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Images of men and women final


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CM 101 L - Media Studies final for Professor Sawyer

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Images of men and women final

  1. 1. Images of Men & Women in the MediaCorianna MascenaSawyerCM 101 L30 April 2012
  2. 2. Gender RolesThere is a difference between sex and gender: Sex refers to our natural sex organs that we have at birth Gender refers to social expectations that go along with our sex Sex ≠ Gender
  3. 3. Stereotypes Male FemaleTough/Strong Nurturing Confident Gentle Hardworking Sympathetic Competitive Emotional Unemotional Weak Logical Illogical Rational Irrational
  4. 4. Ex. Mad Men • Advertising agency in NYC 1960 • Powerful, working men • Women are housewives or secretaries“Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” (Season 1, Episode 1) • Women are not smart enough to use technology (9:30) •Surprised a woman is in charge of an account (19:10) • Expects respect from women (23:10)
  5. 5. Gender Roles Have Changed Gender roles have become blended  Men do “women’s work”  Women act like men This change was stimulated by Rosie the Riveter  Women began going out in the work force during World War II
  6. 6. But Have They? Although the line between male and female gender roles has blurred, women and men are still portrayed as being in their “original” gender categories in many commercials
  7. 7. Gender Is Learned Gender is how we tell the difference between how a boy should act and how a girl should act  Gender differences are the main way in which we organize our own behavior and figure out how to act with our own gender We learn how to act by observing how people of the same sex act in society and then finding our own way or conforming to what the majority of the same sex is doing  Learn how to act within our gender by being influenced by our friends, family, and parents.  Ex. Parents teach us how to properly act  Ex. Friends influence how we act/dress socially
  8. 8. Advertisements: Women vs. Men  Overview of women portrayed in advertisements  Bounty Paper Towels  Mr. Clean  Easy Bake Oven  Little Mommy Doll  Chevy
  9. 9. Commercials: Women vs. Men Women are used to advertise for domestic products  “There is a greater use of female produce representatives for domestic products and male product representatives for nondomestic products” – Robert Bartsch Men are used to advertise non-domestic products such as beer, cars, razors etc…  If men are shown in domestic commercials they are usually the ones making the mess with the kids (woman has to clean it up) or coming to get a meal (prepared by a woman) Men are used more in advertising  “As the media continues to represent men in advertisements more than women, our society continues to respect and represent men more than women in every aspect of our daily lives.”
  10. 10. Gender Is Learned Midriff vs. Mook  This perception has changed for men but the midriff still remains Images of women in advertising are primarily negative  Ads are supposed to represent reality but only make people feel bad about themselves Men used in ads make regular men feel bad about themselves  Put an emphasis on looking good & havinga lotof muscle  need these assets to impress women
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