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Solymossy U03a2


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Solymossy U03a2

  1. 1. Mary Solymossy EDIM 508INC This presentation will be used in whole classroom setting as a introduction to a few of the Human Body Systems. It will be further used as a resource for the students. This presentation is to be viewed by all three classes at the beginning of the unit Samples of the Human Body Systems
  2. 2. Illinois Learning Standards: 23 .A.1 Identify basic parts of body systems and their functions (e.g., heart, lungs, and eyes). 23 .A. 2 Identify basic body systems and their functions (e.g., circulatory, respiratory, nervous). 23. A. 3 Explain how body systems interact with each other (e.g., blood transporting nutrients from the digestive system and oxygen from the respiratory system
  3. 3. Click on the brain for some facts
  4. 4. Circulatory System View movie Click above for heart facts
  5. 6. View the Movie on Muscular System
  6. 7. Kidneys are part of your Digestive System
  7. 8. Rub my head Click below to view
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