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case study of Online branding of website at ima appweb


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This is a case study of two websites which we did for our clients, it incorporates information about strategy used, technology stack used, and all the collaterals which were provided in the campaign

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case study of Online branding of website at ima appweb

  1. 1. c r e a t i v e g r a p h i c d e s i g n h o u s e& w e b s i t e d e v e l o p m e n t c o m p a n y
  2. 2. About Us:We are a design house + digital agency, an expert in visual communication. We developconcept for a brand which is based on your marketing strategy , which carries yourethics, values and responsibility and help create an identity which directlycommunicates with your profile.First we try to understand your business, your values, your scope, your clients.Then With our design we try to develop and create a digital service by giving it a color orcreating a typography or defining the medium of execution, which can be carriedthroughout the website design, be it a logo, an advertisement, stationary, micro sites orany collateral.
  3. 3. Case Study1. for Absolute Management Services Pvt. Ltd.2. the art of hair for The Orange Tree
  4. 4. Online Branding• Company Name : Absolute Management Services• Work Profile: Luxury Resort and Pilgrimage travel management company.• Based: New Delhi, India• Target Clients: Corporate, Senior Citizens.• Task : To create online communication for Mahakumbh
  5. 5. Logo
  6. 6. Home Page
  7. 7. Photo Gallery
  8. 8. Presentation online/ PPTThe Presentation was created for the marketing personnel. It contained Story ofMahakumbh, Snan Dates, Mahakumbh tent photographs.The content provided was huge in text, so the first task was to slash down the text.Second task was the create a good and intellectual use of colors and typography.
  9. 9. mailers:Mailers are most efficient onlinemarketing weapons.The strategy was to literate theclients about our offer andMahakumbh 2013.The online campaign was launchedand lasted till January 2013
  10. 10. Online Branding• Company Name : Orange Tree (The Aesthetic Surgery Clinic )• Work Profile: Hair Transplantation and plastic surgery clinic• Based: New Delhi, India• Target Clients: Upper Middle Class, Upper Class• Task : To create online communication for their clinic especially dedicated forhair
  11. 11. Logo
  12. 12. Home Page
  13. 13. • Communication oriented.• Interactive site.• Illustrated image.• Story telling and story boarding• Menu was changed into graphical representation.Site Description“The task was to create an unique communication which was not there in the hairrestoration domain. So in order to create an unique site we decided usingillustration, create user experience, and interaction.“ We are sure one who will access the site wont be bored and will attain very goodinformation about hair restoration and hair transplant.
  14. 14. Snap ShotsFor further detail on how weimprove the image of companykindly visit our