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The om community the huns


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The om community the huns

  1. 1. Presentation*Regional public organization
  2. 2. The clubs activities are aimed at attracting citizens to active recreation byway of organizing various travels, popularizing healthy life-style, and developing patriotism in the young generation.
  3. 3.  January 25-30, 2011 — Participants of the expedition visited the territory of the nature reserve
  4. 4. Since the opening of the nature reserve zone the population of the reindeer,Manchurian deer, elk, sable, and other species has raised considerably.
  5. 5. The Quiet Reach territory.It is here that the famous Baikal Arctic cisco comes for spawning.
  6. 6. The inspectors’ work consists in guarding the zone entrusted to them.Any kind of human activities, such as hunting, fishing,cutting down the trees, is prohibited here.
  7. 7. •After the rally an article was published in The New Buryatia (Novaya Buryatia) newspaperdated May 14, 2011. In this text we expressed our bewilderment at the fact that the NatureReserve was not included in the list of the Federal Program for the Protection and Preservationof Natural Resources of Baikal. Now the Dzherginski Reserve is put on the Programs list for theperiod 2012-2020, the equipment is being renewed, and the measures are being taken to protectthe forest from fire.
  8. 8. The Egitguiski datsan. This is where one of the greatest Buddhist treasures is stored —the statue of Buddha Zandan Zhuu created during Masters lifetime.
  9. 9. This name means The Stone of Desires. The shrine has seven treasures inside.
  10. 10. This route offered to the tourists is in great demand, and we regularly arrange tours.
  11. 11. The restored flag of the Huns
  12. 12. The project is planned for several years and includes thefollowing stages: Russian, European, Central Asian,Corean, and Indian. The project is aimed at: drawingpublic attention to the issues of preserving archaeologicalmonuments that constitute a large part of the nationalcultural heritage; popularizing the history of the Republicof Buryatia within the framework of the all-Russianhistory; developing new Russian and international touristroutes.
  13. 13. The rally was organized jointly with the Foundation for the Revival of HistoricalHeritage — The Huns Foundation. The route of the rally embraced the historicalsites and archaeological monuments from the history of the Asian Huns whichare to be found on the Buryatian territory. For the rally participants it was aninteresting get-to-know journey.
  14. 14. Size is impressive — entrance to the burial ground
  15. 15. Participants of the rally visited the celebration opening
  16. 16. According to the Russian historian Gumilev, the merit of the grand-grand-Hunsconsists already in being the first ones to cross the Gobi Desert.’’
  17. 17. After the rally, in July-August 2011, The NewBuryatia (Novaya Buryatia) newspaper published aseries of articles The Mongol Diary. The articleMotorists Follow the Traces of Distant Ancestorswas published in the socio-political newspaperBuryatia on July 13, 2011, №123(4988).
  18. 18. Digging at the burial ground
  19. 19. .Expedition worked under the guidance of N.N.Nikolaev of the State Hermitage.
  20. 20. N.Nikolaev, S.Minyaev, archaeologists, volunteers, A.Zarubin, head of the foundation TheHuns-XXI Century, I.Sarapulov, artist and designer who created a fashion collection TheHuns.
  21. 21. Famous for its rich burial site
  22. 22. The settlement of the Huns, the type of dwelling — semi-dugouts.
  23. 23. After the rally an article Following the Traces of the Ancient Hunswas published in the newspaper The New Buryatia (NovayaBuryatia) and a news program was shown by the local TV-channelArig Us.
  24. 24. Remarkably, the celebration of the City Day featured the presentation of the project Ulan-Ude+2000 Years. The Hund Foundation familiarized the locals and the guests of the capital with the project of building a fortress town.
  25. 25. RPO The OM Community supports the idea ofreconstructing the fortress town that can becomethe trademark of the Republic of Buryatia
  26. 26. Pleading the gods for prosperity, luck, andhealth for the guests and participants ofthe celebration
  27. 27. From July to August the team joined the volunteer camp of the International Baikal CoastVolunteer Service (MBBVS), providing the transportation for the project on scavenging the coast.The local mass-media actively raised ecological issues. For instance, the information portalVostok-Teleinform (East-Teleinform) issued a publication entitled The Garbage Wind ofBaikal. A government commission assisted by the representatives of the public prosecutorsoffice on nature conservation visited the spots in the Kabanski district where violations tookplace.
  28. 28. At the competition for the Ulan-Ude Mayor Cup on Racing that took place onMarch 8, 2012 we have drawn in young female motorists who all took activepart in the event
  29. 29. Two second prizes, one third prize, and the firstprize shared by the whole team
  30. 30. The Travelers Club The OM Community has beencooperating with LAV Productions and the journalist andTV-host Andrey Leontyev for many years.
  31. 31. The shooting of a story about the national characters from the folkloreof the native inhabitants of Buryatia, here — the White Old Man, thegood spirit
  32. 32. FOUNDERS OF THE TRAVELERS CLUB THE OM COMMUNITYare also members of the club Baikal Amazons‘..
  33. 33. Experienced fishermen instructed the participants before thecompetition.
  34. 34. Third prize among the female crews
  35. 35. Members of the club participated in the shooting of a video-gameSave Baikal organized by the public organization of the same name.
  36. 36. July-August 2012 will see the fourth, European stage of the project: The Huns — Historical Heritage of the Ancestors. The rally will cover territories connected with the great migration of peoples that was once started by the Huns: Buryatia, the Irkutsk region, Khakassia, Altai, Bashkiria, Kalmykia, Ukraine, White Russia, Hungary, Italy, and Austria. The European stage of the project The Huns — Historical Heritage of the Ancestors is dedicated to the first anniversary of the Ancient City Day celebration. The rally will feature a presentation of a travelling exhibition by the Kyakht Museum named after Obruchev Buryatia — Keeper of the Mysteries of the Huns Empire and the presentation of the project of the Ancient City reconstruction (The Huns Foundation).On August 10 through August 12 we will present our Republic as the keeper and bearer of the most precious monuments of the Huns culture at the international festival Kurultai-2012‘ in Hungary.The Republic of Buryatia is the only region in the Russian Federation where the archaeological monuments of the Asian Huns can be found in such abundance (over 100 monuments) and variety (ancient settlements, colonies, burial gounds).
  37. 37. After the rally it is planned to show a presentation to the locals and the guests of the capital within the framework of the Ancient City Day celebration. We are promoting the idea of stating a more ancient date for the foundation of Ulan-Ude and preserving the historical heritage of the Huns. The Travelers Club The OM Community brings together people with active civic stand who enjoy participating in the life of society.