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Three point anchor games


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Three point anchor game is the game that paid a least attention although it happens very often. I spotlight the cube action and found a couple of reference positions.

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Three point anchor games

  1. 1. Three Point Anchor Games Lectured by Mochy @ Gibraltar Backgammon Championship 2016
  2. 2. Recommended App for iPhone/iPad/Android
  3. 3. Who cares about The three point anchor games? Three point game is NOT exciting. Nobody plays backgammon for three point holding games Not many people study the three point game
  4. 4. Reasons to study It happens very often. You will play it every day. Bar, 5p, or 4p games are usually take, while 2p or 1p games are usually pass. 3p game is the one you are not sure of. Easy to learn. An hour lecture makes difference.
  5. 5. Position 1 (7p & 9p open) How many pip down is the borderline take?
  6. 6. 22pip is the borderline !
  7. 7. Definition of the reference White has escaped all back men White has a reasonable distribution (Spare on each point) Black keeps mid point (if not?)
  8. 8. If Black doesn’t keep a midpoint
  9. 9. Position 2 (7p open) 9p is closed. How about now?
  10. 10. 19pip is the borderline. 9p has very small impact.
  11. 11. Position 3. 7p is closed now.
  12. 12. 7p makes massive difference on Equity.
  13. 13. Position 4. 10 pip is the borderline with 7p closed.
  14. 14. Position 5. Full Prime!
  15. 15. Drop against a full prime.
  16. 16. Rare exception… I didn’t want to know this!
  17. 17. Maximum Pip deficit to take the cube Conditions of the prime Maximum pip deficit Open 7p and 9p 22 With 9p 19 With 7p 10 Full Prime (“almost” always a pass)
  18. 18. Position 6. How do spare checkers matter?
  19. 19. Spare’s distribution matters more than Pip count.
  20. 20. 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 Equity Difference by a Pip 3p game Race
  21. 21. Position 7. Cube Action?
  22. 22. Small no double & Easy Take.
  23. 23. It becomes a double with 8 shot.
  24. 24. Position 8. Aggressive for Gammon or Safe?
  25. 25. It is almost always right to clear a 6p against the 3p anchor.
  26. 26. Position 9. Bearing in against the 3p.
  27. 27. Very often right to clear the 8p before 10p or 11p.