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Landscaping With Wood


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Landscaping with wood has been around since the dawn of mankind. Wood is used in our building materials, paper, tools, and many other uses,

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Landscaping With Wood

  1. 1. Plantingboxesareagreattoflowerbedswhen verylittleroom isavailable,oryouhavepoor soilsconditionsduetoexcesswaterrunoff. Theseverticleplantingbedsareagreatsolution
  2. 2. Agreatexampleofusingwoodenblocksinsteadofrockor stone.Blendsintotheoveralllandscapenicely.
  3. 3. Thiswoodenlandscapeuseslargerplankstocreatemulti levelplantingbeds,butalsocreatesaseemlessdeck&stairs.
  4. 4. Woodmulchisbeingusedasanalternativegroundcover.
  5. 5. Woodenretaingwallbeingusedaflowerbed.Italsofeatures ornamentalgrassesandstonesfordecor.
  6. 6. Woodretaingwallsnotonlysecurethe groundfrom sliding butalsohighlightaccentthesuroundingtresandbushes.
  7. 7. Woodsectionsfrom treelogsmakeupthispathwaywith stonesusedasfillerbetweenthelogsections.