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Realini go gps_foss4g2011_small2

  1. 1. Improving goGPS: Java implementation,web applications and add-ons FOSS4G 2011 Osaka
  2. 2. GPS receivers for navigation (i.e. kinematic positioning)Double frequency Single frequency Single frequency low-costgeodetic receivers professional receivers (consumer-level) receiversUS $ 10000 - 30000 US $ 1000 - 2000 US $ 50 - 200 2-3 cm 15-30 cm 3-5 m RTK DGPS / stand-alone (L1+L2) RTK (L1) 40 cm - 80 cm goGPS raw data! single-frequency RTK
  3. 3. Relative positioning (double differences)GPS error budget:- orbit error (ephemeris): negligible- satellite and receiver clock errors: negligible- ionosphere and troposphere effects: negligible if D<10 km- signal degradation- hardware qualityMaster receiver Rover receiver(known position) D
  4. 4. goGPS MATLAB-  developed in MATLAB 7.6+ -  Real-time and post-processing- GUIs available -  works on both Windows and UNIX
  5. 5. goGPS Java-  client/server architecture -  Real-time and post-processing- GUI not yet available -  platform independent -  faster than goGPS MATLAB
  6. 6. goGPS Java first official release (two days ago!)
  7. 7. Collaborative environment MATLAB Java SVN Mercurial
  8. 8. goGPS international network (as of November 2011) SBB (GNSS positioning services) Cryms http://www.cryms.comUniversidad de Jaén Applied Technology goGPS Polytechnic of Milan OSGEO JP gRED Tezukayama Gakuin University Galileian Plus Osaka City University Volunteers (open source) FISI
  9. 9. Post-processing
  10. 10. Real-time processing
  11. 11. Accuracy test (December 2010)Accuracy tests with receivers mounted on a car driven at different speeds withgood sky visibility condition. Position known with few centimeters of error (RMS < 2 cm)goGPS positioning using single frequencyraw data: TOPCON double frequency receivers- with TOPCON receivers → RMS 20 ~ 40 cm- with u-blox receiver → RMS 40 ~ 80 cm u-blox receiver
  12. 12. Kinematic positioningReceiver: u-blox AEK-4TgoGPS solution- RTK (VRS)- Dynamical model (const vel.)- Observations weighted on SNRu-blox solution- Stand-alone- Pedestrian dynamical model 2D translation: ~2m
  13. 13. Static positioning u-blox+goGPS solution compared with static positioning by double frequency receiver: ~ 30 cm
  14. 14. Low-cost receivers supported by goGPS (as of November 2011) Fastrax IT03 u-blox 4T / 5T / 6T SkyTraq S1315F-RAW
  15. 15. Multi-receiver logging (since version 0.2.0beta)REC. 1 RINEX 1 goGPSREC. 2 RINEX 2REC. 3 RINEX 3
  16. 16. Multi-receiver test
  17. 17. Variable dynamic model (since version 0.2.0beta) staticgoGPS Kalman filter dynamic model constant velocity constant acceleration BEFORE v0.2.0beta same dynamic model for each processing session SINCE v0.2.0beta the user can switch between different dynamic models during the survey
  18. 18. Variable dynamic model
  19. 19. goGPS as a web service goGPS can provide GPS data processing as a web processing service (WPS) to obtain accurate positioning from raw GPS observations accurate positioning (e.g. KML file) raw observations (e.g. RINEX files) Server providing Raw data loggers goGPS as WPS (ZOO WPS engine)http://localhost/cgi-bin/zoo_loader.cgi?metapath=ServiceProvider=zgoGPSService=WPSRequest=ExecuteVersion=1.0.0Identifier=goGPSDataInputs=Obs=rover.11o;Nav=rover.11n;mObs=master.11o
  20. 20. goGPS processing by grid computing (Oracle GridEngine)Scalability test for goGPS Javaserver-side processing withconcurrent requests (Yoshida,2011)
  21. 21. goGPS for road mappingAccurate path maps with low-cost GPS receivers, goGPS tracks can be used for integrating the output into a web-GIS OpenStreetMap
  22. 22. Polyline simplification (goGPS MATLAB tool)
  23. 23. goGPS for surveyingArcheological surveying with arequired accuracy of the orderof ~50 cmgoGPS + + VRS (or closest station) RTK – L1 only
  24. 24. Swiss Federal Railways SMART project measuring geographic areas by means of low-cost RTK positioningraw data collector client-sidegoGPS Java processing server-sideSwisstopo VRS
  25. 25. Swiss Federal Railways SMART project Server-side processing environment (courtesy of CRYMS Sagl) eZe2 device Server unix based Swiss Federal Board M2M/ Tomcat 6.0 Railways custom Eriadne Server Cinterion TC65i goGPS service SAP uBlox 5T Display Keyboard Swisstopo uBlox Master VRS Navigation Ephemerisonly logging raw data!
  26. 26. Swiss Federal Railways SMART projectServer-side monitor control interface (courtesy of CRYMS Sagl)
  27. 27. Swiss Federal Railways SMART projectPrecision test (courtesy of CRYMS Sagl)
  28. 28. Swiss Federal Railways SMART project measuring geographic areas by means of low-cost RTK positioning Testing the system performance(photos courtesy of CRYMS Sagland Politecnico di Milano,Geomatics Laboratory)
  29. 29. Future developments1)  Improvement of positioning algorithms, focusing on post- processing; additional receiver support; other satellite systems (QZSS, Compass, GLONASS, Galileo, EGNOS, MSAS)2) Motion sensors integration (accelerometers, gyros, odometer, ) → hardware prototype3) goGPS Java made available as an application (command line / GUI)4) goGPS processing made publicly available as a web service