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Business of apple watch

Business of Apple Watch

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Business of apple watch

  1. 1. The  business  of  Apple   Watch s1210199   Masanori  Seino
  2. 2. What  is  Apple  Watch? Ê The  Apple  Watch  is  a  smartwatch  that  operates   as  a  small  wearable  computing  devices  worn  on   a  user’s  wrist.  
  3. 3. Release  data  of  Apple  Watch Ê  The  Apple  Watch  became  available  to  pre-­‐order  from  8am  on   10  April  and,  according  to  reports,  sold  close  to  one  million   units  on  day  one  in  the  US.  
  4. 4. Price  of  Apple  Watch Ê  The  cheapest  option,  the  38mm  Apple  Watch  Sport,  is   available  to  pick  up  from  £299,  despite  costing  Apple  just   £55  to  build,  while  the  large  42mm  model  will  cost  £339.   Ê  The  more  expensive  Apple  Watch  version  is  available  from   £479,  going  up  to  £949  depending  on  the  case  and  band   combination.  
  5. 5. Why  Apple  Watch  costs  so  much? Ê  Apple  is  clearly  aiming  for  luxury  given  the  sapphire  glass-­‐ protected  display,  an  imposing  digital  crown,  two  size  and   even  the  18  karat  gold  edition.  
  6. 6. Apple  Watch  apps Ê Apple  Watch  doesn’t  just  beams  all  iPhone   notifications  to  your  wrist,  it  lets  you  play  with   and  control  a  sorts  of  native  Apple  Watch  apps   with  its  touch  screen  and  digital  crown.
  7. 7. Apple  Watch  battery  life Ê The  Apple  Watch  battery  life  is  supposed  to  last   all  day,  but  don’t  expect  a  full  24  hours  from  this   first  iteration  of  the  smartwatch.  
  8. 8. How  does  the  Apple  Watch  Work? Ê The  Apple  Watch  is  designed  to  pair,  or  connect,   with  another  Apple  iOS  device  like  th  eiPhone  to   push  Apple  Watch-­‐specific  content  to  the   device.  
  9. 9. Features  in  the  Apple  Watch Ê The  Apple  Watch  sports  a  Retina  display   protected  by  a  Sapphire  screen,  and  it  utilizes   both  a  touch  screen  and  a  Digital  Crown  wheel   for  operating  the  interface.  
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