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Christian Star News June Issue

  1. 1. Free - Take One Christian Star Issue 6 Christian Star News Christians Helping All People June 2009 South West LA • Houston,TX • Dallas,TX • Nashville,TN Pastors Jerry & Hope Snider “Christian Star News & 20 for 1 Nashville Bound” A word from Pastor Jerry Snider of From time to time there is a story that them across the ocean to perform for the Along with attending some of the music Christian World Ministries, Lake Charles, La circulates around Nashville, TN dating back Queen of England, who is reported to have festivities, we will be meeting with ad- to the mid-1800s of three nuns who hap- said after their performance, “surely the vocates for the homeless, pastors with a pened to be traveling through the small city you come from must be called, Music passion and drive for serving the ‘least of It has been an amazing journey! I southern city. The nuns stood upon a small City.” And the name stuck. these’ among us, Christian businesses and know that I live in the blessing and hill above the city and prophesied that one The Grand Old Opry Radio show began even some government officials to secure favor of the Lord. day the world would know Nashville as as an all gospel show until its marriage to the distribution of Christian Star Newspa- “Music City,” and God would use the music country music. From there Nashville has per through homeless agencies, thus giving that rose out of the city mightily. become home to music legends from a our homeless friends the opportunity to be One thing I have truly learned on At the time music was far from the city’s cross genre of music. Both The Country gainfully employed. this journey is that when I finally heart. The publishing industry had found Music Association and The Gospel Music We will be blogging daily at http://20for1. get there, it will be a sure thing that a solid niche in the city. And it boosted a Association call Nashville home. beginning June 1st! There I was not in the driver’s seat. God thriving ‘red light district’ which the boot- On June 10th, Christian Star Newspaper is you can meet some of the many people has always had tremendous plans leggers took full advantage of. But there Nashville bound! We will be arriving during we will be meeting with. Journey with us was also a group of black gospel singers, the annual CMA Music Festival, www.cmaf- to Music City and be part of what God is for my life and I’ve gotten this far by The Fisk Jubilee Singers that birthed gospel an annual fan celebration of preparing to do! © Penny Carlton allowing Him to drive! ‘slave’ songs in 1871, which would take country music. The devil has never liked me. Even before I was conceived, he had People caught... Helping other people! plans to end my life. At an early age La Familia Resource Center interpretation as needed in my dad experienced tremendous hospitals, doctor’s offices, problems with his health - rheu- Began out of a desire and and lawyer’s offices. She matic fever, heart attacks, and even passion of the Founder/Ex- helped anyone and every- paralysis from the dreaded disease ecutive Director, Sylvia Stelly one that needed help. She polio. For six years of Dad’s life he when she moved to Lake developed relationships had to be carried everywhere he Charles in 6/2003. It was with families and their chil- went. The doctors gave him up for shortly after relocating to dren that still exist today. dead. At the time, my grandfather Lake Charles , Louisiana from God birthed this vision into was building a church and he and New Orleans that she began what it is today; a center my grandmother, who taught me to meet many Hispanics who where families can come so much about the power of prayer, needed help. She assisted and receive the assistance never accepted that Dad would many with translation and they need. SEE RESOURCE PG.3 die. They never stopped believing that God would perform a miracle. Bob Holmes is a one-man against over 400,000 op- Because of their faith, six years volleyball team who single- ponents. Bob has had more later, my dad, who was now 12 handedly takes on teams. games than any other. years old, got up and walked. God He has beaten the: Bob has been featured on: had completely healed him. • The Minnesota Vikings A top story on CNN in 2007, • The Pittsburg Steelers Ripley’s Believe it or not, The doctors said that Dad would • The Miami Dolphins CBS This Morning Show & in never be able to have children be- • Washington Redskins the USA Today Newspaper. cause of the multiple illnesses, but • Toronto Blue Jays Bob Is available for reviv- when God heals - He heals. I was • Baltimore Orioles W/ Cal als, camps, conferences, and the 11th month wedding present to Ripken fundraisers. my mom and dad. • A 1st Place Beach team You can book bob at www. • The Buffalo Bills 3 times or www.beat- My mom and dad were both very He has appeared in over Be sure to see his active in my grandfather’s church. 5,000 gymnasiums in front video. Call 910-988-0865 Mom played piano and accordion of over 3 million people. He SEE ONE MAN PG.9 and dad played guitar. They both has 16,423 wins since 1986 sang and led worship. From the time that I was born, I was part of Inside this Issue every service. At the age of five, About CSN, Bible Trivia pg.2 Affordable Vacation Spots pg. 11 Smoothie Recipes pg. 16 Mom taught me three chords on Infalliable Father pg. 5 Divine Prescription pg. 12 Upcoming Events pg. 17 the piano. SEE C. WORLD PG.7 The Journey of a Christian Job Seeker pg. 6 The Legacy of a Mother pg. 14 Confident Consumers pg. 18
  2. 2. Christian Star Issue 6 General Information About CSN Dedication Classifieds June 2009 I would like to thank all of the churches and businesses for Contact numbers: their support in helping Christian Star News accomplish the (337) 853-9883 larger vision that God has for the United States. We thank you (832) 563-1575 for continuing to stand with us, as we work to improve the paper to perfection. (936) 756-2126 (936) 756-3311 We desire to be a part of the harvest of souls for God. We seek Green Thumb Services Conroe Funeral Directors to place this Christian paper right next to the secular papers Wants to cut your 1504 N Thompson St Publishers: in businesses. We pray and desire that the articles submitted lawn today! Conroe, TX 77301 from the different churches will encourage the unsaved souls call 337.853.5172 (936) 441-2280‎ Monica Soileau to seek salvation in a Christ believing, Bible-based Church. Purpose & Goals: • Provide encouraging good news and information of special SPACE AVAILABLE Chief Editors: interest for those within the local Christian communities 337.214.5088 FOR YOU that we serve Rolland Soileau • Help promote businesses and professionals that want to One Lakeshore Drive Suite 1640 D Call 337-853-9883 Lake Charles, LA 70629 reach potential customers/clients from their local Chris- Bible Trivia tian community. Advertising: • Provide an outlet for pastors to reach people beyond their Sales & Marketing own congregations for the purposes of educating & com- Derrick Singleton; SWLA municating special events. • Help educate people about how to live well and to be Remember Job (337) 853-5172 good stewards as we face challenging economic and social 1. In Job 1:21 Job shows his humbleness. How does he do this? Chris Sarver; SWLA conditions. Examples include: gardening and nutritional tips, clipping coupons, as well as advice from experts on Answer: He says all he has belongs to the Lord. (337) 499-8710 subjects such as finances and interpersonal relationships. Job 1:21 "And said, Naked came I out of my mother's womb, and naked Mary Stevens; National Sales Manager • Develop a “Listing” of all Christian-Owned Businesses. shall I return thither; the Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; • “Counselor’s Corner” will provide Christian-based advice blessed be the name of the Lord." (337)513-5661 from a Licensed Professional Counselor. Nicole Arabie; SWLA 2. Job asks God for patience. • Promote local positive Christian-based family activities. (337) 540-6573 • Draw attention to special individual community needs in an effort to galvanize community support. Answer: True Nolan Melonson; Houston, TX Job 6:24 “Teach me, and I will hold my tongue: and cause me to under- Note for Pastors: The Christian Star News is Non-De- (832) 563-1575 stand wherein I have erred.” nominational, and we have no intentions of attempting Penney Carlton; Nashville,TN to persuade those who are currently attending a church 3. In Chapter 9, Job admits he’s guilty of doing something – what is it? that preaches Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord to move to (315) 807-7692 another church. We are not church hoppers ourselves: we Answer: Justification Ray Allen Rougeaux; Dallas, TX are rooted. Job 9:20 “If I justify myself, mine own mouth shall condemn me: if I say, I am perfect, it shall also prove me perverse. • The CSN offers each local church in the areas we serve the (469) 774-7483 following opportunities: When people justify things, they make it so that it is right if they do it, • Submit articles that are strictly bible-based (pref. KJV/ even if it is wrong. Designers: Primary - Sasha McDaniel NKJV) for the publisher to consider for use in a future 4. Who does Job say will end up better in the long run? publication. (337) 853-9883 • Submit upcoming events that are open to the public to be Answer: the righteous listed. Job 17:9 “The righteous also shall hold on his way, and he that hath Contributors: • Church Directory Listing. clean hands shall be stronger and stronger.” Derrick Singleton • Free distribution of the publication. Righteous means free from sin. Chauncy Latigue • We also offer local Christian Churches the opportunity to Claude Highfield purchase Ads (of any size available) in the Christian Star 5. Who does Job say he is afraid of? Laura Washington News, and these ads may be designed to encourage un- Michelle Abshire churched readers to visit their place of worship. Answer: God At the end of the day, we just want to be obedient to the Holy Job 23:15 “Therefore am I troubled at his presence: when I consider, I Monica Soileau am afraid of him.” Job was a wise man as it says in Psalm 111:10 “The Pamela S. Thibodeaux Spirit and serve God! fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” Rolland Soileau CSN paper is new and innovative with its new concept of help- Tim Andreas ing the community. Christians are called to help; we are called 6. What is worth more than rubies? La Familia Resource Center to help the poor, the struggling, those barely hanging on, and Rose Thomas any and everyone within our reach in need of help. We offer Answer: wisdom Lake Charles Convention Center this paper FREE to the public and FREE to the churches to Job 28:18 “No mention shall be made of coral, or of pearls for the price Mary Stevens utilize this as a tool to reach out to those who may be seeking of wisdom is above rubies.” Some people think that wisdom is a result Agnes O. Amos to learn more about God and His goodness. of old age. However, this is not true...grey hair is a result of old age. Wis- Pastor Jerry Snider We at CSN extend a genuine concern for the mind, body, and dom comes as stated earlier, by fearing God. When one fears God, they Scott Ewing spirit of our readers and will work tirelessly to ensure that we listen to him, and the they learn and will start to gain wisdom. Bob Holmes bring to you information and advertisers that adhere to the same. CSN is about Christians Helping All People! We seek to 7. Job says we shouldn’t rejoice in material things; what should we Penney Carlton rejoice in? Rev. E.J. Kemper III Be our Brother’s Keeper and Loving our Neighbors as Thy Self. Michele Stagg Woods Therefore, we are working with companies to bring you the Answer: God R. Jane Guillory discounts and coupons you need in one place for necessary Job had a lot and he lost a lot. However, when he learned not to rely items that you consume or utilize every day. It requires time on material things, and to rejoice in them, his life started to get better. Distribution Managers: and the participation of the community for large corporations When he learned to rejoice in God, he had all he needed. Derrick Singleton: Louisiana to offer their savings to us, so I pray that you will stand with Nolan Melonson: Houston, Texas Christian Star News until we are established and rooted. If you 8. Job does recieve patience, is he given back what he lost? Ray Allen Rougeau: Dallas, Texas are a small Christian business, even a $50 business card ad will help sustain us until we can get National Support for our area. Answer: Yes, and twice as much Disclaimer: Stand for what you believe in. Job 42:10 “And the Lord turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for The entire contents of this paper are copyright- his friends: also the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before.” Job’s We are here to add to, build and assist the churches with their ed February 2009 by Christian Star Newspaper. story shows what can happen when you don’t trust in the Lord and what All rights reserved. Material in this publication vision to serve God and prepare souls for the harvest. I offer can happen as a result of really trusting in the Lord. may not be reproduced in any form without my radio ministry Bent But Not Broken to the different minis- the expressed written consent of the publisher. tries as they wish to share their vision, their testimony and to 9. What is the last word of Job in the King James Version of the Holy announce upcoming events as a free service. This is my offer- Christian Star Newspaper is not responsible for Bible? any claims made by advertisers. The views and ing to God. I wish to give to the Body of Christ. I am blessed to opinions expressed herein do not necessarily be a blessing! Answer: patience reflect the publisher. Thanks for taking the time to be your brother’s keeper and The correct answer was days. ensuring that they too get the same savings as I am offering Job 42:17 “So Job died, being old and full of days.” Job lived a good and you. God bless you and may the seeds you sow reap 1000-fold full life when he died. I hope you enjoyed learning a little about this man in the same year in Jesus name we pray. Amen! and the book that has his name. PG.2
  3. 3. Christian Star Issue 6 June 2009 RESOURCE- La Familia Resource Center ( LFRC ) is a bilingual, multi-service, 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization developed e 8-12 Summer Camp Jun to meet the needs of Latino and other multicultural families and individuals by providing information, referrals, Spanish and access to services and programs Where? La Familia Resource Center Affordable Vacation Spots within the Lake Charles community. 1600 Siebarth Lake Charles,La Summertime is a great time to explore Lake Charles/South- The LFRC acts as a liaison and ad- Next to Nissan of Lake Charles west Louisiana. With so many activities to do, each offers an vocate for the Latino community. It (Take Legion St. Exit off I-210) exciting adventure that’s easy on the wallet! works with various families to help Time? 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. In Lake Charles, the Imperial Calcasieu Museum (204 W. Who? Kids ages 5 – 12 or grades 1 thru 6 Sallier St., 337.439.3797), has chronicled history of the Imperial their children in the school system. It Cost? Registration fee: $45 per child/$35 Calcasieu area, as well as rotating art exhibits. Admission for collaborates with various organiza- adults is only $5, and children are $2. Historic City Hall (1001 tions and agencies in the Lake Charles for 2 students in home Ryan St., 337.491.9147) was the former City Hall, which was community to assist families and converted into a 3-story gallery, has played host to many events individuals obtain the appropriate re- Children are grouped by grade to participate in like the Titanic Artifacts and pictures by the Associated Press on games, music, art, geography and rich Latin cul- World War II. Venture down Kirby Street to Central School (809 sources they need to adapt to live in the ture. Themes include: Cooking, Fiesta, Travel and Kirby St.) for an art smorgasbord, with the Art Associates Gal- American culture .Services provided lery (337.439.2787), the Black Heritage Gallery (337.488.0567) at the center include: ESL (English as much more! *Snack and Lunch included daily* and the Mardi Gras Museum (337.430.0043) all in one place! a Second Language ) classes, Spanish REGISTRATION DEADLINE - JUNE 1st! Also housed in this building are the offices for the Lake Charles classes to the community who want to Symphony, Community Band and the Children’s Theatre. The Henning Cultural Center in Sulphur (900 S. Huntington learn Spanish, after-school tutoring, St., 337.527.0357) and the Dequincy Railroad Museum (400 translation services (flyers, documents, Lake Charles Ave., 337.786.2823) are also great options. Learn etc ) and interpretation. LFRC has about trains at the Railroad Museum, and the history of Sulphur been blessed to partner with various at the Brimstone Museum. The Henning Cultural Center has organizations to help provide these rotating exhibits, mostly from local artists! Admission to both of these attractions is free. services: Family Life Counseling, Get Outside! The great outdoors are calling- and we’ve got the New Life Church International, Nissan parks and activities to please! Check out Prien Lake Park (3700 of Lake Charles, City of Lake Charles, W. Prien Lake Rd.), on the picturesque Prien Lake. There, you’ll Calcasieu Parish School Board, Global be busy with brand-new playground equipment and a spray Management, Catholic Charities, ground. Fish off the dock or take your boat out for an adventure on the waterways. Sam Houston Jones State Park (107 Suther- Sowela, McNeese State University, land Rd., 337.855.2665), charges $1 per person, but that dollar International Club and many more. We will get you up close and personal with all kinds of wildlife, continue to welcome more partnerships through their trails and kid-friendly programs, put on by the with local agencies and we welcome Nature Center. Millennium Park is made just for kids, and each volunteers as we continue to grow and of the play structures features a part of Louisiana industry. expand our services. Members of Open Arms went to Leesville, LA to see If you’re on the west side of the parish, be sure to see Niblett’s Smokie Norful live in concert. From left to right is: Bluff park (337.589.7117), which was used as an encamp- Our motto and theme is “Reach- ment during the Civil War, and on the east side of the parish, ing Families of Many Nations”. Mrs. Dianne Roofer, back row Mr. & MRS.Von Esclovon, Lawrence Toups, Jr. Memorial Park (337.582.3535), site of the Stelly reflects back to the scripture Rev. & Mrs. Derrick Sterling, Rev. & Mrs. Derrick annual Iowa Rabbit Festival. God gave her since 2004, Matthew Miller, Rose Thomas (in pink&purple) and Mrs. Sicily Don’t forget the king of all outdoor adventures, the Creole 28:19 – Therefore go and make dis- Ross & Smokie Norful. He is a very warm person to Nature Trail All-American Road! A trip down the Creole Nature meet; he met with each of us to talk. Trail will only cost you a tank of gas, but you’ll get a big bang ciplines of all nations.” And we are for your buck. Start in Sulphur, and head down LA 27, where seeing the fruition of His work in the Thank You : Rose Thomas, 337-526-7617 you’ll wind through the rugged “Louisiana’s Outback,” and have center where we are reaching out to A Father’s Love a chance to venture out into the marsh at the Blue Goose Trail all nations to help in anyway, but most and the Wetland Walkway. Be sure to bring a camera and plenty of batteries, because you’ll then head to Holly Beach, where you importantly with the love of Christ, his is hard to describe can spend some time under the sun, splashing in the waves, or mercy and grace. It’s far and deep, strong and wide. shelling in the sand. Cross the ferry to Cameron, and see shrimp Our location is 1600 Siebarth Drive Maybe the ocean or mountains high boats and more in this resilient community. On your way back to (next to Nissan of Lake Charles ) These might compare to a father’s pride. Lake Charles, stop at Pintail Drive, just north of the Intracoastal telephone # 337-312-2906, Waterway Bridge, and have the opportunity to drive through the Strong as a lion but gentle as a lamb bayou. This is a perfect opportunity to see rare birds, like a flock fax # 337-312-2912 Are two ways to describe the love in a daddy’s hands. of roseate spoonbills, or alligators gliding through the water. The Call for our schedule of classes Only the Love of the Lord above Creole Nature Trail All-American Road offers a rare glimpse Can hold a candle to a father’s love. into the wilderness of Southwest Louisiana. Hours – Mon – Thursday 10 am – 4pm Happy Father's Day To plan your trip to Lake Charles/Southwest Louisiana, visit - Friday 10am – 2pm for more information on any of the By Pamela S. Thibodeaux © 2009 sites listed above, or call 337.436.9588 to request your personal copy of the Southwest Louisiana Getaway Guide. Remember to bring the sunscreen! Glam-N-Gloss Day Spa Address: 414 East College Street Lake Charles, LA 70605 Telephone: 337-313-0222 old. s. Be B ourou m B e Gla . Be You PG.3
  4. 4. Christian Star Issue 6 June 2009 South west, la Houston, tx Church Directory Greater St. Mary Missionary Baptist Church 337-433-0122 Aldine Christian Church 281-442-9751 St. Memorial Church of God in Christ 337-439-8680 South Aldine Baptist Church 281-442-3124 Zion Tabernacle Baptist Church 337-436-6627 First Baptist Church North Houston 281-449-7201 Open Arms Baptist Church 337-436-4737 First Baptist Church 281-449-7201 Mount Calvary Baptist Church 337-439-4603 Betania Baptist Church 281-442-4258 New Emmanuel Baptist Church 337-437-4042 New MT Olive Baptist Church 281-227-6885 The Church of Lake Charles Teaching Center 337-439-0746 Bethel Community Church 281-449-1473 Christian Baptist Church 337-436-6530 Grace Restoration Church 281-449-5996 Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church 337-436-0882 MT Canaan Baptist Church 713-633-3312 Eastwood United Pentecostal Church 337-439-3425 Advent Presbyterian Church 281-821-2533 United Christian Fellowship 337-433-1517 South Main Baptist Church of Houston 713-529-4167 Throne of Grace Fellowship 337-433-9007 St Marys Episcopal Church 281-370-8000 True Light Baptist Church 337-433-7214 Center of Life Baptist Church 281-442-5433 Refuge Temple 337-491-9367 Full Gospel Holy Temple Church 713-692-6570 The Church of New Beginning of Lake Charles Inc. 337-430-0177 Love United Methodist Church 281-590-9294 First Pentecostal Church Cathedral of Praise 337-436-2297 Houston Restoration Church 281-227-6260 Shiloh Baptist Church 337-562-2220 Church of the Living God 281-219-3853 Livingway Pentecostal Church 337-478-2412 El Monte Calvario Church 281-987-1174 Christian World Ministries 337-475-0157 Monument of Faith Church-God 281-442-2002 Power Church International 337-515-4433 Westminster Church 713-442-7210 Trinity Baptist Church 337-480-1555 St Luke’s Lutheran Church 281-442-2180 Lake Charles Seventh Day Adventist Church 337-478-8353 Sonrise Community Church 281-449-0994 St. John Lutheran Church 337-478-5666 First Baptist Church Kinwood 281-442-3823 Westlake Church of Nazerene 337-439-8551 Harmony Baptist Church 281-442-3444 Eternity Full Gospel Fellowship 337-433-4138 MT Houston Baptist Church 281-442-1726 First Baptist Church of Gillis 337-855-9414 Houston Faith Church 281-870-1010 St. Margaret Catholic Church 337-439-4585 Pine Grove Baptist Church 281-449-2325 First Presbyterian Church 337-433-4667 Berea Missionary Baptist Church 281-449-1859 Westwood Baptist Church 337-433-8677 First Church of the Nazarene 281-897-0300 St. Henry’s Catholic Church 337-436-7223 New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church 281-987-7170 First Pentecostal Church of Westlake 337-436-6053 First Unity Baptist Church 281-219-7145 Immaculate Conception Cathedral 337-436-7251 True Worship Baptist Church 281-987-3267 Immaculate Heart of Mary Church 337-436-8093 First Unity Baptist Church 281-219-7145 New Sunlight Baptist Church 337-436-8965 Church of God Pentecostal 713-692-3502 Lake Area Worship Center 337-436-6083 Gospel Truth Church 713-686-7689 St. John Bosco Church 337-433-2467 Glad Tiding Holiness Church 281-449-7706 Word of Hope Family Worship Center 337-439-7788 Parkwood Baptist Church 281-442-5359 Sacred Heart Catholic Church 337-439-9923 Church of Christ 281-442-2298 Diocese of Lake Charles 337-439-7426 Evening Star Church 713-631-4060 Episcopal Church of The Good Shephard 337-433-5244 Bread of Life Baptist Church 713-631-8600 Wesley Foundation at McNeese University 337-477-2191 Fontaine First Baptist Church 713-633-2657 Sale st. Baptist Church 337-477-3463 Little York Church of God 713-633-1284 Our Lady Queen of Heaven Church 337-474-6814 St Gregory the Great Church 713-631-3681 Glad Tidings Church 337-477-7774 Ebenezer Church 713-695-3390 Nashville, tn Dallas, tx Cathedral of the Incarnation 615-327-2330 Fruitful Hill Mission Church 469-774-7483 Rivergate Church Of Christ 615-865-2842 Apostolic Assembly 214-398-5610 Mt Zion Baptist Church 615-254-7296 At the Feet of Christ Fellowship 972-557-7773 World Outreach Church 615-896-4515 Baptist Crossover Missionary 214-391-4720 Agape Fellowship Church 615-553-0007 Believers Missionary Baptist Church 214-391-6331 First Baptist Church Of Mt Juliet 615-754-2525 Bethany Baptist Church 214-398-8403 ClearView Baptist Church 615-794-5488 Bethel Hill Assembly of God Church 972-286-1844 South Haven Baptist Church And Christian School 615-384-5073 Bruton Road Christian Church 972-285-2305 Franklin Road Baptist Church 615-890-0820 Bruton Terrace Church of The Nazarene 214-381-6193 First Baptist Church 615-444-8444 Cathedral of Faith Church 214-398-7553 Fellowship Bible Church 615-893-6652 Church of Christ of Rylie 972-286-1408 Donelson Fellowship 615-871-4769 Church of Christ on Pemberton Hill Road 214-398-4777 Metro Baptist Church 615-859-1184 Church of Living God 972-286-6548 First United Methodist Church Franklin 615-794-2734 Covenant Outreach 214-391-7781 Christ Church 615-332-5968 Cross of Christ Baptist Church 214-398-4330 East Main Street Church Of Christ 615-953-6180 Dallas Pentecostal Church 214-398-7659 Lighthouse Baptist Church 615-953-1357 Day Spring Pentecostal Church 214-391-7552 First Church Of The Nazarene 615-255-1289 Emmanuel Fellowship Baptist Church 214-398-1119 The Carpenter’s House 615-890-1420 Faith Baptist Church 214-398-4437 New Vision Baptist Church 615-895-7167 Fireside Drive Baptist Church 214-398-5822 Word and Spirit Church 615-867-0033 First Baptist Church of Meadowview 214-391-7176 First Church Unity 615-332-1323 First Evangelist Church of God In Christ 972-557-7300 Family Worship Center 615-953-0968 God’s Word Mbc Fellowship Hall 214-309-1995 Bluegrass Baptist Church 615-824-0001 God’s Word Missionary Baptist Church 214-381-4463 College Heights Baptist Church 615-452-4952 Good Shepherd Baptist Church 214-391-5865 Fourth Avenue Church of Christ 615-794-6626 Goodwill Baptist Church 214-391-2907 Our Savior Lutheran Church & Academy 615-833-1500 Gospel Tabernacle Church 972-557-4905 First Baptist Church of Nashville 615-664-6000 Grace & Truth Apostolic Church 214-391-0017 Fellowship Bible Church 615-893-6652 Greater House Of Faith Church The 972-913-8011 Central Church Of Christ 615-256-0789 Greater Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church 214-275-7560 Bethel Murfreesboro 615-896-2348 Harvest Baptist Church 972-286-2536 Trinity United Methodist Church 615-896-0413 Hawn Freeway Church of Christ 214-391-4175 Lighthouse Christian School & Preschool 615-331-6286 Healing Church 972-286-7900 Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints 615-355-9268 Judao Heritage Family Church 214-391-6573 St Patrick’s Anglican Church 615-534-2589 Kingdom Harvest Church of God In Christ 972-557-8383 Brook Hollow Baptist Church 615-352-1295 Liberty Baptist Church 972-288-4459 West End Church Of Christ 615-383-7450 Lifeline Community Church of The Living God 972-557-7733 Catholic Community 615-758-2424 Little Bethel Assembly of God 972-286-3434 Community Church Of Hendersonville 615-826-0042 Living Gospel Church 214-398-0123 Family Worship Center 615-232-8950 Miracle Deliverance Pentecostal Church 214-391-5755 Faith Christian Reformed Church 615-833-5977 Miracle Deliverance Pentecostal Fellowship Hall 214-391-1743 St Marks United Methodist Church 615-893-3455 Miracle Outreach Full Gospel Church 972-286-9729 Joy Church International 615-773-5252 Mount Pisgah Baptist Church 214-398-6774 Bible Baptist Church Of Hendersonville 615-824-0042 Mount Sinai 214-398-4061 Station Camp Church Of Christ 615-452-5734 New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church 214-398-4515 Gallatin Church Of Christ 615-452-0271 New Creations Church 972-216-2100 PG.4
  5. 5. Christian Star Issue 6 June 2009 The Forgotten Victims is a real story of one family’s struggle with the legacy of domestic abuse and suicide. Monica Soileau father’s abuse led him to shoot her mother and him committing suicide. Monica speaks to today’s victims and survivors of abuse or suicide from her unique perspective. She speaks frankly of how faith helped her family cope; brought about through her mother’s miraculous recovery from grievous emotional and physical wounds, and eventually resulting in her own mature under- standing and empathy for everyone caught in a vicious cycle of abuse. The author embraces her mother’s compelling memories, as well as includes her younger brother’s experience, along with her own provocative and inspirational journey through the stages of coping, understanding, and overcoming their dark, shared legacy. As a final point, this hopeful book will help guide any reader in their discerning of how abuse affects the children who encounter it. Through retrospect the reader is brought full circle to their own childhood expectations to the actuality that life can certainly be painful and full of difficult decisions. Anyone who has expe- rienced any of the following as a victim, as an offender, as a parent, as a child, as a counselor or health care worker should read this book: • Domestic Violence. • Domestic Homicide. • Suicide of a Parent. • Children Self-Esteem Development. • Suppression of emotions and mourning. • Children assuming responsibility and guilt for parent’s abusive behav- ior. • Dysfunctional Relationships. • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Order can be placed on the internet by searching for book title or by Author name Monica Marie Singleton Soileau or by calling 24/7 1-866-909-2665 for your copy of the book. If you wish to schedule the Author for a speaking engagement for your organization, please submit a request to: “Infallible and knowledge into them, provide for them, protect imitate everything that their fathers do…everything. lent role model to follow-- -God. God was and still is Father” them and train them up in the way that they should go. The father’s role is to lead, guide, and take their chil- the infallible father for men to follow. God said that He We know that fathers will be dren where they need to be knitted our innermost being. “Fathers, do not exasperate held accountable for every to do the Will of God. Fa- Fathers have the same op- your children; instead, bring word that they speak over thers must not miss the mark portunity to mold their chil- them up in the training and their children whom they or they will reap what they dren’s innermost thoughts instruction of the Lord.” have authority over, espe- sow. This is an enormous and guide their actions. God Ephesians 6:4 (NIV) cially the little ears that take responsibility. Wow! said that He was with us Being a father is a very big instruction from them. Being Everyone has their own when we lay down and when task. Fathers must pray and a father is very serious busi- idea of what a perfect father we got up. God charged His speak blessings over their ness because little children should be like; however, angels of protection to sur- children, impart wisdom watch, listen, believe, and the bible gives us an excel- round us and see pg 19 Celebrate the Similarities Who are we to point at another Christian and say what he or she is doing in worship is not of God? Who are we to judge and criticize an- Jesus hates division! This is why He gave us the “new” commandment to love one another By Pamela S. Thibodeaux © 2009 other for dancing before the Lord, speaking in as He has loved us. Love without prejudice, tongues or saying a rosary? without judgment or criticism. Judge not and In his book The Purpose Driven Life, Rick we will not be judged, condemn not and we Warren states, “When we criticize what an- I don’t remember who it was, but it’s been said will not be condemned. Nor will we be divided. other believer is doing in faith and from sincere that if the Body of Christ would accept our conviction, we are interfering with God’s busi- differences and embrace our similarities, there Faith is a heart issue. How are we going to be ness.” would be no stopping us! Everyone would be one Body if we’re not of one heart? Why do we amazed at the power the Church would have allow division in our hearts, in our homes and That statement prompted this essay. for reaching the lost, healing the sick and cast- in our churches? Why do we condemn those ing out demons. In order to do this, we must who worship Him in ways not our own? Actually, it was more than that one statement. come to re- In his comment, Mr. Warren put into words alize that no In John 17:21 Jesus prayed for us to the Father what I’ve felt for years. matter what saying, “that they all may be one, as You, Fa- denomina- ther are in Me and I in You; that they also may I’ve heard professing Christians judge and crit- tion we are, be one in Us, that the world may believe.” icize other believers for so long that at times, Christianity I’ve no desire to be around them. If having a is based on How is the world going to accept Jesus and haughty, judgmental, critical attitude toward five core accept us as His ambassadors if we can’t even another for their beliefs or ways of worship is beliefs: accept each other? mandatory for being a Christian, then I want no part of it. There is We are called to be peacemakers. So, let us One God, temper our hearts, open our minds and soften But that’s not how it’s supposed to be! Who is the our wills toward our brethren. Let us respect Father Al- our differences but celebrate our similarities. In Matthew 12:25, Jesus said, “every King- mighty. Let’s consider the words of our Lord and real- dom divided will fall.” The apostle Paul said Jesus is the ize that no matter how we worship, in the heart in Romans 14:10, “why then, criticize your Son of God. of our worship we are one. One Body, one brother’s actions and make him look small?” By the Spirit, one Church. As Jesus prayed we’d be. In one of her messages, Minister Joyce Meyer power of said, “hurling words of judgment is equivalent the Holy Author Bio: Pamela S. Thibodeaux is the to stoning in biblical days.” Spirit, He ISBN# 0-9769960-2-2 Available @ co-founder of Bayou Writers Group in Lake was born of Charles, Louisiana. Multi-published in roman- The Bible says that blaspheme against the Holy the Virgin Mary and became man. tic fiction as well as creative non-fiction, her Spirit is the one sin that will not be forgiven. He was crucified under Pontius Pilate, suffered, writing has been tagged as, “Inspirational with Now, I believe that if it’s done in ignorance, died and was buried. an Edge!” ™ and reviewed as “steamier and God will understand and forgive once under- On the third day, He rose again and is seated at grittier than the typical Christian novel without standing comes and repentance is articulated. the right hand of the Father. decreasing the message.” However, if it’s done maliciously, as a way to Website: puff up yourself or put another believer down, I Period. Email: believe it’s blaspheme at its worst. Keeping these things in mind, I’ve created my Now there are other universal truths that bind own motto for dealing with critical, judgmental us together, such as: There is only by one people; “Don’t mock what you don’t under- Name by which we are saved. We are not saved stand.” by works, but by Grace, etc. PG.5
  6. 6. Christian Star Issue 6 June 2009 Stay ahead in June The Journey of a Christian Job Seeker This journal and its testimony were born out of fif- teen months of an intense job search, over a thou- By Derrick Singleton sand résumés distributed, and more than six failed Conquering Your Emotions and Your Fears Through Life’s Trials interviews. Thirteen months of the search occurred Fruits and veggies while I was in a job, and two months of the search • Start any of the warm weather vegetables took place after I was out of a job. The search (Corn, Beans, Peppers, Egg Plant, Toma- The purpose of this journal is to influence the way you respond to a crisis, be it an employment crisis, began in September 2007 from a sincere belief that toes, Squash, Pumpkins, etc.) as soon as the Lord placed in my heart and confirmed through possible. financial crisis, marital crisis, or any other type of difficult situation. Through it, you can discover prophetic messages that I was to change jobs. I • Tap your tomatoe plants to encourage pol- fully expected blessing and promotion, but what it lination; water every day and start feeding how to conquer your emotions and fears in life’s trials and tribulations, as well as how to anchor initially led to was grief, hopelessness, and despair. them weekly once fruits set. • Protect your fruit from the birds with net- yourself in the hands of God to keep you strong, bold, and moving forward. As I pondered the fact of not having a testimony in ting. my job search, the Lord dropped in my spirit that • After natural fruit drop in late June, thin the testimony was not in His giving me a job right fruits on apple, pear, peach, and apricot In all our journeys, we journey as people of God, never alone. If you are fortunate, your brothers and away, because He was surely able to do that, had trees carefully to produce larger, better He so desired. The testimony, rather, was in His fruit. Peach trees need 50 to 75 leaves per sisters walk with you; but always, always, God walks with you. Through this journal may you taking me through an experience that would teach fruit to manufacture food for both fruit me to hold on in the testing of my faith so that oth- production and tree maintenance. Apple see that He is truly the guide. He makes the path straight and the hills flat for those who trust in His ers would see this and glorify His name. And from trees need 30 to 40 leaves per fruit. this kind of testimony, they could be encouraged as • Continue thinning your vegetable seedlings wisdom and mercy. they went through their own dark times. to provide ample room for growth. • Mound the soil up around your potato From this journal, may you take away a special word or thought, see yourself in my words if you Author: Agnes .O. Amos plants. It does no harm to the plant if the For more information on how to order this book soil covers the stem. Tubers near the sur- despair, and find strength in the Word of God to maintain hope. May this journey lead you to peace, The Journey of a Christian Job Seeker: Conquer- face which are exposed to sunlight will turn ing Your Emotions and Your Fears Through Life’s green and poisonous. As early potatoes unexpected and unequalled. Trials ($14.99, paperback, 978-1-60791-339-9). begin to die back, reduce watering. Please revisit the website at: www.journeyofachris- • Allow one or two runners to develop from or call 1-866-909-2665. the most productive strawberry plants. • Plant your Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Cab- bage, and Cauliflower for next winter's harvest. • Prune suckers and water sprouts from all fruit trees. Lawn • Fertilize the lawn this month. Use a com- plete lawn fertilizer with a 3-1-2 ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. • If your lawn suddenly looks yellow or dies Curtis Rougeau (337) 485-2460 out in patches, the cause is probably due to an insect or disease problem such as Crane Renèe A. Reina, M.Ed. flies. Executive Director • If the weather becomes hot and dry raise the cutting height of the mower. 129 W. College Street • It's not too late to reseed or over-seed the Lake Charles, LA 70605 lawn. Be certain to keep newly seeded T 337.474.9998 areas well watered. F 337.562.2193 • Apply moss killers before temperatures reach 65 degrees. • Control Dandelions and other lawn weeds. House Plants • House plants can soon be moved outside to a shady, protected spot. Special News Announcement long time,” says Monica Soile- au, Owner of the Christian Star TN. The Christian Star News is News. Mary is a self starter and • Continue to watch for insect or disease The Christian Star News is distributed through many area is a business owner herself; so, damage and take the necessary steps to pleased to announce the new- churches and businesses. It is she can understand the bottom control the problem. est addition to our Christian also sent out weekly, spotlight- line. • Warmer and drier weather means it will Star family, Mary Stevens, as ing articles from our monthly Please join me in welcoming be necessary to water and mist your house Regional Sales Manager. The publication. Mary Stevens and feel free to plants more often. Christian Star News opened it’s Mary’s experience will bring call Mary for advertising with • Feed your house plants with 1/2 the doors in January of 2009 based an added bonus to our sales the Christian Star Newspaper. recommended strength of a good soluble in Houston, TX and SWLA. Over teams in all areas. “She has a Mary Stevens Houseplant fertilizer. a few short months we expand- passion for advertising sales Mar-Tel Marketing, LLC Odds and ends ed into Dallas, TX and Nashville, that I haven’t seen in a very 337-513-5661 phone • At exactly 12:00 Noon, on June 15th, set your sundial for 12:00 to get the most ac- 1600 Grand Lake Drive curate time reading throughout the sum- Conroe, Texas 77301 mer. 936-441-8266 • Be alert to slug and snail damage... Seek and destroy ALL slugs! • Keep the weeds pulled, before they have a Park Manor is one of the leading providers of skilled nursing care and rehabilita- chance to flower and go to seed again. Oth- tion services. We understand the importance of offering a variety of services and erwise, you will be fighting newly germinat- care programs tailored to individual needs. Our programs are customer driven and physician directed. We offer high skilled nursing to patient ratios, active medical ed weed seed for the next several years. staff involvement, experienced interdisciplinary care teams, and expert care plan- • Change the water in your bird bath regular- ning. We provide 24-hour a day nursing services, skilled nursing care, Physical, ly. Standing water may become a breeding Speech, and Occupational Therapy, as well as pain and wound management, and ground for mosquito larvae. cardiac and stroke rehabilitation programs. • Continue to watch for insect or disease If you seek an exciting and new career opportunity, bring your energy and join our damage throughout the garden, and take team of energetic and dedicated professionals! We offer competitive wages and the necessary steps to control the problem. benefit packages! PG.6
  7. 7. Christian Star Issue 6 June 2009 C. WORLD- church grew by hundreds in the first years. The little white building on College Manor Civic Center.” I remember Rev. John Bos- man, upon leaving Lake Charles, walking up watch out – maybe even dancing! rocked on its piers because of the praise to me in a restaurant and saying, “You are I don’t just preach. Preaching alone has I played the piano naturally. To this day I that was in the hearts of the pastors - now going to need more parking. You do not not changed our world. If it had, all of our have played with the best and know that transferred to the hearts of the people. have enough space for what God has placed churches would be full. I still have a few the gift that I have is a God-given ability. inside of you.” empty seats – and I am big enough to say it. Everything has happened in 3’s I do speak a Monday word not just a Sunday Naturally, I have worshipped all of my life. God also used Bishop Tudor Bismark on word. The church has become experts Growing up in the Pentecostal church, wor- We were there three years when God di- more than one occasion to speak into my at preaching to the choir. I have been in ship and singing were the most important rected me to purchase the Cinema 6 build- life. It was at this time that I could see the choir since I was five, so I am tired things in my life. They obviously did not ing in Lake Charles. God has a sense of hu- every prophesy coming to pass. Perry of people preaching to the choir. I reach hurt me because I am still using them for mor because as a Pentecostal boy I would Gaspard told me that God had put me on for those who should be in the choir but God’s glory and now thousands of people never have set foot in a theater. Now I was his heart for the past three years and that because of some circumstances have ended every week are being changed by the pow- leading a group of people as I was being led for those three years he had been watching up in places that most preachers cannot or erful gift that God placed in my life. by the Holy Spirit, and we were purchasing me. (Again, God used the number “3” in maybe better said, will not go. My goal is to a building that initially the realtor said they my life.) Through a miraculous transition, preach and practice love because ultimately My wife, Hope, and I met when we were would not sell to me. God can do anything! Christian World purchased the campus it’s the only thing that works. If love won’t just 16 years old. (Beware of 16 year old We grew so fast in the first two months of at 200l E.Gauthier Road and for the first do it, nothing else will. It’s the same in any boys who show up to talk to your daughter. being in the theater that we went to two time moved into a facility that was built for language including the Hebrew and the They just might be your future son-in-law.) morning services. I would just get through growth, vision, and revival. With a 3,400- Greek! She was beautiful then and even more now. with one service - still be praying and seat auditorium and so much potential, I I was smitten. But there was something ministering to people in the altar, then let knew that we were walking into a miracle. Our mission at Christian World is to love deeper that brought us together. We were out for a five minute break - only to return people to Jesus Christ. I have been asked more mature than most 16 year olds that to the podium to take my place behind the For the first time we have a facility that by the religious folks what we do once we we knew and were around. There was a keyboard and start all over again. I would was built for the revival in my heart. Is it love people to Christ. What they are really call on our lives and we were aware of it give everything that I had in me! about buildings? No, it’s about people and asking is if we are into cloning. Do we try to even then. Our faith was our foundation that’s why the building came to me. I am a make them all alike - all look the same, talk and singing together in worship was again I know what it feels like to give birth to a lover of people. Buildings do not demand the same, dress the same, and believe the an obvious reason why God wanted us dream. I also know that there is a differ- people – people demand buildings. We same? Of course not, that would be wast- together. ence in God’s dream and something that we had the people and the vision. We came to ing our God- given individuality, gifts and just dream up. We are living God’s dream Lake Charles with a God vision! I have lived expressions. We know that love changes Hope came from a wonderful family. She for us and for the people of Southwest and taught Word of Faith. Everything that our heart and our heart is what God has had grandmothers and grandfathers who Louisiana. I am a multicultural pastor - a big we have today came from the spoken Word always been after. literally named the streets and painted the city dreamer. I like entertainment, the best that I have lived and imparted to others. first street signs on the Louisiana Pentecos- restaurants, shopping, culture and variety. I We must always confess the positive and re- I believe the Gospel is Good News and tal Campgrounds in Tioga, Louisiana. Her live believing that pledge that you will never experience a grandmother had served many pastors and if you are going worship opportunity at Christian World helped them to start new churches and to think at all, you that will not be a good experience. For the remained faithful through every transition may as well think Lord is GOOD! We have many avenues of to see them become successful houses of big. reaching our city with the Gospel of Jesus. worship. On her mother’s side, there was Sunday is just the first day of the week. the gift of song. I remember in Monday through Saturday is equally im- one of my argu- portant to us in showing this city that Jesus Our earliest memories were that of singing ments with God loves. Take time to visit around the piano. One of the highlights of about this city and see all of the ministries that are avail- us being together when we started dat- saying, “God I able each week. ing was that people would ask us to sing just don’t see it together everywhere we went. there.” I remem- This fall we will celebrate 10 years of min- ber hearing the istry. God put it in my heart that this year We were married in 1989 and by the grace voice of the Lord was our year for Harvest. We are reaping of God celebrated 20 years of marriage speak to me so now and know that the best is yet to come. this January. It seems almost unbelievable emphatically. He It really feels good to not be the new kids because when we look in the mirror we still said, “Jerry it’s on the block anymore. All of those who expect to see 16 year old faces! not there because said it would never work have had to move you’re not there.” on to somebody else, for what God starts, After we were married, we served in music When I accepted God finishes. ministry in our local church while going to my place and school and working. We accepted our first my call to Lake Hope and I came up from old time Pen- full-time ministry position in the summer of Charles it literally tecostal preachers. It will take more 1991. opened up revival than a Red Sea or anything else that the for our ministry devil would try to dream up to stop us. I believe that you have to serve faith- here, as well as for many other churches member to never despise small beginnings! We aren’t new to any of it. We are sea- fully before you will ever be trusted with that absolutely would not be here if Hope soned and know that we are in the right your own Vision. We did exactly that. and I had not answered God’s call to come This is a part of who we are. I am not place at the right time. We will see 10,000 We served three visionary pastors which home. ashamed of the miraculous favor of God on worship at Christian World. I preached it required us to move from our home in Lake my life. When we moved to Gauthier Road, when we had 10 in attendance. Some left Charles to Baton Rouge. From Baton Rouge Nothing about our ministry is average. the church doubled in one week. After two because they thought I was crazy. Guess we moved to Sacramento, California, back Nothing about Christian World has been years, those who remain are a part of the what? They are back. It’s amazing what a to Louisiana and then to Austin, Texas. normal. The most astounding thing to me is powerful ministry and vision that God gave few seats will do in helping people to see that people still try to get us to explain the to me when I was serving another pastor in bigger. I never feel like it’s big because Through the moves and changes, I knew growth and the blessings by what we did. Sacramento, California. once again, our current building is not big that God was calling me to start a church in They want me to say, “Well, I did this – and enough for the revival that is inside of me. Louisiana. then I did this.” Certainly everything has a Today, Christian World is a diverse house I preached it with just as much passion and process – but when all is said and done, I made up of all peoples. On a regular basis I compassion when we had 10 as I do today After two years in Austin, Hope and I was only obedient. am asked, “Pastor Jerry, how did you get all with thousands listening. Today through returned to Lake Charles willing to do of those people to come to your church?” our vision and mission we are touching and whatever God required of us. I think that The biggest test of my obedience came What they really mean is how do red, changing our world! If God has done all of He will use all of our circumstances to speak in 2006 when I received a call from Perry yellow, black and white people put aside this in the first 9 ½ years, I can’t wait to see to us. I came back to Lake Charles with the Gaspard, Pastor of Abundant Life Fellow- their differences and worship together on what the next 9 will hold. feeling of, “I can’t believe I am back where ship. He wanted to meet with me to discuss Sundays? Statistics state that 10 am on I started.” Even though I was back in the an undisclosed matter. I did not return his Sundays is still the most segregated time in Dream your dreams! Live your dreams! same city, I was not at all the same boy. call for a month because God told me that America. That may speak for America, but Just make sure that they are God’s and not Now a man with a mission, I started to look I was moving to the church building where not for Christian World. Sundays at 10 am your own. There are some people who for property. God gave us such tremendous Perry pastored on Gauthier Road. I had is one of the most exciting and integrated have blamed God for things that He was favor because we were in His divine will. been preaching to the church for months times for us at 2001 E. Gauthier Road! never responsible for. If it’s God’s, it will be that we were moving to the Lake Charles There are thousands of people who now blessed. There will be abundant fruit on Civic Center. The reason I was saying this come together, celebrating our differences the tree. I learned that the finger of God never points was because - here we were again – three and uniting our voices. We are part of a city There is a misconception about Harvest where the hand of God won’t provide. years later in a building that was no longer that is changing. We have been part of the time for many people. You may feel that it large enough for the revival that was in us! change and will continue to be a voice of is a season that you are going to kick back We bought property with no money - only I told the congregation that if Joel Osteen influence. and rest, but you are going to find me out in faith. We stepped into our God destiny and could buy the Compaq Center in Houston, the field everyday, picking what is ripe and in October of 1999 we established Christian we could buy the Civic Center. That seems When our worship team steps out to sing watering what is not yet mature. World. God was our obvious partner and so funny today because I remember stand- on Sundays, I am still behind the keyboard. when anything or anyone tried to oppose ing for the first time in the sanctuary at The praise and worship is so powerful that Christian World is here for the Harvest! the mission and vision that God placed in Gauthier Road, looking around and saying you will not be able to stand still. You will our hearts, He only blessed us more. The to the church, “This is sure nicer than the find yourself moving, clapping and – better PG.7