dried cranberries1 mango, peeled and cut into small pieces1 bunch spinach, rinsed just before using and driedDirections:Toast the almonds for 5 minutes in the oven at 350 degrees.Mix vinegar, maple syrup, mustard, and tarragon in a bowl. Wisk in the olive oil, and thentaste to flavor with salt and pepper.Combine all ingredients in a salad bowl and toss to mix.Serves 4.Variations:
  2. 2. This dish is delicious with fresh strawberries, blueberries, or orange slices. You can alsosubstitute in dried cranberries or blueberries.The Best Caesar Salad Ever- Vegan or NotThis vegan salad recipe comes from Vegan Planet by Robin Robertson. I used to be a bigfan of caesar dressing with anchovies and a raw egg. This dressing is delicious with neither.A few of the ingredients are harder to find, but are always at Whole Foods and other healthfood stores. This vegan salad recipe makes enough dressing for one head of lettuce.Ingredients:1 garlic clove, minced1/2 tbsp. tahini1/2 tbsp. mellow white miso paste1 tbsp. lemon juice1/2 tsp. tamari (soy sauce)1/8 tsp. Vegan Worchestershire sauce (optional)1/6 cup olive oilsalt and pepper1 head romaine lettuce2 slice Italian bread crusts, baked until toasted and then rubbed with a garlic clove(optional)Directions:Combine garlic, tahini, miso, lemon juice, tamari, and Worchestershire. Wisk in the olive oiland season with salt and pepper to taste.Wash and dry the lettuce and cut into bite-size pieces.Toss dressing over lettuce and cover with toasts if you like croutons.Makes enough dressing for two large salads.Vegan Balsamic VinaigretteOnce you learn to make one vinaigrette, you can make any kind you want for any vegansalad recipe. I almost never buy salad dressings anymore because its so easy to makevinaigrettes at home and they taste so much fresher. I like being able to control theingredients, and I like not having all kinds of preservatives in my body.Again, you can use any other kind of vinegar, and you can also use another acid, like lemonor lime juice, instead of vinegar.Ingredients:
  3. 3. 2 tbsp. good olive oil1 tbsp. balsamic vinegar1 clove garlic, crushedsalt and pepper to tastedijon mustard, to taste and for texture1 pinch herbes de provenceDirections:Combine all the ingredients except the olive oil with a wisk.Heres the [easy] trick to making good dressings-- While wisking the ingredients, slowlystream the olive oil into the mixture. The oil will combine with the vinegar rather thanresting on the top of it.Makes enough dressing for 1 large or 2 medium sized saladThe Un-Potato Salad with Lemon-Dill DressingIve never been a fan of typical picnic-style potato salad, but I do love potatoes... and salad,so I made up this vegan salad recipe. You have tons of flexibility with the ingredients. I tryto stick to things that are even tastier when made with lemons. With these freshingredients, they are always better when organic.Ingredients:Salad:1 c. potatoes, preferably small and colorful, steamed1/2 c. fresh green beans, steamed1 ear corn, steamed1-2 small cucumbers, chopped1-2 green onions, chopped1 can chickpeas, drained and rinsedDressing:2 lemons, zested1 tbsp. dijon mustard1-2 tbsp. fresh dill1/2 tsp. sugar2 tbsp. olive oilsalt and pepper, to tasteDirections:
  4. 4. After steaming the veggies very quickly, so they are still crisp, put them in an ice bath tostop the cooking.Juice the lemons, and wisk them together with the zest, mustard, sugar, dill, salt, pepper,and olive oil to emulsify the dressing.Combine all the ingredients and toss to coat.Refrigerate and serve cold. This is best if prepared ahead of time and allowed to chill so thetastes combine.Serves 4. Vegan Diet Plan for Spring and SummerEven people who love to cook find designing a vegan diet plan canbecome tedious and monotonous. Stop stressing about what to makeafter a long day of work and follow our healthy and delicious presetmenu plan for a month of dinners full of spring and summertimevegetables. Looking for more than just recipes, but for an impressive vegan menu for weekend guests or need a balanced vegetarian diet plan for your familys busy workweek? Want to add to your repetoire of quick and delicious meals but dont want to invest in a whole cookbook? You too can have restaurant quality meals prepared in under an hour that are delicious enough to serve to the in-laws. Nothing is better than fresh vegetables out of the soil of a local farm. If youve ever wondered how to cook kale, or what to do with an abundance of squash, youve come to theright place.Our lives are so jam packed full of activities nowadays that we rarely have time to thinkabout nutritionally balanced meal plans for our families, let alone if were just cooking forourselves.
  5. 5. With all the activities we juggle, we just cant always dedicate the time to making newrecipes. Most of us cant even dedicate the time to thinking at the end of the day, letalone designing a healthy meal that actually tastes good.The internet is full of amazing free recipes now, but I have a hard time finding a full vegandiet plan with recipes and grocery lists. I dont always have the pleasure of being able tojump out at a moments notice to pick up an ingredient that isnt in my fridge. Id ratherknow what Im making at the beginning of the week so I can make one stop and geteverything. Hi Cathleen, just wanted to say I downloaded your vegan meal plans book the other day. It is such a big help. Last night I tried the Caesar Salad. That dressing is to die for. Ill serve it to company and they will never know it is vegan. Hubby, who loves meat, says "hey, this is really good. Maybe this vegan thing isnt going to been so bad after all." Thanks for writing the book. It was very well done. ~Barbara HookerPeople like us need more than just a recipe or a cookbook. We need a vegan dietplan.If youre like me and you design your ownmeal plans, youve probably gotten boredwith eating the same meals and want to trynew dishes. So after you pick what youwant for the night, youve probably foundyourself bouncing between cookbooks heldopen with soup cans trying to time eachdish to come out at the appropriate time.The process starts again the next day andyet again, I start rifling through my fridgeto locate what ingredients I actually have, Barbecue Wingz with Hot Sauceand the cookbook/online recipe searchbegins again. Eventually I start feeling like Im missing out on time spent with the peopleIm cooking for, and I get bored of trying all the new recipes.Then I get back into the boring rut of the same old food everyday.
  6. 6. Vegan Menus to the rescueThere are so few dedicated vegan diet plans on the market right now, so I wanted to makeone to help you. Instead of just using a random shopping list at the start of the week, youhave a list that tells you everything youll need to buy or have in your pantry for all thedinners that week.Instead of rifling through cookbooks to make sure you have a balanced meal planned eachday, you will have a collection of recipes that are naturally balanced. Youll also havepictures of the dishes, tips on cooking, and a nutritional analysis for each recipe. I am thrilled (and appreciative) to have your vegan diet plan. I made then spaghetti sauce and took it to a potluck and three omnivores loved it. The dressing for the Caesar salad was really scrumptious. I didnt know how much I missed that flavor. The lasagna was amazing and two other vegans needed the recipe asap. Being able to make the sauce ahead of time was great. I made the squash and sweet potato soup last night. It was really amazing. I am making the pizza excited. I cant wait to try more recipes. You really were a life saver for me. I had fallen off the vegan wagon (simply vegetarian, but also dairy, grease, etc) for a month and a half. All of the health issues I had when I was omnivorous came back. Blurred vision (think it is sugar issues), hair less soft, more weight, asthma worse, etc... Going back to veganism improved my health instantly and my self esteem. It is lovely to know that I am nourishing my body, while not torturing animals and helping the environment. ~Nia Garcia "What in the world do vegans eat?"People tend to be baffled by a vegan diet plan because they imagine their steak dinnerwithout the steak and pity the vegan fool who eats potatoes and salad. Even for those whoreally do want to take the next step in their health and toward protecting the environment,the concept of no animal products can be daunting.Most of us have had the same challenges. I dont personally know anyone who was raisedvegan; we all ate meat and dairy as children, and we all stopped at some point.
  7. 7. Your new vegan diet plan doesnt have to be tasteless and boring. In fact, many people findthat getting rid of the heavy meat and dairy flavors enables them to fine-tune their palateto really enjoy lighter foods like grains and vegetables. Why Should I Follow A Vegan Diet Plan?I find that most people really are interested in eating healthy foods, but they get boggleddown by all the information being thrown at them about what is healthy. Should they golow-carb, no-carb, high-protein, low-protein? What is the truth?The truth is that a vegan diet plan based on whole grains, vegetables, beans, fruits, andnuts/seeds as snacks is extremely healthy. Even if you never plan to go fully vegan, you willfind that plant-based meals are easy to prepare, full of excellent vitamins andminerals, and often less expensive than "regular" meals.Yes, vegan food is usally cheaper.Preparing your own homemade meals with fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains, nutsand beans is about as cheap as it comes. You can buy a lot of the ingredients in bulk, andthen supplement with fresh vegetables and fruits. If you have your own garden, you canreally save some cash!I will admit that sometimes the "special" ingredients like nutritional yeast, brown rice syrup,agave nectar will cost more up front than youre used to, but they last for a long time andpay off dividends in their health benefits. All the ingredients for this springtime mealplan can be found a regular grocery store or health food store.You can also take great satisfaction in knowing everytime you eat a vegan meal, you areliving a life of compassion and harming no animals. Thank you for your website and all the very valuable information you give us, in a very non-judgmental way. Making someone feel guilty or bad will not make them change. I have been waivering for years but feel now it is more of a choice than
  8. 8. "you have to do this". Thank you. ~Marianne DeRitis Here are the first two weeks of meals:Week 1 MenusDay 1Balsamic Portobello Mushroom SandwichesBaked Sweet Potato FriesTaco Salad with Lime VinaigretteDessert: Strawberry MousseDay 2April Showers Pot PieSteamed Vegetables with Lemon Mustard SauceDessert: Strawberry Shortcake with Whipped Cashew CreamDay 3Thick and Creamy Split Pea Soup with BarleyRaw Kale Salad with CranberriesDessert: Peanut Butter Cups BarsDay 4Portuguese Kale SoupArugula and Tomato PaniniDessert: Brown Rice Pudding with CinnamonDay 5Arugula, Bean, and Barley SaladQuick Cucumber PicklesDessert: Lemon-Basil Sorbet I made the meatless meat balls. They came out really good. My meat loving husband even said they were good, and if I didnt tell him they were vegan he
  9. 9. would have thought they were turkey. Hes even taking some in his lunch. One step at a time. ~Suzy, Sunnyvale, CAWeek 2 MenusDay 1Baked Herb FalafelCarrot HummusSpinach with Cashew Cream SauceDessert: Peanut Butter Rice Crispy TreatsDay 2Broccoli and Cheese Soup Tofu with Broccoli in Garlic SauceGinger Baked TofuCitrus Collard GreensDessert: Strawberry PieDay 3Barbecue Hot WingzVegetable Sticks with Ranch DressingQuick Fresh ColeslawBaked Kale ChipsDessert: Strawberry JelloDay 4Broccoli and Tofu with Garlic Sauce and Brown RiceDessert: Summer Berry Parfait with Walnut CreamDay 5Curried Chickpea SandwichesStrawberry Spinach SaladDessert: Berry Popsicles