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  • First, locate the 20 degree line on the "Relative Wind Angle" scale. Move along this line to halfway between the 40- and 50-knot arc lines. This is the 45-knot wind speed point. From this point, drop straight down to the "Crosswind Component" axis to a point halfway between 10 and 20. This is the crosswind component, 15 knots.  Correct
  • Career Readiness Certificate

    1. 1. Lead Instructor: Christine
    2. 2. Confirms to employers that an individual has proficiency in:  Reading For Information  Applied Math  Locating Information These are the skills that most jobs require.
    3. 3. Benefits
    4. 4. For The Employer Create a “Workforce Ready” North Carolina• Increase bottom line through skilled employees• Reduce turnover, overtime and waste• Reduce training time• Increase productivity• Hire confidently
    5. 5. For The Individual • Gives the applicant an advantage in the hiring process •Demonstrates personal desire to excel •Gives employer peace of mind that you are ready to jump right in!
    6. 6. Who’s At The Table? NC Commission On Workforce Development JobLink Employment Career Centers Security Commission Workforce Community-Based Development Organizations Boards NC Business Alliance Department of Social Services Local Businesses Local Chamber of Vocational Commerce Community Rehabilitation Colleges FocusHuman Resources Adult Workforce New & Expanding Industrial Development Education Initiatives Industry Training
    7. 7. • Individuals register for the course at CFCC (Fee is waived for those who are unemployed or underemployed)• Student takes a pretest in each of the three skills to see current aptitude.• Based on pretest results, lessons are assigned to advance the students knowledge in each subject.• Once a student is confident in a subject, they take the CRC Certificate Test
    8. 8. 3 levels of Certification: Bronze Silver Gold
    9. 9.  Your certificate is awarded on your lowest score.  For example: if you score a Gold in Reading, a Gold in Locating Information, and a Silver in Math, you will be awarded a Silver Certificate.  You can retake the lower score test to bring it up to the higher level.
    10. 10.  Can register twice; each session is a two month period Course PREPARES for the test, it is not the actual test Self-paced class Need internet access You can work from home or other locations You work to your comfort level!
    11. 11.  Tests are offered on specific dates You may take one, two, or three tests on one day. Each test is 45 minutes long There is an administrative fee of $10 per test (cash, check, or voucher) payable on test day.
    12. 12. Once you earn a NC CRC, you are automatically awarded a National CRC which allows you to post your resume on a nationwide database of certificate recipients.For more information on the NC program, go to:
    13. 13.  Okay, smarty, give it a go…..
    14. 14.  The temperature dropped from 6 Celsius to -5 Celsius. How many degrees did the temperature drop? ANSWERS: A. - 11 degrees B. - 3 degrees C. - 1 degree D. 1 degree E. 11 degrees
    15. 15.  The copy machine in your office can produce 22,400 copies in 7 hours. How many copies can it produce in 21 hours? ANSWERS: A. 67,200 B. 76,000 C. 89,600 D. 94,800
    16. 16.  Your firm employs 40 employees. If 10% of them are part-time workers, how many full time employees do you have? ANSWERS: A. 4 B. 12 C. 32 D. 36
    17. 17. 654 Series 13 Series 22 Series 310 Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4 Which series showed consistent improvement?
    18. 18.  You regularly check the pressure gauge on a large tank. According to the gauge shown, what is the current pressure (in PSI)? 30 35 40 45 100
    19. 19.  As an airplane pilot, you need to determine the crosswind component of the wind speed to ensure safe takeoffs and landings. According to the graph shown, if the reported wind speed is 45 knots at a 20° angle, what is the crosswind component, in knots? 15 25 43 45 65