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Pre english (summatized)

  1. 1. 1
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  3. 3. 3 Vision, Mission, Values
  4. 4. 4 ‫الر�ؤية‬ ‫قي�دة اإعالنية .. لت�سويق احرتايف .. للع�ملية بت�أثري‬ ‫الر�سالة‬ .‫ذوق يالم�س الإح�س��س... وخدمة حترتم الوقت... وتقدر الفكرة... ن�سري ويف اأعينن� �سن�عة الت�أثري‬ ‫قيم بر�ماك�س‬ ‫1- العمالء‬ " �‫�سرك�ء " جن�حهم جن�حن‬ " ‫الوقت " ل يقدر بثمن‬ "‫العالقة " القيمة احلقيقية‬ ‫2- املوظف‬ " �‫متخ�س�س " اأعط القو�س ب�ريه‬ " ‫متع�ون "الكل يد واحده‬ " ‫�سريك " يف النج�ح‬ ‫3- الأداء‬ " ‫اإبداع "الفكرة بذرة‬ "‫تع�ون "يف اأدق التف��سيل‬ " ‫اإح�س��س "روح العمل‬VisionThe professional advertising leadership to universality …with effect.MissionA Taste that touches sensations…A Service that respects time… and appreciates ideasWe advance… with our eyes set on creating Effect.Promax Valuesa- The Customer • The Customers (Partners in success) • Time (…is invaluable) • Relationship (…is the real value)b- The Employee • A Specialist (Give the bow to its maker) • A Cooperator (all working as one) • A Partner (in success)c- The Performance • Creativity (The Idea is a seed) • Cooperation (In the smallest details)
  6. 6. 6 Major Clients
  7. 7. 7Dubai Sports Council Government Of Dubai Al Ahsa ChamberUniversity Of Dammam Saudi Aramco Al Fozan Holding Co.Asharqia Chamber King Fahad University of Tamkeen Petroleum and MineralsSylvan Learning Center Qatar Directorate of precious Metals Alansari Holding Co. & gemstone Testing
  8. 8. 8Dubai Sports Council Rikaz Real Estate Co. Al majdouieRashed Abdulrahman Al-Rashed Saudi Aramco Hasan & Shannan Al zahrani& Sons Co. & partners Group of Co.Sahara Net Industry Innovations MabanAl Bassam Group Companies Sanlec A. A. Turki Group.
  9. 9. 9Jas Contracting Al Zahrani Holding Mubarak Al Ameer GroupTaaziz Real Estate Development Tefashi Sahara netCompany.Specialized Energy LTD Hussain Alnemer & Sons Co. Obaid AlobaidKasco Banjer Manarat Alata
  10. 10. 10 Promax Services
  11. 11. 11BRANDING Sense Of The DotCAMPAIGNS Sense Of The RelationFILM Sense Of The MomentWEB Sense Of The TouchEVENT Sense Of The Value
  12. 12. 12 2 1 BRANDING Sense Of The Dot
  13. 13. 131.1 Brand IdentityThe integration of several visual elements makes the basic information to peopleabout what you are trying to offer of products or services.When we talk about identity, we must mention the most important components are: Logo Design logo is the distinctive signature of the facility where they become set of colors and shapes associated with the name and the quality of the offerings. So the logo should be simple, unique and easy to memorize, with touches of artistic decoration . Brand Logo DesignLogo Family Logo Concept
  14. 14. 14 Expression The application of identity to all the means used by the facility to include the means and tools of office furniture and the media and different ad and others to create the desired effect.
  15. 15. 151.2 Brand GuidelineThe main reference in the specification of all the designs of the facility starting withthe slogan through Ads. And interior design so that it could include building designand facility interior, to conform with the established identity1.3 Brand LiteratureExpress the identity of establishment with words is art and have a great influence inthe public: slogan - Expressive texts - Language translation.1.4 Creative DesignWe add the value of the new designs with innovative ideas emerge from theperiphery to weave the familiar idea could be adopted and used in all advertising1.5 Packaging & LabelingIn order to make the product more attractive and beautiful and be able to attract theattention of the client and the interest, Our specialization in all aspects of creativityin the design of the product of: art design & shape design
  16. 16. 161.6 TTL (Additional Specialties)Quality be established through the quality of their tools, marketing and the power ofprofessionalism in the Promax exploited the design in the industry this means: Design brochures: Brochures, Catalogs, Magazines, Albums and induction manuals. Design Advertising: Posters, Banners,Call Newspapers and Magazines Ads. Packaging Design: book covers, magazine covers and product packaging.1.7 Marketing & AdvertisingIn all areas of marketing our specialty .. And expertise, we have deployed to servecompanies in the deployment and entitled to its objectives Marketing Planning & budgeting. Marketing campaigns Marketing survey or Study E – Marketing1.8 Professional PhotographyProfessional work is completed, with services, professional support, andprofessional photography One of the most important of these services, whethera product or commodity, a location or a place, anywhere, anytime, take care ofbuilding the image from the smallest details, complete the picture, to becomebetter than a thousand words1.9 Gift Itemsgifts will send a message for your brand and your products about value you offersphilosophy of private gifts have changed the traditional concept of the buildingthrough the creation the identity of the company. Innovative gifts: Create a gift from the beginning of the idea and design technology to make it three-dimensional art out «buried, to implementation, manufacture, in other words, building a gift from the idea of Ready-made gifts: Provide ideas and items are ready add the personal nature of the company to meet the needs of clients and achieve their promotional and advertising
  17. 17. 17 2 CAMPAIGNS
  18. 18. 182.1 BASICSMarketing StudiesMarketing Survey & ResearchesPlanning & Budgeting2.2 VISUAL CONCEPTCampaign IdeaCampaign ThemeCampaign literature2.3 CAMPAIGN TOOLSIN-DOORPrinted Materials, Mall Screens, Roll-up, pop-up, Stands, BannersOUT-DOORSuperstructure – Megacom – Moby – Lamppost – Uni-Pole – LED ScreenDISTRIBUTION CHANNELSNewspaper, Magazines, Mailing, SMSMULTIMEDIATVC – Radio – E-mails – Social Media Networks – Website – Online Ads
  19. 19. 19
  20. 20. 20 3 FILM Sense Of The Moment
  21. 21. 213.1 Film Services: Pre production: In this stage we collect information and thoughts from the client and we come up with innovative ideas. After that, we write the screen play and scenario. Finally, we draw sketches and the storey board based on a clear and creative vision. Shooting: We shoot in a cinematic digital 2K, 1080p full HD, and HDV formats using professional equipments that includes; cameras, lenses, lighting rigs, cranes, and others. Audio and Music: We use our audio studio that is equipped with a high-end Prootools audio system for building film atmospheres and musical themes and for composing, recording and editing music, narrations and sound effects. Graphics/Animation/VFX: We use our professional 3D and VFX studio to generate high quality renders, realistic imagery and 2D static and motion graphics. Editing: In our studio we use the award winning AVID DS editing system in all operations that includes video and film editing, color correction, and graphics compositing.
  22. 22. 223.2 Film ProductsDocumentary FilmDocumenting important events, issues, real stories and figures.Architectural 3D FilmMaking real-estate and architecture films to present a fully realistic imagery ofarchitectural plans with all its details.Promotional FilmWe use cinematic photography, high quality special effects and graphic elementscomposed with live action shots to promote major real-estate, tourism and urbanprojects.Public Awareness FilmCovering main public issues to deliver effective messages to target a general ora specific group in society.
  23. 23. 23Promax Showreel Educational film: Making films for the purpose of training and education in a variety of institutions such as schools and universities, hospitals, factories, governmental organizations and main corporations. Music video: Enriching the audio artwork with a full story, cinematic visual theme and unique style, in order to deliver a clearer and a prominent message. Interactive promotions: Where we put the artwork within an interactive user friendly environment that can be displayed in various types of digital screens and signage. TV Commercial: We promote and advertise commercial products in very attractive styles, with durations of 15, 30, or 45 seconds on TV. Web and new media Commercial: We promote and advertise commercial products in very attractive styles on web and social media websites. Brand in Motion: Convert static-brands/identities into animated ones, which add greater value to the brand. Sound Branding: Convert static-brands/identities into convenient music, which add greater value to the brand. TV Branding: Make promotions, spots, show opening/ending, sat/show designs, which add strength and more value to TV brands.Time LapsSpecial technique that has the ability to shoot and preview a large long lastingconstruction project in just few accelerated seconds.
  24. 24. 24University Of Dammam
  25. 25. 25Ithra Mousqe, Saudi Aramco
  26. 26. 26 4 WEB Sense Of The Touch
  27. 27. 27 Web-Based Applications: You an manage a group of companies, and others through the application of the Internet devoted to your business which we offer. Website Design: Not just a website for your business but you can also deal with it and change the content seamlessly through a content management system for the full site CMS (Content Management System). Reflects your identity at the same time and displays your business, services and activities Online Advertising: Provide messages at sites of marketing for the company through the Internet and attract visitors to it through agreements with the major sites SEO Search Engin Optimization: Improve the search results for your company website , or one of its products or activities in the globally search engines . Social Media Networks: Linking, Publishing & Campaigns. Mailing Lists: You can send new works and services, products, and inform you through the mailing lists you have E-Commerce: specialized applications of electronic commerce marketing for the company›s products directly via the Internet interactive Flash presentations and non-interactive Flash Intro Advertising Flash Banners Host Sites That we Are Working On Domain Registration Global And Local
  28. 28. 28
  29. 29. 29 5 EVENT Sense Of The Value
  30. 30. 305.1 IntroductionFrom social to entertainment to corporate and back again, we’ve been there, donethat.What makes us stand out is our unique packaging of your event with supportingservices like social media, branding, ideograph, photography, sound design andmuch more. But to us, the greatest event of all is when we host our satisfied client.About us:Promax Company is an innovative specialist in the planning, organization, andmanagement of conferences in the Arab world. Founded on principles of excellenceand expertise, Promax aims to revolutionize the industry with its unique approachto conference organization.With the profound belief in establishing a talented and creative indigenousworkforce that instinctively understands the local market and its sensitivities Wheremore than 60% of the work is carried out internally by the company staff, Promaxpromises to offer its clients deep insight into methods to amplify and synergizeconferences in the region by providing full service capabilities including the supplyof all components to its stakeholders.( Conferences – Exhibitions – Workshops - Launching Events - Celebration Events.)
  31. 31. 315.2 Event Services1. Event Design and Theme Concept2. Legal Issues3. Hospitality4. Transport Arrangement5. Registration Management6. Location & Decoration management7. Budgets and Financial Management8. Sponsorship and Fundraising9. Event Promotion10. In-door / out-door advertising11. Social Media Networks Campaign12. Photography: Video / Photos13. Information Technology14. Events Law and Administration15. Health and Safety Requirements16. Insurance arrangements17. Security Management18. Event Operations19. Traffic Management Plan20. Temporary Structures21. Temporary Food Stalls22. Lost and Stolen Property23. Operational Communications24. Teamwork and Group Performance25. Evaluation, feedback and local legacies
  32. 32. 325.3 ConferencesFull commitment to organize, manage, implement and market the different types ofconferences,5.4 ExhibitionsDesigning and implementation of the services, by managing specialized/non-specialized Expositions.5.5 WorkshopsWe have a massive success rate with our clients who return time after time. TheEvent Workshop strives for the success of your event.5.6 Launching Events5.7 Celebration EventsWhatever the occasion you are organized, small or large, simple or complex, we inPromax have a wealth of experience and organizational capacity of high-level enableus to attention and delivery in the manner that displeases you.5.6 Launching Eventswe make launching of a new product, service, or store opening exciting and relevantenough to attract attention and motivate … we have the potential solutions.
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  34. 34. 34 P.O.Box 1365 Dammam 31431 T. +966 3 830 9999 F. +966 3 830 9990