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Paddy field improvement and crop quality research


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In this document I am providing general information about possible correlation between farmers production cost saving and green value through drip field management for paddy field and the example of rice grain quality examination through scanning electron microscope -for further information and reference used in this article please contact me through my email

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Paddy field improvement and crop quality research

  1. 1. Paddy Field Improvement and Crop Quality Research Muhammad As’ad (14SP231A) November 18th, 2014
  2. 2. The Topics Paddy Field Future Improvement Crop Quality Management Discussion
  3. 3. Globalization Globalization Basic Food Pattern Globalization Food Pattern
  4. 4. Trans Pacific Partnership Joint Agreement Domestic Products Import Products
  5. 5. In the Marketplace Products Quality Price Green Value
  6. 6. Paddy Field Improvement Flooded-field System Aerobic-field System Drip-field System
  7. 7. Paddy Field Improvement Physical and Physiological Flooded Physical and Physiological Aerobic Physical and Physiological Drip
  8. 8. Crop Quality Management Hair Husk
  9. 9. Crop Quality Management Flour Wheat
  10. 10. Crop Quality Management Koshihikari Yamada-nishiki
  11. 11. Discussion Cost-saving in Production and Operation Environmental Conservation Support
  12. 12. Muhammad As’ad/ 14SP231A Ibaraki University/ Bogor Agricultural University