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Presentation1 science


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science for reporting

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Presentation1 science

  1. 1.  Eukaryotics prokaryotics
  2. 2. are the cells garbagedisposal system
  3. 3. It is received from the roughendoplasmic reticulum (RER in thiscartoon) in the cis region.
  4. 4. Why peroxisomes are not like lysosomes. are organelles that contain oxidativeenzymes, such as D-amino acid oxidase,ureate oxidase, and catalase.are distinguished by a crystalline structureinside a sac which also contains amorphousgray material
  5. 5.  What is the one major difference between a vacuole and vesicles? vacuoles are larger sacs that store water for the cell. Vesicles, on the other hand, are quite smaller bubbles of liquids and can store and transport substances within the cell.
  6. 6. Inter membrane Inner membrane space Outer Stoma membrane aqueuos fluidsGranumStack of thylakoids thylakoid lamella lumen
  7. 7. Chloroplast ultrastructure:1. outer membrane2. Inter membrane space3. inner membrane (1+2+3:envelope)4. stroma (aqueous fluid)5. thylakoid lumen (insideof thylakoid)6. thylakoid membrane7. granum (stack ofthylakoids)8. thylakoid (lamella)9. starch10. ribosome11. plastidial DNA12. Plasto globule (drop oflipids