Halloween debate argument against


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Halloween debate argument against

  1. 1. Jonh M said... Halloween Debate Halloween trick or-treating is probably one of my favorite holidays. you get free candy and get the honor to scare little kids. I believe tricker treating shouldn't end at any age 6-16 you can go with your friends and have fun and get some candy. 16- how ever long you live for you should take a kid with you, and while your there get some candy for yourself. some people think it should end at 16 when you get your drivers license because you can buy your “own candy”. but thats not fun at all. the point of halloween is to give candy out. and when you get denied thats just rude in my opinion. if you have the guts to dress up at 16 to go get candy. people should just be chill and give it to you. from my point of view if a teenager came up in a costume i would think it was cool and give them more candy than the other people. i have been trick or treating since i was 6 and i always have fun. now since i am older i go with friends and we scare people and get a little bit of candy while we are doing it. Everyone says that 12 is a good age to stop but i do not agree! 12 is too young! telling a 12 year old they can't trick or treat any more is like telling mr peanut to stop making peanuts. if you are 12 you should be able to go with a group of friends and have a bunch of fun while you're young. halloween only happens once a year so you have live it up while you can. One thing i love is when people leave out bowls of candy on the porch or a chair of something. they say only take one but. but if someone saw a bowl of candy i am pretty sure they would take a handful. one thing i think should stop is kids not dressing up to get candy. i have seen people go to houses in a t shirt and jeans and i think thats just pathetic, if your gonna trick or treat at least wear a coat and a hat and sunglasses. and say you're a gangster or something like that. One thing i think is stupid is, when people handing out candy don't give it to littler kids i saw a lot of adults not give it to like 6 year olds because they weren't dressed up. and thats dumb come on there 6 they have nothing else better to do. Also i think its cool when an adult comes up and asks for candy too! These are all the reasons why i think halloween trick or treaters should never stop! Know matter how old you are it shouldn't matter. Mostly everyone likes candy and they should be able to get it on halloween. if your gonna hand out candy then say no to people then why even celebrate it? if you’re gonna buy candy then not give it out don't celebrate it. I also think a good time to stop tricker treating is like 10;30 some people think it is good to stop at 9 but thats way to early! if you get lucky some people hand out candy tell 11:00. then once they get tired of giving it out they leave the bowl out or they just give handfuls of candy away. some people tricker treat untill midnight and thats just very very rude! if your gonna go trick or treating at least stop at a decent hour. go inside and eat candy and hang with friends thats what i do around 11:00. me and my friends go inside look around at our candy, trade some candy and even have candy wars with the bad candy. then that brings me to my next point. when people hand out stuff like raisins thats just creepy! like last year there was this famly handing out raisens and apples and stuff. i actually didn't mind the apple. but raisins? thats defenatly what kids want
  2. 2. for candy is fruit (sarcasm). I think this will be a good arguement and i think i will easily win this debate. i hope other people take my side and agree with what i have written. Matthew S. respond to John M. A.M. Core Your ideas are awesome but I disagree that halloween should continue into high school and beyond. My first reason is older people can consume more candy leaving none for the kids. My second reason is by the time you are in high school you can almost drive a car so you can acquire candy. My final reason is when you are above middle school you tend to begin to scare kids. Halloween is about ecstatic children not adults and high school people. If adults and high school people start trick-or-treating like you say they should, wouldn’t that mean there is less candy for the young children? After all, the adults have a larger appetite for candy and they have bigger hands. If you grab a handful of candy, there would not be enough for the 6 year old kids to eat. You must agree that it would be depressing to be the young child who asks for candy only to realize everyone else has eaten it already. If you want the younger generation to be joyful, acquire your candy from other methods. By 16, you can take an adult and drive to the store to buy your own candy. During or after halloween sales you can get lots of candy cheap. It may not be fun but you have to agree it is more efficient. If you still want to participate in halloween you can buy candy to hand out. If everyone’s parents accompanies their children on every halloween snack run then then there will be no one to give candy. You say you had a great halloween as a child; it is now time to return the favor. The last thing I disagree with in your essay is I believe scaring innocent children does not include any honor. Sure, it is fantastic to have fun but not at the kids’ expense. Some of the costumes manufactured now are extremely disturbing and are capable of terrifying them out of their wits. Usually those terrifying costumes are only bought by high school kids and adults. If you put yourself in the shoes of the kid who is being tormented I think you would agree that scaring kids is not honorable. You make very valid points in your argument but I still disagree with it. My first reason was adults and high schoolers can eat more candy than little kids leaving small pickings left over for them. My second reason is by the time you are in high school you can almost drive so why not help yourself and others? My final reason is when you are past the age of 14 your mind goes from happy fun to sadistic fun. Halloween works in a system. That system says the adults and high schoolers give out candy while the kids go and have fun.