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Zoo presentation


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Published in: Technology
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Zoo presentation

  1. 1. ZOO-Project: Past, Present and Future Steps Mr. Gérald FENOY, GeoLabs sarl Dr. Nicolas BOZON, Cartogenic sarl Pr. Venkatesh RAGHAVAN, Osaka City University
  2. 2. What is WPS ?Web Processing Service is an OGC specification designed tostandardize the way GIS algorithms can be accessed through theInternet. ● GetCapabilities metadata information about the available services ● DescribeProcess detailled description about the targeted service ● Execute run the service (ResponseDocument ou RawdataOutput). Open Geospatial Consortium interoperability standards since 1994 Fenoy, Bozon, Raghavan, 2011.
  3. 3. What is WPS ? Web Map Service Web Feature Service Web Coverage ServiceWeb Processing Service Fenoy, Bozon, Raghavan, 2011.
  4. 4. Why using WPS ?Web Processing Service allows to deploy and to orchestrateadvanced GIS processes on the server-side.WPS can connect to cartographic engine and spatial databases andthus drive complex spatial data infrastructures (SDI). WPS is a generic and standardized way to use GIS on the Cloud. WPS allows using OSGeo application in a standardized way! Fenoy, Bozon, Raghavan, 2011.
  5. 5. What is ZOO-Project ?ZOO-Project is a WPS Server implementationZOO-Project is an open source software released under MIT/X-11licenseZOO-Project is designed to create and chain web processing serviceseasily, using FOSS4G libraries or existing code.ZOO-Project is based on a C Kernel (ZOO-Kernel) able to loaddynamic libraries on demand and to orchestrate WebServices codedin several programming languages. Fenoy, Bozon, Raghavan, 2011.
  6. 6. ZOO-Project storyZOO-Project was founded in FOSS4G 2008 in CapeTown by:Mr. Gérald FENOY (GeoLabs)Dr. Nicolas BOZON (Cartogenic)Pr. Venkatesh RAGHAVAN (Osaka City University)ZOO-Project was then continuously presented and promoted ininternational events and workshops all other the world.See Fenoy, Bozon, Raghavan, 2011.
  7. 7. ZOO-Project CommunityZOO-Project is an Open Source and Open Minded CommunityEveryone is welcome for sharing ideas and code. Fenoy, Bozon, Raghavan, 2011.
  8. 8. ZOO-Project PSC● Nicolas BOZON ( Cartogenic, FR)● Maria BROVELLI ( Politecnico di Milano, IT)● Massimiliano CANNATA ( SUPSI , CH)● Gerald FENOY ( GeoLabs, FR ) (Chair)● Hirofumi HAYASHI ( Applied Technologies, JP )● Daniel KASTL ( Georepublic, DE/JP )● Jeff McKENNA ( Gateway Geomatics, CA )● Markus NETELER ( Fondazione Edmund Mach, IT )● Venkatesh RAGHAVAN ( Osaka City University, JP )● Satoshi SEKIGUCHI ( AIST GEO Grid, JP ) Fenoy, Bozon, Raghavan, 2011.
  9. 9. ZOO-Project WorkshopsBarcelona – Tokyo – Osaka – Beijing – Foligno – Paris - Denver Fenoy, Bozon, Raghavan, 2011.
  10. 10. SponsorsKnowledge partners Fenoy, Bozon, Raghavan, 2011.
  11. 11. How does ZOO work ? Fenoy, Bozon, Raghavan, 2011.
  12. 12. Supported programming languagesZOO Kernel is able to handle Web Services coded in 7 differentprogramming langages: - C / C++ Native support - Python Optionnal support (Python interpreter) - Fortran Optionnal support (F77, F90) - PHP Optionnal support (PHP embedded) - Java Optionnal support (Java SDK) - Perl Optionnal support (Perl interpreter) - Javascript Optionnal support (SpiderMonkey) Fenoy, Bozon, Raghavan, 2011.
  13. 13. Supported natural languagesZOO-Kernel is able to handle various natural languages.This includes automatic translation of both internal messages andzcfg metadata informations. - English - French - Japanese Fenoy, Bozon, Raghavan, 2011.
  14. 14. ZOO-Project releasesZOO-Project 1.0 was released in April 2010:- ZOO Kernel (C)- ZOO Services (C and Python)- ZOO API (server-side JavaScript)ZOO-Project 1.2.0 was released in May 2011 svn checkout zooZOO-Project 1.2 is available on OSGeo-Live 5.0 Fenoy, Bozon, Raghavan, 2011.
  15. 15. Available ZOO ServicesZOO Services Ogr2Ogr (C) GEOS/OGR (C) GdalTranslate / GdalGrid (C) GRASS 7.0 vector and raster modules (Python) Open Document Text converter (Python) APIBased on Mozilla JavaScript Engine (SpiderMonkey) and the ZOO-Project optional JavaScript support. Server-side JavaScript to makecomplex chaining and orchestration of WPS services. Fenoy, Bozon, Raghavan, 2011.
  16. 16. Lets go to WPS Shootout ! Fenoy, Bozon, Raghavan, 2011.
  17. 17. FOSS4G Denver WPS Shootout Result Fenoy, Bozon, Raghavan, 2011.
  18. 18. ZOO-Project MapServer supportProvides WMS / WFS / WCS support for the output of processesMapserver mapfiles are automatically generatedAllows to use msStyle directly from the .zcfg file for styling output Fenoy, Bozon, Raghavan, 2011.
  19. 19. ZOO-Project MapServer WFS-TWFS-T Support for MapServer MapServer OGR ZOO WFS-T Proxy + ZOO WFS-T ServiceProvides a Transactional support to MapServer WFSEdits the input data source geometry and attributesAllows any data source input supported by OGR Fenoy, Bozon, Raghavan, 2011.
  20. 20. ZOO-Project GRASS 7.0 supportGRASS GIS implementation (Gebbert, S.) GRASS 7.0 WPS-GRASS-Bridge ZOO-Kernel Fenoy, Bozon, Raghavan, 2011.
  21. 21. ZOO-Project OSM supportOSM import (ZOOSM) (Delluchi, L.) PythonOSMApi OGR python ZOOSM ZOO Service Provides a new way to import data into OSM using WPS. Future plans for implementing OSM Export ZOO Service Fenoy, Bozon, Raghavan, 2011.
  22. 22. ZOO-Project experimentsgoGPS. (Realini, Yoshida, Hayashi and Raghavan )Web service to obtain accurate positioning from raw GPSobservations. Fenoy, Bozon, Raghavan, 2011.
  23. 23. ZOO-Project experimentsDrift-X WPS (Bozon, N. and Fenoy, G) ZOO 1.0 A WebMapping application for pesticide driftx.f atmospheric dispersion calculation. GdalTranslate.c Use a legacy Fortran 77 model as a WPS Service. Chaining with ZOO-API Fenoy, Bozon, Raghavan, 2011.
  24. 24. Use ZOO-Project from clients ZOO-Project WPS Server can be accessed through various GIS or Web GIS clients. Quantum GIS OpenLayers /Demo/GdalProfile Fenoy, Bozon, Raghavan, 2011.
  25. 25. ZOO-Project next steps1.3.0:Automatic deployment of OGC Web Services trought MapServer usingthe result returned by ZOO-Services.Add WSDL and SOAP support1.4.0:ZOO-Kernel running as an XPCOM component.Develop once and deploy your ZOO-Services remotely or locally ! Fenoy, Bozon, Raghavan, 2011.
  26. 26. More informations about ZOO-ProjectWeb Site:http://zoo-project.orgTwitter:@ZOO_ProjectInternet Relay Chat:#zoo_projectMailing Fenoy, Bozon, Raghavan, 2011.
  27. 27. More informations about ZOO-ProjectWeb Site:http://zoo-project.orgTwitter:@ZOO_ProjectInternet Relay Chat:#zoo_projectMailing Fenoy, Bozon, Raghavan, 2011.
  28. 28. ZOO in ProductionGRTGAZ: French Gas CompanyPAMOCA: Projet dAide à la Modernisation du CAdastre (Sénégal)IGO: French private company (3D Geoportal)CC Grand Pic Saint Loup: French local government consortium Fenoy, Bozon, Raghavan, 2011.
  29. 29. ZOO Based COTS SDI Solution More informations in FOSS4G 2011 Osaka ZOO Commercial Support Japan and Asia region France, European and African region Fenoy, Bozon, Raghavan, 2011.
  30. 30. Special Thanks Hirofumi Hayashi Daisuke Yoshida Lucca Delucchi Frank Warmerdam Markus Neteler Jeff McKenna Fenoy, Bozon, Raghavan, 2011.
  31. 31. Merci de votre attentionありがとうございましたThank you for your time 有難