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Question 2 media evaluation


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media music video evaluation

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Question 2 media evaluation

  2. 2. ◦ Through the props Drake wore in the music video which consisted of things such as the chain around his head and the hoody, also his facial expressions of being serious and mysterious at the same time. My music video was narrative based therefore was like a story. This led to understanding the attitudes and feelings of both Rihanna and Drake towards each other. I thoroughly used a black and white theme in my music video and my Cd covers. This also helped with linking my print products and music video together, as the continuous theme of black, white and red ran through out my media work, which I mentioned in my group pitch in front of the class. Theme & location The theme that runs throughout my music video is romance and relationship. I tried to reinforce and intensify the theme of romance and relationships through the various locations I had shot my music video at. I created my music video in various different locations such as Olympic park and Trafalgar square. My print products were all located in the photography studio at college to make it look more professional and reach the real media digi pack conventions. The actor that took the role of Drake in my music video was on all of my print products, his attitude and style made it clear that he was Drake. Due to my music video being narrative based as mentioned before, the lyrics to the song ‘Too Good’ had to be played out and performed well, so the audience could see the link between the music video and the lyric. Drake was presented in my music video as some what uncaring/ not having enough time for his girlfriend due to his busy lifestyle. This is also presented through my print products, as he looks dangerous and mysterious, the seriousness of his facial expression, connotes power – which he holds because of his fame.
  3. 3. Colour scheme ◦ I had a very simple colour scheme which ran through my music video and print products. My music video is black and white with themes of red running through it. My Cd cover is also in black and whit with red writing and lastly, my advert however was not black and white but held the same colour theme of gold and red. I chose to use a black and white theme because I believed my music video looked much more professional in black and white. I also wanted to make sure that my music video and Cd cover link, therefore I had completed that in black and white too. The colours that I have used connote many things that link back to the them of my music video, the colour red for instance represents which Is love, danger and romance. Alongside that the colour gold presents money, wealth and Drake’s busy lifestyle.
  4. 4. House style ◦ I wanted to keep my house style consistent on the basis of my music video, so the colours of black, white and red. I was not really sure as to what fonts I wanted to use for my cd cover and advert, however I wanted to keep it simple, like Drake’s previous albums. I made a list of various fonts to use for R& B music covers and searched online for inspiration as well. I wanted my font to be very unique and modern, yet still some what simple and not overly done. Therefore the front of my cd cover has Drake in black simple writing on the top left, with a different Gold font for the song ‘Too Good’ towards the bottom centre. On all 3 print products i have used the same colour text which is in gold, so that the consumers/ audience will be bale to identify it quicker if the cd cover and advert has a resemblance. And lastly, the boldness makes it more visible and eye catching.
  5. 5. Representation of Artist Drake Is represented as a very busy and wealthy, powerful man. The actors costume and clothing help represent this through urban/ street style clothing such as snapback caps, silver chains and hoodies. The informal clothing that has been worn shows his true urban side and almost gets a sense of danger through such clothes, as he seems very rebellious. Drake wears dark colours because it connotes danger and mystery and that is how Drake should be portrayed, Within the music video Drake is seen as a busy person who can't find time to spend with his girlfriend because he is too busy and because of that it is ruining their relationship, due to arguments. The song Too Good suggests that they both think they are literally too good for each other and that they are wasting their time, yet they both want the relationship to work.
  6. 6. Distribution methods ◦ My music video can be distributed on many popular music sites such as ITunes and apple music. I would also like to advertise my print products on various different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and twitter. The song can also be played in popular shops and radio stations to promote it and interest people into buying it for themselves. Popular music channels such at MTV, KISS 100, CAPITAL FM and 4MUSIC and magazines such as Kerrang, Vibe and Q magazine should also promote the song. The benefit of advertising on magazines and music channels is that it is aimed at people who are not teenagers and young adults but on a larger scale so there more of a chance for people to like the song. ◦ Both Drake and Rihanna should attend meet and greets and various others conferences. Drake’s songs tend to be aimed at teenagers and young adults therefore to appeal to them he needs to directly show them on his own social media accounts (which they may have him on)