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Datacenter Infrastructure Racks Servers powerconsumption cooling capacityplanning liquidcooling DCServers DCRacks DC-servers

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DataCenter:: Infrastructure Presentation

  1. 1. The Company
  2. 2. About iNVATERRA A US based IT Services, Business Solutions and Outsourcing firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas with offices both in Dallas and Karachi, Pakistan. A service-oriented company providing IT Services and Business Solutions as its major portfolio of services. From major and emerging business centers, our experienced professionals help organizations around the globe, and in every industry set direction to reach their goals and create enterprise value. By aligning their business processes and information systems, we empower our clients with the right business solutions to gain competitive leadership advantage-delivering measurable results in an accelerated time frame.
  3. 3. Portfolio of Services
  4. 4. Our Methodology Direct Non-Intrusive Augmentation
  5. 5. The Data Center Dilemma
  6. 6. Opex Matters Most Density Density Power Power Heat Heat Operations Operations
  7. 7. The Reality About Power A typical data center… Data centers are energy intensive Year kWh US Electricity $ Value Consumed Consumption Consumption will 2006 61 bn 1.5 % 4.5 bn grow 3x over the next 10 years 2011 100 bn 2.5% 7.4 bn 2016 200 bn 5.0% 18 bn Source: US EPA, 2007 & Energy Information Administration
  8. 8. Where Does Power Go? Servers & storage HVAC/cooling 38 - 63% 23 - 54% Lighting Up to 2% Battery backup 6 - 13%
  9. 9. The Tipping Point By 2008, energy cost will exceed capital cost per server Source: US EPA, 2007
  10. 10. Server Power Draw by Component Only 49% of the power gets to a server and it will only get worse—lots of opportunity to innovate Source: Intel Corporation
  11. 11. Power & Management Costs WW Server Market: IT Server Spend, Power/Cooling, Management/Administration Management + Power is 3.5x the cost of Capital Source: IDC, 2006
  12. 12. UNIQLE Modular Racks
  13. 13. 5 Elements . 1 System
  14. 14. Large amounts of data in minimum space Thermal loads up to 21 kW Control and cooling With the trend to computers of higher and To meet the requirement of higher higher performance and at the same time performance and greater efficiency at the an ever-tighter package density in server same time, SCHÄFER has developed a racks, demand is increasing for intelligent unique system solution consisting of five systems for the optimization of energy and modules. space efficiency. SCHÄFER IT-Systems offer an intelligent, High density solutions are what IT rack-optimized and scalable overall decision-makers are looking for. solution with economical and combinable element modules. Faster and more powerful server systems are being housed in smaller and smaller For small, medium-sized or large spaces. Companies. Heat load spots of up to 21 kW have to From a stand-alone server cabinet to a handled, whatever the temperature of the complete, high-density cluster solution ambient air. SCHÄFER reacts to the needs of the market. Solutions for reducing the heat level of server cabinets.
  15. 15. Large amounts of data in minimum space Maintenance and Monitoring Demands relating to safety, the autarky of the entire system and power management are also rising steadily. The remote maintenance of a computer center or of individual server locations is the current requirement of the industry. Practically all the cabinet parameters from temperature, moisture, smoke and vibration to door contacts and access check and mains-phase monitoring should be recorded and documented in a single unit.
  16. 16. UNIQLE overview: 5 Elements · 1 System 01 SP54_Q Rack 02 Cooling System 03 Power Management 04 Rack Control 05 Partnership Management
  17. 17. New SP54_Q Rack
  18. 18. Key Features Reliable, economical, under control from everywhere, all SCHÄFER services inclusive – this is UNIQLE, the new, modular IT-System for your computer center. The interaction of all the components is perfectly coordinated. Intelligent individual solutions can be ideally combined for different requirements and grow with your success. Make use of one, two, three, four or all five elements according to your particular needs and profit from the integrated solution of a SCHÄFER system. Air-conditioned Scalable Rugged Reliable Economical Under Control
  19. 19. Key Features
  20. 20. Key Features
  21. 21. Key Features
  22. 22. Key Features
  23. 23. Key Features
  24. 24. Cooling System With UNIQLE, SCHÄFER is Comparison systematically implementing Floor Area in mm (W x H x D): the principle of a cooling UNIQLE (integrated cooling system integrated in the server system) rack. 800 x 2240 x1200 The decision for integration is Server Rack of 800 mm width a logical step. with side cooling arrangement (300 mm) Server space is not unlimited! 1100 x 2200 x 1200 And through the trend to higher and higher computer Floor space needed for 100 U: performance accompanied by UNIQLE 1,92 sqm a greater packaging density, Server Rack 3,96 sqm server racks must assure a maximum of space efficiency. This enables a maximum computer density per m2 floor space to be achieved.
  25. 25. Cooling System For UNIQLE, only two SP54_Q racks with an integrated cooling system have to be in-stalled to obtain 100 U. For a comparable rack 800 mm wide with side-cooling arrangement, you already need a third rack and a third cooling arrangement. UNIQLE consequently guarantees a higher computer performance per sqm floor space and therefore absolute space efficiency. The UNIQLE cooling system is designed for useful cooling capacities of up to 21 kW and is therefore an absolute high- density cooling system. The cooling capacity of the system is continuously variable and is regulated to the specific conditions at any time by the integrated rack control.
  26. 26. Cooling System This means that at any moment only that degree of cooling is provided that is needed for maintaining the defined optimal space condition. In comparison with static cooling systems, significant savings in energy can consequently be registered. This is additionally supported by low pressure losses of ≤ 0,5 bar in the water system. UNIQLE thus ensures energy efficiency of a high order. The heat exchange takes place in the rack, making comprehensive additional installations in the computer room unnecessary. Account must only be taken of the feeder and outlet pipes for The replacement of the German-made industrial fan water in respect of the building. motors can also be carried out during normal operation. Server and cooling areas are spatially separated from each other Through the arrangement of and are individually accessible. the fans, the opening of the This excludes any influence at all on server operation by a doors to the server area while the system is running is fault or maintenance of the cooling system or unauthorized unproblematic. interference in server operation.
  27. 27. Power Management The UNIQLE Power Management System is designed for 32 amps and distributes this safely and reliably over the corresponding cutout components to the individual consumers. The system can be extended by remote-control network switches with Ethernet connections for IP networks. In this way, all components can be switched on or off individually or Highly Available jointly via the network. and Reliable
  28. 28. Power Management
  29. 29. Rack Control The Rack Management System (RMS) as an intelligent network agent monitors all the environmental influences on server racks. All the environmental parameters recorded are logically linked in a freely programmable filter system. As a reaction to certain environmental states, alarm messages are automatically generated and/or switch operations triggered. The RMS offers all sensors for the most diverse environmental influences and at the same time controls their internal power supply. In conjunction with the cooling system, the Rack Management Autarky, System automatically and continuously determines and regulates Anytime, the cooling requirement for the defined spatial state. Everywhere All temperatures and fault messages can be read off from a display integrated in the Rack Management System. The RMS is controlled via V.24, SNMP, Telnet and/or web browser
  30. 30. Rack Control – Rack Monitoring Connect a local computer to KVM solution on CAT 5 or the administrator’s console IP basis Built-in KVM extension for a Several services can be flexible design of your server accessed area Simultaneously from Straight hardware solution – different locations »Out of Band«; independent of software / network Scalable – start, for example, with one user and Advanced on-screen-display expand as your company (OSD) connection module grows units do not need a rack unit – this means more space for Multi-platform support servers PS/2, SUN; USB and RS- 232 in one system
  31. 31. Rack Control – Cooling and Fire Control To ensure that the rack designed meets the defined requirements of the customer to 100 % following features are incorporated: Open RS-232 protocol, Multi-layer security and individual user profiles, CAT 5 cable technology – flexible, smooth and economical installation The customer gets this highly qualified service from a single source. In the service and maintenance area, professionals are always available worldwide with their own service concept.
  32. 32. Partnership Management Through the bundling of expert knowledge in the fields of rack design and air-conditioning, SCHÄFER creates a new and innovative dimension for the IT- infrastructure in your company. Not individual solutions from different suppliers, not a design that only probably works. For your needs, SCHÄFER develops a sophisticated rack concept which includes all the necessary UNIQLE element modules – perfectly matched to your requirements in techno-logy and function.
  33. 33. ICE CubeTM Mobile Data Center
  34. 34. What is ICE Cube™? Containerized, modular data center designed to augment data center needs ICE Cube is second generation design (launched 9/2007), based on Concentro (originally deployed 3/2007) Goal is to address the needs of customers who want to increase compute capacity in a modular approach at a lower cost Units deployed and in production
  35. 35. ICE Cube Benefits Highest density: 1400 1U half-depth servers in a single 40’ x 8’ container 11,200 cores using quad-core CPUS Reduce capex: Fraction of the cost of traditional data center build outs Power-friendly: DC power & high efficiency self-contained UPS Efficient cooling: 80% reduction in cooling and air handler power costs vs. traditional data center Rapid deployment: Designed, built & deployed within 90 days Unprecedented flexibility: Enables a variety of site selection, scale and power options
  36. 36. Container Configuration System Configs: 1400 server compute cluster Built-to-Order with any Rackable Systems servers or storage 4.1 Petabyte storage array ISO Cargo Container Sealed environment Totally secure, nondescript Half-depth form factors enables spacious center aisle for easy serviceability 20’ or 40’ container size Transport via intermodal freight system (truck, rail, ship)
  37. 37. Power & Cooling Efficiency Superior cooling Fans draw air through radiators between each rack Air is drawn through the servers from the cold center aisle Allows for higher water loop temp and reduced air handler power usage Low power consumption Fan-less systems = lower power, higher reliability DC Power (480V 3-Phase) for highest efficiency High-efficiency server designs
  38. 38. Site Scalability & Flexibility Deploy multiple ICE Cube units in a data park (stackable) Increased geographic options Nontraditional site locations Redundancy through diversity Harness regional strengths Rapid deployment Seasonal usage Business continuity Disaster recovery Leverage existing infrastructure Redeploy as needed Capital flexibility Buy only what you need when you need it Redundancy only where required
  39. 39. Power Flexibility Utility as primary, secondary, or not at all Leverage renewable resources and rebates Locate near hydroelectric power Supplement with wind and/or solar Micro turbines and methane gas Utilize cogeneration Energy efficient design 480V 3-Phase power input Leverages Rackable Systems’ DC Power Solutions Energy rebates under consideration Density up to 750 watts/sq. ft. Localized UPS system
  40. 40. Key Differentiators Rackable Systems Sun Project Key ICE Cube Benefits ICE Cube™ Blackbox 28 Racks (1400U) 7 Racks (245U) Almost 5X the density per Density container 4.1 PB storage 1.5 PB storage Power 480/277 VAC 208/120 VAC Eliminates need for intermediate transformer Superior cooling vs. traditional Cooling 80% reduction 20% reduction data centers More uptime for servers and UPS Rack-level system None cooling fans Server Power DC AC Increased efficiency and reliability Service Model Standard aisle Proprietary No special tools and jack needed Power savings and MTBF System Fans No Yes improvement Eliminates airflow balancing Airflow Localized Inline issues Optional space available for Vestibule Yes No customer use Source: Rackable Systems &
  41. 41. Key Design Advantages Highest X86 server & storage density Low power consumption High efficiency AC and DC designs Innovative, effective cooling techniques Easiest serviceability & management Greater reliability Broadest range of Intel/AMD configuration options
  42. 42. Maximum Density Rack Mount Servers & Storage • Back-to-back Scale Out mounting Hybrid Blade Servers • 704 cores per rack • Back-to-back and Highly differentiated server & cabinet side-to-side designs mounting Half-depth form factors for back-to- back mounting • 704 cores per rack 2x density levels = up to 88 servers per cabinet = 704 cores Ability to cool fully populated rack of systems
  43. 43. Lower Power Consumption Reduce power draw in the server Use low wattage parts (CPU, memory, fans) Carefully match power supply to system draw Highly Efficient & Reliable Use highest efficiency power supplies Power Supplies Eliminate unnecessary components Rackable Systems power supplies are up Map designs to data center power availability to 94.5% efficient with up to 2 million hours Less power = less heat = greater reliability MTBF
  44. 44. Reduce Energy Losses: DC Power Industry’s first use of DC Power technology for large-scale deployments Launched in 2003; awarded “Best Cluster Solution” in 2004; patents issued in 2007 DC power supplies provide up to 94.5% efficiency 10-30% power and heat reductions Dramatic improvement in system reliability 2M hour MTBF is 10x higher than typical AC power supplies Available for both servers and storage Enables data centers to maximize density to available power Can be deployed in any existing AC data center AC-to-DC conversion at rack, row or data center level
  45. 45. Rack-Level DC Power Conversion AC-to-DC rectification within the rack for easiest deployment: AC power supplies replaced with 94.5% reliable DC power supply with 2 million hours MTBF Rectifiers convert AC input to DC power for 10% power savings DC distribution bars inside cabinet deliver N+M redundant DC power to individual servers 20-40% elimination of heat at the chassis level Easily deployed in any existing AC data center (no infrastructure upgrades needed)
  46. 46. Row & Data Center-Level DC Solutions Row Level One cabinet of rectifiers used to power entire row of server racks Added redundancy, reduced cost DC Bus Duct Distribution Reduce number of circuits System Eliminate need for AC PDU’s in data center Power Cabinets Data Center Level Additional efficiency benefit (up to Server Racks 30%) Improved thermal shift/corresponding HVAC benefits Maturing technology
  47. 47. AC & DC Power Paths Typical AC Power Path = Five Electrical Conversions 43 to 70% Overall Efficiency 98% 75-94% 98% 50-82% Efficienc Efficienc Efficienc Efficiency y y y 1 2 3 4 5 Utility MV/LV Trans. UPS PDU SMPS Server 13.8 kVAC 480 VAC AC | DC | AC | 480VAC 208 VAC -48 VDC Aggregated & Optimized DC Power Path = Two Electrical Conversions 82 to 87% Overall Efficiency 97.5% 94% 90-95% Efficienc Efficienc Efficiency y y 1 2 Utility MV/LV Rect. PCU Server 13.8 kVAC -575 VDC -54 VDC
  48. 48. Greenfield Building Comparison AC DC DESIGN DESIGN Building Size 200,000 123,000 Watts per Sq. Ft. 100 70 DC design savings: $20 million in Raised Floor Space 100,000 100,000 construction, $5.2 million in Cost SF/Raised FL $1200 $1000 energy Construction Cost 120MM 100MM Energy Costs 17.5MM 12.3MM Processing Capacity Same Same
  49. 49. DC Power Testimonials “Rackable has allowed us to increase our global hardware capacity by more than 50% without increasing our electricity costs.” – CIO of Webex to Forbes Magazine, June 2006 “DC Power keeps the units considerably cooler within the chassis themselves and saves us somewhere between 10 and 20 percent over the AC-powered alternative." – Lead Engineer at University of Florida to CNET, March 2006 By purchasing a DC-powered solution, eWEEK Labs believes organizations will increase server reliability while lowering monthly power costs. – eWeek Labs, March 2006 “We saw the power savings right away when we put in the Rackable Systems servers.” – President of Spectrum to eWeek, March 2006 “Using DC powered [servers], we're saving money on energy, while receiving 20% more compute power in the same footprint." – VP Technology of Right Media to Tech Target, Jan 2006
  50. 50. Cooling Strategies Every 100W of power consumed by a server requires at least 70W power for HVAC to cool it Reduced power = less heat = reduced HVAC costs Better heat evacuation Back-to-back mounting provides central air plenum in rack Ambient air enters front of systems and hot air is evacuated through central plenum Elimination of ‘hot aisle/cold aisle’ phenomenon Reduces requirements on air handlers No additional power needed to evacuate hot air
  51. 51. Greater Reliability Reduced power consumption Reduced power Low wattage parts at system level + Less power = less heat generated Systems run much cooler Higher MTBF components Higher MTBF & redundancy Specify highest MTBF components = 2M hours for DC power supplies Rack-level N+M redundancy Less heat + Better cooling Superior heat evacuation prolongs Lower Failure Rate system life Back-to-back mounting, hot air = evacuation Elimination of hot aisle/cold aisle Far greater Reliability!
  52. 52. Serviceability & Deployment Savings Simplified serviceability I/O in front for easy access Roamer™ remote management Modular power mating Elimination of rail kits & clean cabling Greater reliability = less maintenance Easy deployment Designed to meet customer-specific data center space and power requirements Comes fully racked, stacked and cabled System/rack-level power optimization Configurations specific to customer Comprehensive support and sparing packages World-class technical consulting
  53. 53. Roamer™ Remote Management Manage distributed servers & storage from a remote location Available across Rackable Systems servers and storage Out-of-band remote management capabilities including system reboot, stagger boot up, power on/off, temperature monitoring, LCD customization, BIOS reconfiguration, etc. Extensive security via LDAP/AD authentication, SSH and SSL LCD provides instant server status and programmable messages KVM support (NEW!) over TCP/IP Configuration support for http, https, ssh, telnet, IPMI and SNMP Preserves valuable PCI slots Ships fully installed in a system for quick and easy deployment
  54. 54. Roamer Key Features Pre-configured and pre-installed Easy set-up, works with AMD Opteron and Intel Xeon platforms Eliminates the need for deep component knowledge Monitors and resets systems from any remote location Monitor a server or storage product’s health Immediate notification of a system problem or failure Review system event logs to diagnose the problem cause or failure Perform a graceful system shutdown and reboot Restart a system from an unscheduled and unexpected power outage Administrators leverage authentication services to securely administrate systems from remote locations Uses Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and Active Directory (AD) to enable only authenticated system administrators to access Roamer SSL encryption provides a secure interface for the http Web interface
  55. 55. Flexible Configurations Build-to-Order Flexibility Open architecture, X86 designs Customer and order-specific bill of material Rapid new technology adoption Range of memory, disk formats (SCSI, SATA, IDE, SAS) and RAID configurations Leading edge development around AMD and Intel chipsets Broad dual- and quad-core offerings Best-of-breed partners Full support for range of software platforms World-class OS expertise Linux, Windows
  56. 56. Advantage Flexibility Flexibility Choice of 22U, 36U, 40U, Density Density Half-depth server design 44U racks & full range of mounted back-to-back AMD/Intel configurations for 2x density Thermal Management Thermal Management & Power Distribution & Power Distribution Unobstructed central air plenum for superior ventilation DC Power option provides power savings of up to 30% Passive cooling design Serviceability Serviceability for highest reliability I/O in front and clean cabling reduces maintenance time by up to 75% Sophisticated Roamer remote management
  57. 57. Rackable Systems Leading Provider of X86 Servers & Storage for Large- Scale Data Centers
  58. 58. Vital Stats Founded in 1999, based in Silicon Valley, CA 4th largest x86 server vendor in North America (IDC & Gartner) Fastest-growing x86 provider worldwide (IDC) Successful IPO in June 2005 (Nasdaq: RACK) Distinguished by our highly differentiated chassis, rack and power designs (patents & awards) Full line of storage solutions focusing on extreme capacity and performance requirements First to launch DC power solutions for wide-spread data center adoption First to deploy modular, mobile data center technology
  59. 59. Rapid Revenue Growth $360.0M Rackable Systems $215.0M has consistently increased X86 market share $109.7M $52.9M $20.4M FY2002 CY2003 CY2004 CY2005 CY2006 (1) (1) 12 months ended September 30, 2002.
  60. 60. World-Class Customers Enterprise Software Financial Services Major Investment Bank Retail Social Networking Federal Internet Search Education/Research
  61. 61. World-Class Customers Travel ITA Media/Entertainment Energy Classifieds Telco
  62. 62. Thank You