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Rakuten Proposal


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Presentation for Rakuten Project

Published in: Business
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Rakuten Proposal

  1. 1. Masayuki Iwabuchi 12bn045y
  2. 2. Agenda Business Client Business Strategy Operating Margin SWOT Analysis My Proposal Refferences
  3. 3. Mission Empower society. We want to transform our society and create a more affluent world. Rakuten shares the ideas of "Value", "Mission", and "Practice" to accomplish this goal, define itself as a highly motivated winning team, and aim to become the No. 1 Internet services company in the world, in line with the concept of "More Than Company". Business Client
  4. 4. Business Strategy
  5. 5. Business Strategy
  6. 6. My proposal The Rakuten Ecosystem, which is formed by various services offered by Rakuten Group, is a one-of-a-kind member-based business model that connects Rakuten services through the Rakuten Super Points reward system. The problem Even Rakuten has huge variety of business model, they do not seem to be connected each other. Each of websites is completely devided and looks different.
  7. 7. My proposal Create Rakuten Portal site and refine all of Rakuten sites Tv advertisment to make customers know they can share and use Rakuten points at all Rakuten servises It looks old fashioned 1990s website It doesn’t seem to connect with other Rakuten servises. Rakuten Rakuten has huge variety of business models which are all fantastic but consumers don’t realise that fact. Therefore, the one thing we have to do is not create another business but change the environment of Rakuten
  8. 8. Refferences itself-in-us the-former-buy-com.html