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Steply Tokyo Meet-up


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This slide was created by Mr. Leon Ho, the founder/CEO of Stepcase for a presentation at Open Network Live.

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Steply Tokyo Meet-up

  1. 1. STEPLYMaking mobile photography a part of everyday life.
  2. 2. Startup in HK
  3. 3. It’s about capturing,processing, sharing,& consuming photos.
  4. 4. Steply Utility AppsPhototreats Actioncam DarkroomOne touch filter app Photo Collage app Stability-detection app
  5. 5. 2,300,000 Downloads
  6. 6. 12,000 active users per week
  7. 7. 500,000 users per month
  8. 8. 1,600,000 Photos Saved per month
  9. 9. Steply Network Take a Photo Share to Friends + Tag Location From any intuitive and user Tag location easily and share it to friendly photography utilities that Steply along popular social are powered by Steply. networks, immediately from any Steply apps.
  10. 10. How good is Steply for other apps?
  11. 11. Steply App Network for 3rd party developers
  12. 12. Build a community within an hour.
  13. 13. Enable Social Sharing.Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr. Posterous & Flickr soon.
  14. 14. Connect with lots of active photographers.
  15. 15. Discover Apps,Cross-promote.
  16. 16. Developers
  17. 17. Developer Program Example Used to be for Steply apps only, now for other great photo apps! Photo Mess, #1 in 11 app stores, including Japan, is in the Steply developer program.
  18. 18. Reach 30M 10M2.3MNow March 2011 September 2011
  19. 19. New Exciting Apps
  20. 20. Labelbox It’s like your label maker but on iPhone! Add different funky tapes and labels to photos Swipe & Type Create photo frames/borders with the labels & tapes Steply photo sharing Shares to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr
  21. 21. Screenshots
  22. 22. Fusioncam The extraordinary toy camera Experience the magic of 120 film Multi-exposure effects - Take a photo, pull the multi-exposure switch and take another photo. Steply photo sharing Shares to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr
  23. 23. Examples
  24. 24. Please download our network apps!Photo app developers, join us! Facebook (leonlokho) Twitter (leonho) Follow us at Twitter (@steplyapp) and Facebook (@Steply)