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Case study cd cover


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Case study for Media A2

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Case study cd cover

  1. 1. CASE STUDY 2 By Maryum Mahmood
  2. 2. The black and grey writing looks very gothic although it is a R&B genre. Alongside that, the institution, record label and the copy rights are stated on the actual CD, which is not often done but makes it look more sophisticated, however is not very good as it does not clearly publicise the record label which is not helping with promotion as the audience and consumers will not see this at first sight. The colours grey and black make the cd look very Edgy and dangerous, the letter R stands for Rihanna, prompting her success and the fact that she does not have to state her name for people to know who she is. The writing is almost graffiti like taking up most of the CD, the letter R gives a sense of R&B and urban music through the rough and effortless look. This is a close up of half of Rihanna’s face. The black and white theme make it look very gothic, her dark make up and over use of jewellery connote this anger she feels. Rated R are is written in a small white font on the bottom right of the CD cover makes it look very simple but well put and exclusive. reflects the darker sound that Rihanna is trying to create. Her symbolic ‘R’ is again shown on her album cover making it clear to her audience (who know what it means) it also link back to Rated R it looks like it has been carved in by a sharp object such as a knife. The shot has very low key lighting and is shadow like, Rihanna looking straight at the camera connotes her confidence and it almost hypnotises the customer and target audience to buy the product. R&B artist however the darkness of the cover of this album shows that her genre crosses over into pop and rock and also into other sub genres such as grime and drum and base. The long shot of Rihanna’s back adds this irony, due to it being on the back of the CD her back is also facing it. Rihanna's songs are clearly listed at the back, so the audience and consumers know and buy it because they like a song on it. Collaborations are listed besides the songs so that fans of another artist that has been featured will also buy this album to listen to it. Barcode is shown alongside the record label. Rihanna is wearing minimal clothes alluring the audience, her costume and make up are very dark linking it back to the Cd Cover itself which is also black, grey and white. The spine of the CD cover is very clear with a simple white font stating Rihanna’s name for the first time alongside the album name Rated R.
  3. 3. The release date of this album was November 12, 2010, although it is not stated. The Colour theme of this album cover can clearly be seen, the bright and bold red represents Rihanna as a person and the Album name which again is sated boldly at the bottom ‘LOUD’ reflects Rihanna as a person, since she is a well known, popular and inspirational artist in the R&B genre. The close up of Rihanna’s face makes it evident who the artist is as Rihanna is well known around the world. The bold colours of her hair and bold lips make the album cover generally appealing and attracts the audience to it as its bold and in the face. Rihanna looking down make the shot effortless whilst she looks calm and collected, like the album. The red colours add to the genre of pop, like the colour of the album, her music stands out in comparison to other artists and music. The CD disk signifies that the music produced is aimed at females due to the pink flowers that are generally categorised as quite feminine. The flower that covers the disc look s like a pink rose, with trickles of water on it, making it look 3D like. I really like concept it of present like or a gift, like many people give each other flowers, this almost holds the same meaning. Rihanna is stated in a small, simple font and the colour being a darker pink makes it all blend very well. The disc itself with the flower on top is simple, with the record label and institutions stated on the left. The light pink colour connotes love suggesting what the songs are going to be about. This lightness of the disc work well with the contrast of the vibrant red on the cover of the CD, almost assuming Rihanna in red is fiery and passionate about love. The text itself looks very neat as it sat together and co coordinating. The colour theme is carried through till the back with the red, pink and white. We get a long, medium shot of Rihanna looking down almost as if she's in deep thought. Adding to the fact that the music is very meaningful and honest, she looks very innocent and elegant. The image itself is a little blurry for effect which connotes that even her feelings are unclear when talking about love and relationships. I think that the front and back cover work very well together and compliment each other very well, the colour theme runs throughout and everything looks neat, professional and clear. We get this idea of the two different shots (the front cover and the back cover) that Rihanna has two sides the front cover being her fierce whilst the back cover is her relaxed and angel like. The songs on the album like ‘Love the way you lie’ and ‘Only Girl’.
  4. 4. Same colour theme running through is consistent in the advert and Cd cover so the audience can identify it easier. Red, pink and white are clearly seen connoting both love and danger, the vibrant colours really make the poster come to life and looks very appealing. Rihanna is capitalised in a simple white font, spacing out each letter to complete the whole masthead, Rihanna is written on the top due to consumer purposes. Rihanna is written at the top as that seems to be the main reason for sales, due to being an international superstar her name alone can gain sales ad sell her products (Albums) The same font and colour for the text is used. Information about the release date and overall album. The word ‘loud’ is capitalised and spaced out making it look very dramatic and ‘Loud’, it says new album to make it clear and an image of the CD cover is shown on the left corner so people will know which album it is and therefore it can be easily recognised when sold. Her best songs are stated so people are more likely to buy it. Her featuring with other famous celebrities like Eminem and Drake will promote and make her Album more famous and trendy. The props and costume link back to her CD, she has a rose on her hand that links back to the cover for CD disk which is also the same pink rose. The sun glasses she is also wearing makes the picture look natural in essence and she is seen as a mystery. Close up of Rihanna looks very simple. Although she is covering a lot of her face in comparison to the front cover of the Cd in which you can only see her face. Her fur, nails and ring that are her costume lead to the main idea of femininity. With the tattoo on her hand reflecting this fierce women and the rebelliousness in her
  5. 5. MY OWN CD COVER AND ADVERT I have liked many of the ideas from Rihanna’s albums, I like the colour theme and how it is very consistent linking it back the theme of her music which is generally love and relationships. My music video Too good by Drake ft. Rihanna is actually black and white with the theme of red running throughout for Rihanna and in her shots, I would like to link it back to my own CD Cover and advert. The Too Good song is mainly from a male point of view therefore we cant have feminine stereotyped colours such as pink often as it needs to be able to target both genders. Drake himself is seen as a strong, dominant and masculine person therefore I will use colours such as black that was also used in Rihanna’s Rated R album. ThThese will be my dominating colours that can be used on both genders.