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Website design and development agency in india, Don’t fall behind the Competition.


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if you are saying, you are not doing good in business, there is not enough market nowadays. Big corporation are playing foul, small businesses are charging less

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Website design and development agency in india, Don’t fall behind the Competition.

  1. 1. Don’t fall behind the Competition
  2. 2. Who should read this ?
  3. 3. This is serious content intend for business houses. Either small or large, in india, or in china or any where in this earth.
  4. 4. Who have a GOAL, to achieve in this LIFETIME
  5. 5. this content is not for those, who wants to create website, do digital marketing, SEO etc. because every one is doing so and it’s a fashion nowadays.
  6. 6. Don’t fall behind the Competition As a famous quote states Your LIFE IS A REFLECTION of your thoughts.
  7. 7. Similarly current status of your online presence is reflection of your businesses present situation Don’t fall behind the Competition
  8. 8. So if you are saying, you are not doing good in business, there is not enough market nowadays. Big corporation are playing foul, small businesses are charging less
  9. 9. We suggest looking at your digital presence, it might be impacting your business
  10. 10. Don’t fall behind the Competition Let us See How we can Improve Digital Presence of your company & simultaneously help your business generate more revenues, more profit, position the business in market. The first quadrant “website design and development”
  11. 11. Slowly human kind is becoming more and more depended on virtual form of information. Through Television, Phone, Radio or Internet we are more and more seeking for our solutions through these mediums for information. WHY DO YOU NEED A WEBSITE ?
  12. 12. Why INTERNET IS MORE PROMINENT than any other form of information dissemination mediums ? Significantly because it is a more focused form of information searching tool than Newspaper, Television or Radio. This means that it is not a random display of information which is not in User control, but what the Internet displays is exactly what you command it for. So, the User experience with the medium is more personalized and interactive. WHY DO YOU NEED A WEBSITE ?
  13. 13. Ima Appweb is a part of Ima Group of Companies. It deals in website design & development, website revamping, website rebranding, online applications, portal development. Read More About Ima Group Of Companies A one stop solution for your company. 1. Ima Web – creating digital experience 2. Ima Advertising – Offline Advertising, Content development, Videos and advertising related works. 3. Ima Digital Marketing – Adword PPC, Facebook advertising, Awareness and engagment campaigns 4. ImaApp – Android Apps, IOS app, CRM, Leads CRM, Complicated and customized application development 5. Ima SEO – Onpage and offpage SEO, SEO oriented Content curation. Why IMA APPWEB
  14. 14. IMA Approach Simplified 1. Creation of an informative, minimalistic as well as responsive interaction online medium. 2. Create website communication focused on Marketing and Brand personality. 3. Create a simplified Website which is attractive and User friendly over Mobile, Desktop, Laptop and Ipads. 4. The website with compelling designs and different landing pages for different marketing strategies is the key towards online promotion. IMA Approach Simplified
  15. 15. 5. Create a website which will be based on digital marketing protocols like CTA’s, Video marketing, Social media promotions. 6. Create the site capable of collecting subscriptions of prospects via emailer subscription, newsletter and process huge data using CRM. 7. Reach social media via our unique inbound marketing strategy by creation of blog and target the social media. 8. We intend to create a structure where clicking on one single button may update all other website promotion tools including social media. IMA Approach Simplified IMA Approach Simplified
  16. 16. PORTFOLIO
  17. 17. Do you want to see our portfolio ? Kindly send us an email at To view all of our works, case studies and much more.
  20. 20. Other Information's: Contd…
  21. 21. Website Facts? Unlike, other mediums Website is accessible to anyone from anywhere across the world without and borders or barriers. Do you know estimates suggests 90% of your clientele first searches for information through internet. Again 90% of the clients, funding organizations, agents would first like to visit your Web Page to cross check and relate after listening about you from any secondary resource or after speaking to you. The more well informing is your website the better is you CLIENT CONVERSION RATIO.
  22. 22. Understanding the Need • The WEBSITES which are generally created are mostly from the technical point of view that lacks marketing and revenue generation strategy, SEO relevant content that live up to the client psychology and user experience through VISUAL COMMUNICATION / ADVERTISING and BRANDING & IDENTITY Skills and knowledge. • The online weapon of your company is a website around which social media presence revolves. • The majority 95% of the buyers websites present currently lack brand personality and value. • The sales and marketing team might be outstanding. But we all know one sales man can reach 4-5 clients per day. • Think about reaching millions or thousands of clients per day • But with online media we can reach thousands and even more prospects every min globally.